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In this article we will talk about the film “With the bride”. Actors and roles are described below. We are talking about Indian romantic musical Comedy, directed by Aditya Chopra. The film was released in 1995. The film won 10 Filmfare Awards, and was awarded the National film award of India. The film has the status “blockbuster at all times”.


First of all let's talk about the plot “With the bride”. Actors will be named in the next section.

The Film tells the story of Raj and Simran - the members of the Indian Diaspora who live in London. They appreciate Indian roots and got a different upbringing. Simran grew up in a family Choudhary Baldev Singh - Punjabi immigrant who earned away from the Motherland little capital, but dedicated to India, its traditions and customs. Simran wants to meet the man she can love and live together forever. The mother of the heroine, Lago trying to warn her. She says she dreams she is good, but do not need to blindly believe in their fulfillment in life.

bride with actors

Baldev Singh of India receives a letter from his friend Ajit. The latter wished to keep the oath that is contained between them twenty years ago. Friends promised to marry children when they grow up. Simran is disappointed by this news. She did not wish for a stranger to marry. Father Raja – people tuned very liberal. His son at the University fails the exams. Father Raja is still proud of it because in the past no one in their family has not been studied in such an institution. Hero asks with friends on vacation to take a trip to Europe. Father agrees.


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Simran to tour Europe by train, invite a friend. The girl asks his father for permission to this journey. This is her last opportunity to admire the world before marriage. Baldev Singh releases the daughter. However, he asks not to betray its trust. The heroine promises. Simran and Raj meet while traveling. They fall in love. Raj finds out about the impending wedding of his beloved. After it he goes to India. The hero wants to please the girl's parents and take his beloved wife. After a few funny situations young person seeks the consent of the parents and takes the bride with him.

Major characters

Raj Malhotra and Simran Singh, the name of the main actors of the film “With the bride”. Actors Shahrukh Khan and Kajol brought these images on the screen. Father of Simran, whose name is Choudhary Baldev Singh, played by Amrish Puri.

bride with 2 actors

The background

We Continue the conversation about the movie “With the bride”. Actors who played the role of the second plan will be presented next. Farida Jalal has embodied the image of the mother Simran who is Lajwanti Singh. The actors of the movie “With the bride” Anupam Kher and Satish Shah received the role of the father of Raja Dharamveer Malhotra and other in India Ajit Singh. Achala Sachdev played the grandmother of Simran. Jimaní Shivpuri embodies the image of aunt. Puja Ruparel played the younger sister of Simran named Rajeshwari. The son of Ajit Singh was transferred to the screen actor, whose name Permit Seth, Kuljit. Mandira Bedi played the daughter of Ajit Singh by the name of Preeti. Karan Johar played rocky was a friend of Raja.

actors of the film with the bride

Interesting facts

Below are some interesting facts about the movie “With the bride”. Actors who took part in this picture, were mentioned above. Music for the film was written by Lalit and Catina. Texts created by Anand Bakshi. For song Tujhe Dekha To he got third Filmfare. The representative of All Music Bhaskar Gupta said that the soundtrack is the best in the work of Lalita and Catina. Soon he released the album, which became the most popular bollywood soundtrack of the year. Wedding arrangement of this painting called Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna was a hit. Its still playing at celebrations, especially on the South Asian Diaspora.

Yash Chopra has entrusted the directorial debut of his son Aditya. Last made a film, based solely on their own tastes. Yash Chopra to the Director did not intervene, he never even saw the main parts of the painting to the end of filming. The painting was one of the first, which raised the topic of living abroad, Indian Diaspora. Originally the Director wanted the lead role to invite Tom cruise. He wanted to make an Indian-American film. However, his father dissuaded. Chopra the main role was offered to Saif Ali Khan, but he refused. Then the Director invited the Shah Rukh Khan. First, he is also not interested because of the romantic nature of the painting. However, the Director convinced him, and that the actor does not cease to thank him.

actors of the film with the bride 2


Now Let's discuss the plot of the film “With 2 bride». Actors who took part in it, will be named in the concluding section of this material. The story tells about a young Indian Santosh the. He comes from a wealthy family, who lives in London. A young man goes to India to attend the wedding of a cousin by the name Lalita. There the hero meets Shiri - friend Lalita. She arrived from the village to the wedding. She lives with an older brother. Shiri andSantosh fell in love. However, without the knowledge of the protagonist, his mother agreed to the wedding of a girl who is the daughter of a family friend. Shiri finds out about this and leaves. Santosh, not listening to the will of his parents, goes to the village to ask the beloved brother of her hand.

bride with actors and roles

Actors of the second part

Now Let's look at who took part in the work on the sequel film. So, the actors of the movie “bride With 2”: Narsing Yadav, Dharmavaram Subramaniam, Venkateswara RAO Paruchuri, Gita, Shiva, Tanikella, Srihari, Prakash Raj, Siddharth, Trisha Krishnan. Directed by Prabhudeva. Writers: M. S. Raju, Venkateswara RAO Paruchuri, Gopalakrishna, Paruchuri.

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