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Difficult and painful was the life of N. S. Leskov. Misunderstood and unappreciated by his contemporaries, he received blows from the right-wing critics as insufficiently loyal and from the left, the same na. Nekrasov, who could not see the depth of talent of the writer, but was not published in his “contemporary”. And Leskov, the wizard of words wove patterns of Russian speech and lowered his characters in the abyss, which painfully existed Dostoevsky's heroes, and then raised them to heaven, where there was peace by Leo Tolstoy.Ivan Flyagin feature He made in our prose path that connects these two geniuses. This is especially noticeable when immersed in a Stroy story “white nights”. Ivan Flyagin, a feature of which will be presented below, it descends to hell, then soars to the heights of the spirit.

The appearance of the hero

Enchanted wanderer Leskov presented as the typical Russian hero. Growth it's huge and long black cassock and a tall pointed cap on his head make it even bigger.the enchanted wanderer, Ivan Flyagin feature Face Ivan brown, he was 50. His hair is thick, but with a lead gray. Article and power he reminds Ilya Muromets, good-natured heroes of the Russian epics. It looks like Ivan Flyagin, a feature which will detect a connection of external and internal, of his travels and the dynamics of its development.

Childhood and the first murder

He rose in the stable and knew the temper of the horse, he knew how to handle the balky horse, and this requires not only physical strength but strength of mind, which the horse will feel and even the child recognizes the owner. And grow into a strong personality that moral was somewhat undeveloped. Recounts the author, what was at that time Ivan Flyagin. Characterization of it was given in the episode, when he just so, from the fullness of the forces that have nowhere to apply, effortlessly killed an innocent monk. Was just a stroke of the whip, which the eleven-year boy struck the monk, and the horses bolted, and the monk fell and died without repentance.feature Ivan Flyagina as the narrator But to the boy was the soul of the dead and promised that he will die many times, but still go to the monks, not shinov on the road of life.


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Salvation aristocratic families

And then the next Leskov as stringing beads, lead story on the opposite case, when, again, about anything without thinking, saving the life of their masters Ivan Flyagin. Characteristics – the courage and recklessness, which are silly does not even think, and only just works again without any thoughts.pattern characteristic of Ivan Flyagina the Child was guided by God, and he saved him from certain death in the deep abyss. That's the abyss, immediately throws Leskov your character. But he from childhood is completely selfless. For his feat, asked the accordion Ivan Flyagin. Characteristics of subsequent actions, for example, the rejection of big money for the ransom of the girl forced him to babysit, will show that he never is looking for a benefits.

The Second murder and escape

Quietly in a fair fight killed (and the case were in dispute, who will screw up the whip), as it should, the Tartar Ivan Flyagin. Feature of this act shows that the 23-year-old Ivan is not ripe for assessments of their own actions, and willing to take any, even immoral rules of the game that he offered.feature Ivan Flyagina in the story the enchanted wanderer And as a result he is hiding from justice among the Tatars. But in the end – he was a prisoner, in jail Tatar. Ten years will hold Ivan at their "saviors, the infidels” and will be homesick until you run away. And it will lead the dedication, endurance and willpower.

Love tester

In life Ivan will meet the beautiful songstress, Gypsy Grushenka. It is so nice outside that Ivan captures the spirit of its beauty, but rich, and the spiritual world.Flyagin Ivan severianus feature the Girl, feeling that Flyagin understand it, tells us her simple girlish everlasting sorrow: a favorite playing with her and abandoned her. And live it could and afraid that or kill him with his new sweetheart, or hand over impose. It both scares her – it's not a Christian. Pear and asks Ivan to take a sin-to kill her. Hesitated and did not dare at first Ivan, but then pity for unrequited torture, the girls overcame all his doubts. The strength of her suffering led to the fact that he pushed the Pear into the abyss of Ivan Flyagin. Feature of this act is the special side of humanity. To kill scary, and Christ's commandment says: “thou shalt Not kill». But Ivan and breached through it goes to the highest level of self-sacrifice-he sacrifices his immortal soul for the salvation of her soul. He is still alive, hoping to pray this sin.

Care to soldiers

Then again, the case confronts Ivan with someone else's grief. Under a false name as a soldier, to war, to die out Flyagin Ivan Severianus. The characteristic of this episode in his life is a continuation of the previous one: compassion and self-sacrifice lead him to this act. What above all? To die for the Fatherland, for the people. But fate keeps it – Ivan was allthe trials that she is going to send.

What is the meaning of life?

Outlander, stranger, Kalika turn, Ivan – seeker of truth. For him the main thing-to find the meaning of life that is fraught with poetry. The image and feature Ivan Flyagina in the story “white nights” enable the author to embody dreaminess, peculiar to the people. Ivan captures the spirit of the iskatelstva the truth. Ivan Flyagin – unfortunate who has experienced so much in his lifetime that would be enough for a few people. He takes my soul untold suffering that lead him to new, higher spiritual orbit that connects life and poetry.

Feature Ivan Flyagina as the narrator

The Tale plagina-Leskov deliberately slowed down, as thoughtfully into an epic song. But when gradually accumulate strength events and characters, it becomes dynamic, rapid. In an episode of curb of the horse, which even the Englishman of Rara can't handle, the method of narration is dynamic and sharp. The description of the horses given so that recall folk songs and epics. Horse in the 6th Chapter is like a bird that is not his strength rushing. Horse-birdThe Image is very poetic and closes with Gogol's bird-Troika. This prose should be read in declamatory slowed down as a poem in prose. And these poems will be typed a lot. What is the episode at the end of the 7th Chapter, when the long-suffering wanderer pray so that the snow under the knees melted, and where tears fall, in the morning the grass appears. It says the lyric poet-Martyr. This and other miniatures are entitled to a separate existence. But inserted by Leskov in a great story, give it the necessary colour, enriching reflection.

Plan-feature Ivan Flyagina

When writing an essay you can follow this quick plan:

  • Introduction – the enchanted wanderer.
  • The character.
  • The Vagabond lifestyle.
  • A Talisman for life.
  • “Sin” Ivan.
  • Countless heroic strength.
  • Features of the Russian character, the hero.

In conclusion, we should say that he himself. Leskov passed through the land, enchanted by the traveler, although seen life in all its layered look. The poetry of life opened up N. S. Leskov in contemplation and meditation in the word. Maybe the key to “the Enchanted wanderer” is a poem by F. Tyutchev “I Went to the Lord their joy…”. Reread and ponder the way of a pilgrim.the hermit the Epithet “enchanted” increases the sense of poetic figure of the traveler. Enchant, enchanting, enchanted, driven mad, subdued – the range of this mental quality is great. For a writer, the enchanted wanderer was a characteristic figure of a man with whom to entrust the part of your dreams, make it a protected expression of the thoughts and aspirations of the people.

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