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Fans know and the rest probably not, that in October of this year will be a significant date. Emmett brown and Marty McFly traveled to the future and arrived there on 21 October 2015. In honor of this event the article is devoted to films in which one way or another dealt with the relation of the individual and time.

But here you need to mention to not waste the time of those waiting for lighting in this article documentary sci-Fi movies. The theme of “Science fiction: the documentary film" here would not be revealed. And what can you find? An overview and partial analysis of films on the theme of human relationships and time. Of course, their great variety, so I selected only three story lines, although one of them includes three parts. So, in a list of “science fiction: the best films” included the films:

  • «Back to the future" (the trilogy);
  • «Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation”;
  • ‘total Recall”.

«Back to the future" (1985–1990)

Trilogy was filmed in the period from 1985 (the date of the release of the first movie) to 1990 (the date of the release of the last film).

the best science fiction movies

The Story of the first part

Very briefly, because, probably, everyone knows it. This is a wonderful movie rests on the two actors Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox. Fox. They play, respectively, Dr. (“Doc”) Emmett brown and Marty McFly. Doctor – mad scientist obsessed with science, all the time invent something, but, as a rule, something is not working. But in 1985, the Doc still creates something that is working – the time machine. He invites his friend, Marty McFly, – the average student, to witness a historic moment: the first experiment with time. And the first time traveler in this field-experience is a dog named Einstein. This is because the creators of the film thank the greatest physicist of the twentieth century for the idea.


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Experiment is successful, but the doctor manages to use their child to give up on 30 years, i.e. in 2015. It killed the terrorists, from whom he fraudulently borrowed the plutonium. Time machine works only on ‘nuclear-powered” to pierce time and space, need a lot of energy. The murder happens right in front of Marty. He, frightened, climbs in “Delorian" (the time machine) and running away from all of the wheels from the terrorists, accidentally falls in 1955.

This time with Marty a lot going on, but most importantly, he helps his father to believe in himself and the loser to become a successful writer, which of course affects the fate of all family members. Even Marty meets Doc's alive and well. He helps him to return home. Happy end.

science fiction movies list

Plot of the second part

The Second part starts where the first ends. Marty's reality excellent: your parents are rich, he has a car, the girl loves him. Waiting for them only the best. But here comes the Doc and says that they need to urgently fly to the future to bail them out with Jennifer's children. Time machine is now able to fly, and the heroes go into the future, but this is only the beginning of the adventure.

The third part

In the accident that occurred at the end of the second part, Emmett brown goes to the Wild West. Marty can't leave a friend in trouble and goes after him, using the help Doc of 1955 (it's a long story, better to watch a movie). There are also two main characters fall in various event covers, but again out of them with honor. However, unfortunately, the time machine in the end destroys the train.

«Back to the future” and time

I guess many who watched this film thought, and whether such time travel? Answer: unfortunately, no. From a physical point of view, neither the past nor the future exists. The past – our memories, and the future – it's our forecasts, expectations, abilities and will. In other words, the past and the future – it is a construct of consciousness.

In addition, from a scientific point of view, it is impossible to recreate an exact copy of past events.

It is also Impossible to change the history of one family, without changing the history of mankind. We must not forget about “the butterfly effect”, the essence of which is that minor influences or events can disturb the equilibrium of the entire system and lead to catastrophic consequences. In this sense much closer to the truth the film “sound of thunder” from a story by ray Bradbury. It's just about “the butterfly effect” in the literal and figurative sense.

However, despite the scientific criticisms, the film, of course, is rightfully included in the category ‘Best science fiction: films”, a list of which invariably leads.
science fiction movies art

«Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation" (1973)

Strange, but Soviet and Russian audience is likely to perceive the glorious Comedy as science fiction. And it is in vain. It can as well as “Back to the future”, considered one of the best in its genre. In other words, the category ‘Best science fiction: movies" (a list of the genre) needs to be decorated with our famous Comedy. It is noteworthy that in one of the English translations of the filmsounds like: Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future. Thus, the two sci-Fi strips come in fancy linguistic and temporal relationships.


Although he is known to every Soviet and, hopefully, to the Russian man, duty calls to remind.

“Insane” the Soviet scientist A. S. Timofeev is in search of a mechanism that can control time and send people in the past or the future. As a result of his searches, he invents a time machine. Because of his experiments constantly fly tube in the house than a very unhappy terribly conscious I. V. superintendent Bunsha. Adjacent to A. S. Timofeev lives A. S. Shpak. Trying to explain to the superintendent the essence of the time machine, the inventor starts it, and the wall separating apartments Timofeeva and Shpak, disappears. In the foreground appears George Miloslavsky (hardened thief-appartment). In all the confusion: “Where is the wall?” the Scientist, on the contrary, inspired by: once disappeared, then the machine works! So, you can go to the past or the future. A. S. Timofeev says that now they will see the Russia of Ivan the terrible. And really saw. However, spontaneous experiment went a bit wrong: the inhabitants of Soviet Moscow and its inhabitants are of a more ancient variant in the confusion of the reversed – I. V. Bunsha and George Miloslavsky were in the days of Ivan the terrible, and one of the most cruel kings in the history of Russia saw the beauty of industrial Moscow. Such is the plot of the film related to the category of “Science fiction: the best films”.

Mikhail Bulgakov and Leonid Gaidai

science fiction movies documentaries

The Plot of the famous play is almost entirely formed the basis of the Soviet masterpiece. It is also noteworthy that a play, in the movie all the action takes place in a dream engineer Timofeeva. In the days of Mikhail Bulgakov, in the days of Gaidai's only dreaming the reality was uncontrollable power, so it and put the events of the play and the movie. Creative timeless Union of M. A. Bulgakov and L. I. Gaidai created the work of art, part of the group «Science fiction: the best films”.

“total Recall" (1990)

Another film that certainly deserves attention is the ‘total Recall" with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role. The film was shot in the genre Thriller, but it deserves attention because it examines and unfolds the idea of false memories.

best films of the genre of science fiction


The yard is almost the XXII century – 2084. Normal running having strange dreams. Night after night, he imagines himself a secret agent on Mars. Then, in the light of day, he sees the company “Memory”, offering "false trip" in the memory of man implanted memories, anything he wants, of course, within existing office stock. Douglas Quaid decides to go in. Explain to him the conditions say about the dangers of, for example, that there is a possibility of losing a memory, he still wants to spend time in the memories of an agent on a secret mission on Mars. During the procedure of implanting the memory fails, Douglas becomes aggressive and yells something unclear, beats employees, but they Votiv him a huge dose of tranquilizer, cope with the situation.

Doug finds himself in a taxi. Then something strange happens and the reality: a hero runs around a lot of people in the hope to kill him. And what is most interesting: among them the wife of Douglas Quaid.

A remake of the 2012 and place ‘total Recall” in the hall of fame

If someone is not to your liking Arnie, they can watch another movie with the same title and plot. Starring Colin Farrell. More new movie a little different from its predecessor, except that he's smarter and it has more special effects.

Place in the hall of fame movie, of course, the film is unlikely to take, but he deserves a place in the group «Science fiction: the best films” for the idea. In General, if the cinema will be engaged in the systematic development of the almost boundless literary legacy of Philip K. dick, the Hollywood industry earns more than one million dollars. One problem with the novels of F. dick: they're beautiful in their ideas, but they lack the intricate execution, but because of their author almost never had enough time for accurate implementation of the plan.

These Are the best films of the genre "science fiction”.

Why in a list of top have not got the movies published after 2000 years?

This is a reasonable question. It can occur in most readers of this article. Indeed, in the 2000s came, as many good sci-Fi movies, but in the twentieth century, the fiction has changed, now people think that the future will be very different, i.e., the performance of 20 years ago are outdated and have become our modern reality (of course, not all). So interesting, in our opinion, to see how embodied fantastic ideas of the 80s and 90s. Generation of then-children had become adults. They were witnesses of the appearance of these films and, therefore, hoped, felt and dreamed in the same key with their creators. In other words, the three films in the category «Science fiction: movies of the art” such as the younger generation it can be different.
science fiction best movies list

Final list

It Remains to make a brief summary. Got here not only described, but those that would be nice to see in the context. And here is the time constraint posed by the author of the article has not been enforced. So, «Science fiction: the best films”, the list of masterpieces about the personal relationship of man and time:

  • «Back to the future" (the trilogy);
  • «Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation”;
  • ‘total Recall" (2 versions);
  • “sound of thunder";
  • “Quantum leap" (series);
  • “Groundhog Day”;
  • “the butterfly Effect" (only the first part of the first film).

The Last three films out of the series (“Quantum leap” – it is a science fiction series, and “butterfly Effect” and “Groundhog Day”, rather, a philosophical parable). But still need to watch all those interested in the metaphysical, philosophical, one word, microprocessing questions of human existence in the context of the space-time continuum.

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