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The Series “house” tells of the work of doctors who need to supply the patient the correct diagnosis and save lives. The team is headed by Dr. house – a brilliant doctor, a cynic in communicating with patients or colleagues. The series, consisting of eight seasons, was presented with the prestigious awards, and the cast of “house” (photo of the main characters can be seen in the article) has gained tremendous popularity worldwide.

Hugh Laurie as Gregory house

Dr. house does not like the routine work in the clinic with trivial diagnoses. It's much more attract patients with rare diseases for cure of which is necessary to carry out its own investigation. In the course are a variety of methods: an illegal search of the homes of the patients, tests and operations without the permission of the patient. House constantly plagued by pain in the leg, why he has a bad attitude and a serious addiction to vicodin. Dr. house had little contact, he has only one close friend-Wilson. In his spare time, the house is playing musical instruments, watching soap operas, and goes to monster trucks.

the cast of house MD

The University's Hugh Laurie was actively involved in Amateur theatre and then became its President. Nationwide success came to an actor after the screens out Comedy series ‘Black Adder", in which Laurie played several characters. He is active in films, playing small roles: “the Man in the iron mask”, “101 Dalmatians”, “feelings”. Then in 2004, Hugh Laurie accepts the offer to star in the title role in the television series “house” that brings him great fame in the United States, where the actor barely knew. Also Hugh Laurie is actively engaged in musical activities and he writes books.


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Series “house”: actors and roles. Lisa Edelstein in the form of Lisa Cuddy

Lisa Cuddy – the head of the hospital Princeton-Plainsboro. She's the one who at least partially control the house, but nevertheless he manages to circumvent her orders and hospital policy. Cuddy for a long time unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant, and then decided to adopt the child of a dying patient. Cuddy had with House friendships, and some time even met him. However, they broke up over his drug addiction, and then Cuddy had to leave the hospital.

TV series house MD actors and roles

Lisa Edelstein 18 years she studied theater arts at new York University. One of her first roles was a part in the musical, dedicated to the fight against AIDS. The actress had a lot of episodic, but prominent roles on television, as well as a number of works in a fairly well-known movies: “What women want”, “dad on Duty”, “never been Better”. From 2004 to 2011, the actress starred in the TV series “house”, where he left after the seventh season, in order to focus on other projects. In 2014 Lisa received the main role in the series about the destruction of the marriage “girlfriends Guide to divorce”. The actress is married, in her spare time she composes music, writes and draws.

Robert Sean Leonard as James Wilson

James Wilson, head of the Department of Oncology, and his work is often associated with death patients. Wilson was married three times, and usually attracted to girls with disabilities. Wilson house periodically helps in the treatment of patients, and is always ready to support it. They often joke with one another or enter into a ridiculous bet: so Wilson sawed house's cane, and both of them on a dare hid the chickens from the guards in the hospital.

the cast of house MD photo

Robert Sean Leonard began performing on stage since the age of 12, and took part in many Broadway productions. Acting in films he started with 17 years and his most famous roles became James Wilson and Neil Perry (“dead poets Society"). The cast of “house” Robert Leonard and Hugh Laurie are friends in real life. Leonard is married to Gabriella Salik, the couple has a daughter, Eleanor.

The cast of “house”: Omar Epps in the role of Eric Forman.

Eric Forman grew up in a poor family and in his youth was even convicted for car theft. Eric had little contact with his family, as his brother sits in prison and a mother suffering from Alzheimer's disease, and not always finds out son. Having received medical education, Forman wants to become head of the Department, but only subordinates. Foreman left Princeton Plainsboro, but could not find another job due to the fact that the adopted methods of house, and ceased to obey the rules. In the 8th season, after leaving Cuddy's office, foreman becomes the new chief physician of the hospital.

TV series house MD actors

Omar Epps at the age of ten he studied at the school of art and music and tried to write the script. He was rapping in the group, created together with his brother, even before he began to act in films. The actor often played the role of troubled teenagers. For the first time on screen he has appeared at 19-year-old in the movie “Credibility”. In 2007, for the role of Eric foreman in the TV series “house”, Omar Epps received the award for best actor the second plan. He has his own company in which Epps acts asactor, screenwriter and producer.

Other show

The doctors in Dr. house's team has changed several times. So for the first three seasons, in addition to Eric Forman, permanent employees was Robert chase (Australian actor Jesse Spencer) and Allison Cameron (amerikanska actress and model Jennifer Morrison). After the complete dissolution of house team begins the competition, thinking of the forty applicants for the position to choose new doctors. So appears in the team Lawrence kutner, Chris Taub and Remy Hadley, nicknamed thirteen. Their role embodied an American actor Kal Penn, Peter Jacobson and Olivia Wilde. In recent seasons the cast of “house” are often changed, as appear in the team of student interns, as well as the regular replacement of employees.

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