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The main hero of the Christmas holidays is Santa Claus. Looking forward to it the kiddies to get long-awaited gifts. He comes to children's matinees in schools and gardens. Even the adults get into the spirit of the holiday and begin to believe that this character actually exists. So many question about where the home of Santa Claus.

His duties very difficult. New year's eve he has to fly around all the houses and give gifts to all the kids. And he flies on a sleigh in which harnessed the reindeer or horse.

The First Santa Claus was a priest of Patara, Saint Nicholas. At Christmas he always gave presents to children. This happened secretly. He wandered around the city with a bag of gifts and left them in the stockings hung at the thresholds of houses. It was the house of poor families. Later it became known as Santa Claus.

In Russian folklore, this character appeared under the name of Santa Claus. This is a good man who commanded the blizzards, cold weather and snow storms. He is dressed in a long fur coat, a fur cap, and warm gloves. In his hand he had a long, beautiful staff. Santa Claus goes to new year's eve in the way on the sleigh drawn by three white horses, to hand out gifts to children.

Where Ded Moroz lives in Russia? Recently accepted that his residence is in Veliky Ustyug. It is located ten kilometers from town in a beautiful pine forest. The place where lives Santa Claus and really fairy-like.

From 20 December to 10 January in the village of Santa Claus come visit. Anyone can visit this place. At the entrance to his residence established three flags: Moscow, Great Ustyug and Russia.

Father frost in Veliky Ustyug not a fictional character, but a real hero. In his residence there are many attractions for kids: rides, petting zoo, slides, etc.

This place is interesting to visit not only children, but adults too. Santa Claus has his fabulous office in which he works. Also has a post office, where there are more than 200 thousand letters annually. This is the real post office. All correspondence handled by the postal workers. Half of them they meet. Depending on the requests of the child it can be done. If the dream is real (doll or machine), the gift is sent. You can also send relatives and friends a message on behalf of Santa Claus on a special form or souvenir. Souvenirs presented in a large range, from simple gifts and finishing silver jewellery.


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There, where there lives father frost, has its own workshop of gifts, a winter garden and throne room.

Each country has a winter character, just different names. In America and England it is called Santa Claus. His image is similar to the Russian Ded Moroz. Where Santa Claus lives? In Lapland, which is the dwelling place of the Finnish Joulupukki. In France and Spain his name is Pere Noel. In Sweden, two of the characters, whose name is Santa Jultomten and Ulysse. The Cypriot character's name is Basil. But in Italy, instead of Santa, the Befana is an old lady.

Belarusian Grandfather frost lives in a beautiful place – the Bialowieza forest. This reserve, the most beautiful on Earth. There is the Palace of Santa Claus, a small house of the snow Maiden, a Museum and store for gifts that were donated to the grandfather.

Near Krasnoyarsk is the residence of the Siberian Grandfather Frost. It is located in the reserve Columns.

The Russian grandfather Frost has a granddaughter named Snegurochka, who lives with him and accompanies him everywhere during the holidays. Before the New year they lit the lights on the main Christmas tree of our country.

Santa Claus – is the character, which for many decades is the symbol of the New year. It is known and loved by all the inhabitants of the Earth. They look forward to his coming and the gifts. It involves a lot of legends and tales. And considering that it is possible to visit his residence and see it in life, we can say that he became a real character.

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