"A cloud in trousers". Analysis of the poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky


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Let's take one of the acclaimed works of Vladimir Mayakovsky in 1915 the ‘Cloud in trousers”. Analysis of the poem reveals a protest against art system, the ideology and morality of bourgeois society. With feelings of Maria Alexandrovna Denisova begins his reproof alien to his society in which there is no true love. The poet denounces the falseness of the current system and aggressive sneering, said: “Mayakovsky – “a cloud in trousers”. Analysis of each part will mark the specific phrase of the poet.

a cloud in trousers analysis

“Down with your love”

The Theme of betrayal is fully revealed in the poem “a Cloud in trousers”. Analysis works helps us to understand how this betrayal extends to the situation with Maria to all other aspects of life: he sees life. she reveals to him his rotten grin, and he doesn't want to live in a world where everyone else please for the sake of the entourage.

It is Very noticeable that Mayakovsky in his poems always varied and generous with various new derivatives of words that he creates from simple and familiar to everyone expressions. The imagery and the ambiguity of the words help to create in the imagination of a colorful picture, lively consciousness of the reader. Mayakovsky a cloud in pants analysisFor example, in the triptych he used the word similar structures: Systemhaus - this word expresses aggression relative to the reader: representative of bourgeois standing.

“Down with your art”

In the second part Mayakovsky overthrows the idols of art that was popular during his work on the poem “a Cloud in trousers”. Analysis The idea of this part opens the reader that true art is born with the pain that everyone is able to become the main Creator in your life. The author comes up with interesting adjectives: “chicagoby” and “zlatoustie”. The word “Novalogic” Mayakovsky also consists of two simple words “new” and “bear”, it is close in its meaning to the verb “update” and is the act.


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analysis of a cloud in trousers

“Down with your Stroy”

To study the work of “Cloud in trousers" the analysis it gives the reader a clear idea about the negative attitude of Mayakovsky to the political system, established in the heyday of his poetic activity. In the third part of steel appropriate to the following words: “izlesene”, “bilobil”, “was israhells”. They invented the word “visini" characterizes the belonging to things. Instead of the word “broken” Mayakovsky uses “crack” because it has a large emphasis on the right meaning action, which means not only “break” but “to break a hole in something”.

“Down with your religion” Revolutionary mind Mayakovsky

In the fourth part of this work almost no difficult to copyright words. The poet wanted to convey a specific meaning to the reader: it calls for love of Mary, and rejected, Angers God, wanting him to cut. For Mayakovsky religion is false: God does not save, but only teases the people with his idleness and laziness. Here to the author became more important than the idea of revolution that he calls for in the earlier parts of the poem, and his pain, his passion and feelings expressed specifically and dynamically, like a scream after the impact. All of these conclusions about the poem specifies the semantic and lexical analysis. “a Cloud in trousers» is truly valuable for the history of the product, which clearly and lucidly expresses the revolutionary mood of the time.

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