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Russian reality, its “poetic truth”, wrote Ilya Repin in a letter to Polenov, was fascinated by this great painter so powerfully that today in his paintings we can study Russian history.

not waiting for a picture of Repin

Getting the path

The Artist was born in the small Ukrainian town of Chuguev, in 1844. The family was poor and difficult. Your extraordinary gift Repin manifested in childhood, when made toy horses out of wax paper. Put on the windowsill, these creations gathered a crowd of admiring fans. Painting the little Ilya was engaged after a relative gave the boy for Christmas a box of watercolor paints.

In the local school of military topographers, Repin, where he studied from the age of thirteen, he enthusiastically draws portraits of his schoolmates and teachers. Two years later the school closed, and Ilya Repin is a student of Chuguev icon painting. Brilliant young talent is recognized far beyond the borders of the city. Then came to Repin the decision to go to St. Petersburg to enter the Academy of arts. Accumulating money, the young man goes on a journey.

In St. Petersburg

In the Fall of 1863 young people became students of the drawing school of the Society for the encouragement of artists. In 1864, when Repin was 20 years old, an aspiring painter was among the auditors of St. Petersburg Academy of arts. Unique abilities and hard work helped him become one of the most successful students of the Academy, and considering that he was forced, besides your studying, to earn a living, we will see in front of an unusually persistent and talented person.

A Brilliant debut

Ilya Repin

The Thesis Repin was the picture on the Gospel story: “the Resurrection of Jairus's daughter”. In the center of the image – anxiety and stress gathered in the gloomy room. Work on canvas, Repin recalled the tragic events in his own family when he lost his beloved sister municipality. What grief and despair prevailed then in the house! In the painting Christ came up to deceased, took hold of her hand. Brightly burning in her head the candle is vysvetleni spot becomes the semantic center of the painting. Immersed in the darkness of the other inhabitants of the house at the end full of pain and sorrow night. Another moment and there will be a miracle of resurrection. The greatest emotional intensity marked the painting of the young artist (see photo).


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“did Not expect” is another full psychological and dramatic paintings. It Repin write much later, seventeen years later. The road to it lies through a deep understanding of reality which is exclusively concerned with the artist's heart and, in his words, “asks on canvas” itself.

Passion for truth

Sensitive heart Ilya Yefimovich could not respond to the contrasts, which are called social. While traveling on the Volga “masters of truth” was deeply struck by the mismatch between the kind of idle walking happy crowd of onlookers and exhausted boatmen, pulling on a huge river barge. Thus was born the sensational painting “haulers on the Volga”. The master focuses on the expression on the faces of these people who will not tolerate, in their eyes, hiding the anger and rebellion.

photo wasn't expecting

Not surprisingly, Repin was a leading participant in the Association of traveling art exhibitions, in the bosom of which was created the painting “did Not expect". Repin's painting carries the traits of democracy, who defended the Wanderers.

The Revolutionary mood, wandering in modern Repin society, disturbed, and interested in the artist. A number of his paintings devoted to the Russian revolutionary movement. Picture “dirt road”, “the arrest of the propagandist”, “the Rejection of confession” to present us with images of rebellious, fervently believing in his idea, but did not find a ready response from the people. Is the canvas "was Not expected”. Repin's painting, the plot of which lies the revolutionary return after a long exile or prison home, is one of the most famous. The artist began to write in 1884, and graduated four years later. First Repin conceived exile as a sacrificial and courageous man, but, true to the truth, portrayed it without embellishment.

Repin's Painting “did Not expect". Description

picture of Repin did not expect the description

On the canvas in front of us there is a sharp and dramatic scene of life: the prisoner hesitantly and nervously enters the room where his family. The author focuses on the experience that experiencing at this moment each character. The stranger, indeed, not waited. Repin's painting conveys an extraordinarily expressive faces, gestures, expression, eyes download the film heroes. The action occurs behind the door, which swung open a moment ago, and continues in front of us. In the background we see a scared face, not the servants, not the hangers, the door is the maid, her posture and eyes expressed wariness. To meet the stranger got up from the chair, an elderly woman, probably his mother. We almost physically feel how eagerly she looks at her son as her trembling hand. At the table, leaning over the table cloths, with frightened eyes looked at the guest a little girl – daughter of the prisoner, who may never have seen. To the right of it – enthusiasticthe face of the son-schoolboy, known to him father, maybe the stories his mother, or his image lived in a childhood memory of a boy. The piano turns to a thin man in shabby boots and a shabby coat, a young woman, the wife. Her eyes sparkle in amazement and joy. For every character read a story, and the whole scene – beginning of a new history, in which his excitement, sadness, jubilation. And we understand that fear and anxiety, the seal of suffering and deprivation that were etched into the face returned home head of the family – all calm down and flatten out in the tender rays of love from loved ones. How ingeniously caught the artist this feature, when relatives live with the thought of the return of a dear person, although at this particular moment he did not expect! Repin's painting in this sense – a masterpiece of psychological insight.

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