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For admirers of his talent Kseniya Novikova will always be the one to look at in everyday life and work. After reading her biography, one begins to understand that the singer really deserves it.Ksenia Novikova biography


Kseniya Novikova was Born in Moscow. This was on 17 may 1980. The family also grew brother. Marina N. and Andrey Nikolaevich - the parents of the singer.

Music Lessons captured Xenia from early childhood. The girl devoted a lot of time. She enrolled in music school and successfully graduated from it. The most loved was the singing lessons, which she treated very seriously.

In secondary school, our heroine tried to learn it well. On this account there was an arrangement with the parents. A successful school was the passport to the world of music, singing.

Group “Class”

The Career of a singer Ksenia Novikova started very early. In 1985, she became the soloist of the choir Loktev. And when the girl was only 10 years old, she enrolled in a youth group “Class”. Life in the team was tumultuous, filled with vivid events. It was the performances in different cities of the country, work in a recording Studio, participation in the creation of television programs. Activities in the team lasted until 1998. During this time, was released two musical CD.

Group “Brilliant”

As a member of the group “Class”, she visited the recording Studio where he worked as a backing vocalist of the band “Brilliant”. At that time, he had incredible success.Ksenia Novikova photo


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In 1999, after leaving the project Poliny Iodis, was declared the audition to find a replacement for the retired lead singer. In August of the same year, Kseniya Novikova was asked to take the place of Pauline in the group, despite the fact that the singer in the casting was not involved. This decision was made by the producers of the project.

Since August 1999, the official soloist of the band “Brilliant” becomes Ksenia Novikova. The biography of the singer says that she worked in this team longer than any other singers.

The Popularity of this group grew steadily. No event in the world of pop music was not without the participation of “Brilliant”. The albums came out one after the other. Music awards different competitions and charts are awarded to the girls unconditionally. Created the clips that held the highest places in the ranking.

Much of the credit for this great success belongs to and Ksenia Novikova. For example, in 2002 he released the album called “four sea”, where the singer solo in almost every song.

But the destiny has disposed so that in 2007 Kseniya Novikova left the group “Brilliant”. A break was four years. In June 2011, the singer decided to return to the group, where it pleases fans to this day.


Kseniya Novikova has never neglected education. Serious attitude to the process of obtaining new knowledge brought her to the frontier in creativity, where she is now.

After school, she entered the pop-jazz College, and successfully graduated from it. The next step in her education was the Moscow state University of culture and art, where the singer studied at the directing Department.

Except for the fact that Ksenia has musical abilities, she tries more and in poetic creativity. Two of her poems are written the songs. Fans know them under the name “I flew” and “I want to forget”.

Ksenia Novikova photo

The Wide public little-known fact that in 2012, Kseniya Novikova recognized as the winner of the poetry competition “Stars are drawn to Peru”. The competition was organized by the publishing house «Moskovsky Komsomolets».

In 2009 year there was another bright event in the life of Ksenia Novikova – she got the lead role in the Hollywood TV series "7 star". A General list of motion picture works is about ten.

Shooting in the clips – the dimension of creativity of the singer, which can not be overlooked. Admired by all admirers of talent of the singer. Clips featuring Kseniya Novikova will certainly be at the top of the popularity rankings. Such works, the singer has quite a few.

Beautiful talented woman couldn't help but notice the designers. Ksenia Novikova participated twice in fashion shows as a model and had success with the public.

Since 2012, the singer began to try himself in solo work. Song recorded “I want you to forget”.


Fans of the band “Brilliant” and its soloist Ksenia Novikova number in the millions. And this is no exaggeration.

The exceptional popularity says a great demand for albums with recordings of the songs. Tour schedule of the band is very tight – in the day held a few concerts.

High traffic sites on the Internet, which presents the work of the singer, too, speaks of the increased interest in it.

My site

I Must say that the official website of Kseniya Novikova was created by one of her fans. In 2013, this resource celebrates the fifth anniversary. Its content is constantly updated, there are archival materials singer. This makes the site interesting, he lives, its attendanceincreases. A lot of people have access to interesting moments of life and creativity of his idol. Guests of the site are longtime fans of the singer and those who showed interest in her activities just now.

Personal life

Ksenia Novikova personal life

Very often it happens that the personal lives of musicians, actors – is an integral part of their professional activities. But our heroine is not so.

Differently did Ksenia Novikova, a personal life which at some point became more important to her career. For the sake of more time to devote to yourself and your future spouse, singer left the group, “Brilliant”.

In this period of her life, she decided to start a family, which must be children, a loving husband. At first everything went as planned the young woman.

The Husband of Ksenia Novikova – the businessman Andrey Sereda. He lived in London and was a British citizen. Soon there were two adorable kid – Miron Bogdan. Eldest son – Miron – born 5 Aug 2008, Junior – Bogdan was born on 17 Mar 2010. Everything was never better.

the husband of Ksenia Novikova

But a happy marriage of young people lasted only 4 years. After the birth of second child the relationship between the spouses began to crumble. Were recriminations and misunderstanding.

After a long and difficult explanation of the relationship between former spouses occurred the final break. Now our heroine and her two sons live in Moscow, and Andrew – in London.


Children of Ksenia Novikova's are family happiness and give meaning to her life. Unfortunately, in the history of the divorce of their parents were involved and sons. For nine months the children lived with their father in England. Xenia could not see them again. A young mother finds these months the hardest time in my life. Today Myron and Bogdan live with her mother in Moscow, but the father's judgment is forbidden to visit them. This is the outcome of these unfortunate events.

children of Ksenia Novikova

Despite this turn of fate, she remains a very sociable person. She shares all that may be interesting and useful to people from her life experience. This also applies to the upbringing of children in the family.

“Crumbs” – so called site where the blog of Ksenia Novikova. She gladly shares his thoughts concerning the education of children. Personal experience and observation mom of two toddlers can be interesting and useful to other parents.

Kseniya Novikova photos from the family archive often places them in social networks, in blog. The content of the pictures, you can judge that our heroine a lot of time interacting with the children. She is able to organize leisure sons, make it memorable and useful.

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