Garden sculpture with his own hands - original and stylish decoration for the manor.


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If you decide to decorate your garden and money on expensive sculptures you have not, do not be discouraged. Garden sculptures can be made by your hands. One of the types of garden sculptures – sculptures of plants. If you think that everything is so difficult, then you are wrong. We offer you to create in your garden a sculpture with their hands. Are you wondering how to make sculpture with your own hands ? It is very simple, it does not have to be an artist or a creative person, just hard work.

      so ,to create a sculpture with your own hands we need: metal wire with a diameter of 1 meter ,more wire for binding, mesh is made of polypropylene. Natural essential oils(preferably diminutive),grass for lawn, and bait for the plants. Also don't forget the soil and straw. To start, choose an animal and imagine it in your head, then your chosen animal it is necessary that the shape of the wire follow the contours of your animal, then the design should be fixed by welding, or tie-wire. The next step in the ground you need to add nutrients and straw. In the end, you get mass ,which in the future will not Wake up. Now the bottom of the wire wrap mesh, then placed inside the prepared soil.
After working with the frame, take grass seeds and follow the instructions carefully Saivite, remember that in the end you'll have a sculpture with their hands.

     Garden sculptures with your own hands is simple to implement and you'll understand.
If you want to make yourself a gnome, then it's not a problem. To create garden sculptures with their hands in the form of dwarfs you will need: wire of different thickness(rebar),and some of the components of the concrete mass. Concrete mix mash usually of five parts cement, one part gypsum and one tablespoon of PVA per 1 kilogram of mass. Water is added during mixing, the concrete should be dense, so that it can be molded and he kept the form. Wire is the frame of the future sculpture, then the frame ableplanet concrete and shape which you yourself have conceived. Dry the sculpture is only necessary in the shade, otherwise the concrete will crack. After the concrete has dried it should be covered with water-repellent impregnation. Then you can decorate your art as your heart desires.


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     just want to tell you about another way to create garden sculptures with their hands. This method is very easy and does not require much time. And so the essence of the method is very simple. Take a regular old iron chair, double-sided tape and moss. Tape you can buy in the store building products, and the moss you can buy in a specialty store. And so proceed to the work itself. The first thing we need to do is wrap the tape seat and the back of the chair, then glue the moss. The result is a very unique thing ,which you only have to find a place in your garden. Well, if you do not like chairs, you can make yourself a vase. Begin with a vase that you like the most in form and degrease the surface with alcohol solution and then the surface of the vase covered with hot. Then glue the moss. After finishing, spray the moss with water.

     I hope that after reading this article, you realize that the garden sculptures with your own hands is not fiction. Most importantly don't throw all half way, or if you can't do something. If you do not succeed the first time, do not worry. Try again and again and eventually you will succeed. And most importantly ,remember that there are no limits to human imagination.

     But just remember that any old thing that it is time to throw out, can become unique if you put a bit of effort.

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