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Parents performed in the child's life important function. They want to grow it healthy and strong, but the main task - to raise a good man. So they read child tales, which give an idea inquisitive toddler about good and evil. Parents teach children to be polite, and they give them a sense of responsibility and duty and also help the child to socialize. To teach start Dating, parents read to children a proverb about friendship. The most popular of them we will cover in this article.

Without be called

Proverbs about friendship for kidsThe Parents, explaining to the children Proverbs and sayings, often choosing quite difficult sayings. Because of the nature of development, small children just are unable to understand them. And any curious person, even a small one, wants on his experience to verify the veracity of the statement. Proverbs about friendship for children and adults designed to help the youth to avoid mistakes. But still, nothing terrible will happen if the parents will tell the meaning of each of them in a timely manner. How to do it? Explain to the child that the friend who “closed” before his teacher deserves the right to be around your child. And in a difficult situation now you need to help him. And it must be disinterested.

The Tree holds roots, and people friends

Proverbs about friendship for kids 2The Meaning of this expression is that each of us exists on this planet only due to their close ones. This proverb about friendship (children do not need to explain it) means that it is due to the friends easier to live. Because homework done faster and more fun walks.

If you deprive tree roots, it will fall and never rise again. And what will people do without friends? Most likely, the same. After all, he had no one to talk to, to discuss their problems and even go to the movies.

Where is the friendship, there is agreement

This proverb has profound meaning for young children. Child needs to explain that friends should not fight. And even if sometimes they have a misunderstanding, then it must be solved with words, not fists. Reading this proverb about friendship, children may not understand the meaning of the word “agreement”. Need to explain what this term means conflict-free behavior, the decision of all questions peacefully.

As an example, parents can bring their friends. After all, adults don't swear, at least in the eyes of the children. They talk quietly and rarely raise their voices. And it must communicate the real friends.


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Other on money can't buy

Proverbs about friendship for kids 2 gradeIn children of school age the question often arises: is it possible to acquire the location of another person, not only for their qualities? Parents need to explain that buying good attitude not. For example, Proverbs about friendship to the children in class 2 can tell that, treating all his classmates with candy, a child will achieve nothing. Classmates can begin to "suck up", but a friendship it won't be. The child must learn once and for all what a good location the other person can achieve by his actions, but not money. If people learn this wisdom in school, then he will live much easier.

Old friend is better than two new ones

His most loyal friends one acquires in school. Therefore, this proverb about friendship for children in class 2 are very relevant. After all, the child already has friends he made in kindergarten. And not all of them went with him to one class. In school, the child acquires many new friends and sometimes moving away from those guys who worked in a kindergarten. You need to tell them that to forget your friends is not good. You must learn to allocate your time so to be able to communicate with new and old friends. The skill of saving friends like no other, will help the child to socialize and will definitely come in handy later in life.

Whoever chooses his friend according to your liking

Proverbs and sayings about friendship for kidsWhen a child comes to his parents and starts to complain that school friend hurt his feelings, adults need to remember this statement. After all, Proverbs about friendship for children and adults and to help young creatures quicker and easier to learn the intricacies of adult life. Parents should convey to the child the idea that each of us chooses friends to match itself. And if a friend did to your child is unfair, then he deserved it. Even small children will not hurt each other for fun. They can make fun, but certainly not to be sarcastic and not to beat. And if the child cannot take that kind of attitude, then it is always possible to make new friends and to find them a match for yourself. For example, quiet and peaceful.

Without a friend, who lost, badly, but badly and with each other, which is incorrect

Some children cry when the road with their first best friends apart. But you need to explain to your child that everything that happens is for the best. This is what says the above proverb about friendship. Children of class 4 should tell you that you should not regret the comrade who betrayed you. In every life we lose. Road people dodisagree often. But when it happens for the first time, it's especially hard. Therefore the task of parents to tell you what good people lives on the earth much more than bad.

Friendship is friendship, and service service

Proverbs about friendship for kids class 3Every one of us have heard this expression, and in the early years. So always tell the parents when the child wants to go for a walk, and lessons still not done. You need to explain to the child that the first thing to work and then spending time with friends and Vice-versa never happens.

Also, this proverb can guide your mentee the teacher if she sees that the boy helps his friend to solve the control. The child must understand that in life there are situations when every person should be responsible for themselves.

Friends Easy to find, but difficult to maintain

These words can instruct kids parents when their children are in grade 1. Proverbs about friendship created to help young minds better understand this complex world. Every child when he goes to school, finds many friends there. But you need to explain to the child that best friends do not happen much. Stands out from colorful commotion 3-5 people with whom you can connect. The rest of the classmates are friends, but not friends.

A Liar — always invalid friend, will tell lies about you around

Proverbs about friendship for kids grade 1Every child understands that cheating is not good. But still children often lie. Some do it more often, some less. The above proverb about friendship the children 3 class gives you the opportunity to understand that the liar-not the best friend. You need to explain to the child that if one person lies to another, it would not be difficult to lie to his friend. Nothing good comes out of communication with a man bear will not work. And the main lesson that should make a child – lying is bad, and if it is bad to practice this skill, his friends will quickly find a replacement.

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