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Women tend to want to change, to experiment with their own appearance. This is often reflected in the hair, change of hairstyle or color. For some 40 minutes you can turn from pretty blonde to a redhead desperate fury or the power and sexy brunette. Some women because of lack of time or high cost of salon services prefer home colouring. It is very important to choose the right paint for this purpose. She needs to meet 4 basic requirements: ease of application, color fastness, the color and the percentage of grey coverage.

 Among the huge variety of cosmetic products that focus especially notable is the new paint mousse l'oreal Sublime. This is the latest development of the company, the likes of which had not existed. Its difference from other products is the texture. Pigments don't just penetrate the hair, they envelop him, giving a high degree of paint even when used alone. This dye mousse, l'oreal has a light texture and a convenient spray bottle for applying it on hair. It should be easy to apply to painted surface and to distribute like shampoo during shampooing. Dye mousse, l'oreal allows you to easily paint over even those awkward areas like the back of his head. It is important to note that while it is absolutely not flowing, which makes its application a neat. The manufacturers claim that using these products you can do without a mirror. The experience of many women suggests that it is not necessary to abandon the mirrors when it is applied. Many of them also noted that the mousse hair dye has such a pungent and unpleasant odor, as with other resistant paint. This fact is explained by the fact that the company l'oreal have long abandoned the use of ammonia in your product.


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Another plus to this product was its color palette, which differs from the result up to 1 tone. All the colours are natural and noble. Here you will not meet cheap black or red. After its use hair get deep, sparkling, rich, natural color. It is important that the dye mousse, l'oreal, excellent quality, reasonable price.  even With gray hair color will be the same as all the rest. Due to its composition the paint almost does not damage hair. He remains as shiny and supple as it was before. This result helps to achieve a balm-conditioner that comes with it. The active substance glue the scales of the hair, so the color is brilliant and bright, and the strands remain healthy.

As for durability, the paint mousse l'oreal is poor. The color quickly washed away, leaving only a barely noticeable tint. The cost of this product in the mass market is quite high compared to other counterparts, which gives hope for consistent quality and durability. To update the color will have a couple of weeks, although the manufacturer stated. What this product has high degree of resistance. This is explained by the fact that this is no ordinary paint and hair mousse, the result of which disappears after a few applications. If you compare the cost of staining paint mousse for 1.5 months (i.e. 3 times) at the price of a salon visit, the difference will be small. So, 3 packets of paint will cost from 600 rubles to 800 rubles. They will last for three applications the hair is shoulder-length. Salon dyeing in one color, which lasts on average one and a half months, will cost a girl of about 1000 – 1200 rubles. This product is ideal for those who have constantly no time for a trip to the salon, and who do not want to use really strong colors, fearing for the health of their hair.

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