Manicure with unicorn: how to create a rainbow mood on the nails


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Manicure with the unicorn - one of the sensational trends in nail design. He made an impression on all fashionistas, thanks to pastel shades, numerous sequins and the main highlight is sculpted unicorn horn. This looks spectacular and extravagant.


Varieties of manicure with the unicorn, there are many. In order to implement a bold little fantasy, you will need the following:

  • Nail art is the easiest way to decorate them. You can find something from the theme of "unicorns" and make nails.
  • Lucky pastel shades - the picture looked better, you should choose soft tones.
  • Bright lucky - with the help of them you can draw this mythical creature, rainbows and other fairy-tale attributes.
  • Slim brush.
  • Sequins and rhinestones. Some believe that a manicure with glitter already out of date. But not in this case - the more glitter in a manicure with the unicorn, the better.
  • Use small confetti - kamimusubi.
  • Invoice horn is a brave and unusual decision, which can cause some discomfort when worn due to its unusual surface.

manicure with a unicorn

Incarnation on nails short length

Not everyone is ready to attach the invoice horn and nails grow to extreme lengths. Therefore, there are different designs with a unicorn on short nails.

  1. A Gradient in rainbow colors. Unicorn colorful stripes - perfect combination. So you can do a gradient manicure with a sponge: apply the selected shades and create an Ombre effect.
  2. Holographic Stirka. It is a fine powder that the eyeshadow applicator is rubbed into the nail. There are different ways. One of them: virka is applied to the tacky layer of gel Polish or nail without stickiness. It is important to clarify with the seller which option is suitable for the selected funds.
  3. The Use of special stickers. Cover the surface with pastel shades, apply sequins and proceed to the design.

If you have artistic talent, you can with the help of a thin brush to draw a unicorn, a rainbow, clouds. Work gently and cute.manicure on short nails with a unicorn


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Creating volume horn

Of Course, the most spectacular is the creation of a unicorn horn. At home, this option is harder to implement, so better to do it in the salon. Manicure "unicorn horn" is not for everyone - it depends on whether there is a dress code at work, because he's quite extraordinary.

Nail artists use acrylic paint and the technique of "sculpturing". They give the nail the shape of the horns and create a relief surface using the machine for polishing. Narrowed and acute form of doing the usual nail file.manicure unicorn horn

Unicorn horn you can attach mini-sculptures to make it more effective. This allows you to demonstrate creative potential of the master. Then apply gel Polish and the masterpiece is ready! But this manicure with unicorn have to get used to. At first it will be an unusual feeling of heaviness on the nails and three-dimensional surfaces. But you will be rewarded with increased attention and rave reviews about this fabulous manicure.

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