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Matte finish for nail art today is very popular among fashionistas. This manicure looks stylish and impressive. Except to carry out the nail design (matte) only on a smooth nail plate. Otherwise, you will highlight all imperfections and defects.

How to make matte glossy manicure

To perform a luxury manicure, the easiest way to purchase special decorative coating. The most beautiful black color, although other shades can also have a matte effect. To create spectacular nail designs (matte) at home, you need to prepare the black lacquer and transparent basis.

You must First apply Foundation. After it dries, you should paint your nails in 1-2 layers using matte black lacquer. The coating should go smoothly. It is necessary to pay special attention to for the first time managed to create beautiful nail designs (matte).

After the coating has dried to apply the patterns using a thin brush. For this purpose the most suitable black glossy lacquer. Patterns can be completely different. Here you need to give vent to their imagination. It looks like this nail design (matte), which involves the performance of different patterns for each nail. Also the designs can be applied using dots or stamping. Nails decorated in a similar way, blends perfectly with an evening dress and simple style for the office.

nail design matte

In fashion, the contrast of glossy and matte finish

Now a very popular French manicure, which used matte and gloss varnish. By contrast the design of nails it is always very original. Because the combination of tones is obtained in the full sense of the word amazing black matte nail design. Photos show some interesting designs. Selected simple to perform. But in fact they represent only an example for the imagination.


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Matte manicure is able to add in the way of flavor, to impress others. The efforts made for the creation of this design will be accurately appreciated. The owner of nails with stylish nail Polish be sure to expect a large number of compliments. Matte glossy nail design is associated with luxury and elegance, therefore, really deserves attention.

matte black nails design photo

Manicure for the New year

Special attention women pay a festive manicure. Therefore, we can say that a black colour variant of the nail – is a great solution for the New year. Looks like frosted Christmas nail designs festive and solemn, goes well with an evening outfit.

Black manicure looks elegant, mysterious, enigmatic, reserved and rich. Of course, it should be wear a beautiful evening dress. Although it is possible to sustain a more casual style, which is a jeans and attractive blouse.

Beautifully black and gold colors, resembling the night sky in stars. This manicure is full of mystery and sacrament. That is, it is great for a fabulous new year's eve.

The more matte manicures are a trend of 2016. You should only give preference to the rich and deep tones. Black color – exactly what you need. But bright, even poisonous artificial colors should not be used.

matte glossy nail art design

Features Christmas manicure

In any case, to perform a festive manicure must adhere to a set of rules. And no need to create on your nails such compositions, which have nothing to do with the inner mood. After all, there are several reasons to have a manicure was done really well. These include the following:

  1. Nail Decoration should bring its owner only joy. This is because what mood the occasion will be met, and will take all year.
  2. Should be given due consideration along, as well as in the whole thing. If the selected style is not to face its owner, whatever the manicure, the girl considers fashionable and dressed with taste.
  3. You should not forget that if life is comfortable to wear short nails, the holiday itself can be allowed to move away from this habit. Especially in the fashion of long nails, walk everyday not every girl is deemed appropriate.

matte Christmas nails design

Festive manicure

In anticipation of the New year, you can afford to run “inconvenient” manicure still in relation to the size of the nails. You can make them sharp and similar to claws. But this is a more predatory version for the relevant image.

You can Also purchase crystals, beads or beads, and attach them to the Matt black surface of the nail. If in everyday life have often thought that this manicure clings to the clothes, the holidays it is easy to afford. The more careful implementation will make it smooth and beautiful.

matte nail design gel Polish

Matte manicure with gel Polish

The modern ladies popular manicure created usingthe gel Polish. It can be done before the New year and leave on nails for all the holidays. It is very convenient, because this way will completely forget about the implementation of the manicure.

Run the matte nail design gel Polish is also possible. On the prepared nail, apply base gel Polish. Then it needs to dry for 2 minutes in a UV lamp. Then apply decorative gel Polish, dry it using a lamp, and repeat the procedure again. Then you need to cover the nails with top and dry as usual. Remove tacky layer.

To create a nice matte effect, you can use the nail file with the abrasive 150 or 180. This tool is designed to care for natural nails. It is not necessary to replace this file on any other instrument. In this case, the generated surface will look as if scratched. If such a tool in your hand is missing, use the matte top.

Nail File should be sanded nail plate. Near the cuticle of the movement should be semi-circular. And then they should be sent from the base of the nail to its free edge. Thus, it appears a matte surface. After that it is degreased, and it is created the desired image.

That is to run matte glossy nail designs does not have to visit a professional master. You can stock up on all the necessary tools and instruments for manicure. Especially to create the design personally very interesting. Thus, you get to do really fabulous composition, capable of impressing all your friends and acquaintances.

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