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The Carb is one of the most important systems of the motorcycle. From its correct operation depend on the operating characteristics of the vehicle itself, and the longevity of its operation. Therefore, when selecting this element of the system, drivers pay attention to the structure and principles of its settings.

When the motorcycle Carburetor K-68 to perform the adjustment procedure on their own easy. The engine will wind up quickly, and momentum will be stable. The engine will begin to receive a mixture of gasoline and air in the correct proportions.

General characteristics

Carburetor K-68 "Pekar” is in great demand among owners of motorcycles of domestic production. The presented equipment manufactured at the plant in Saint-Petersburg, OOO "Fuel system". The production was oriented on the domestic machine-building enterprises. The main consumers of their products were VAZ, PAZ, "Gazelle" of the “Volga”, etc.Carb 68

In a series of carburettors “Baker” includes devices for vehicles, and also motorcycles. This equipment of new generation. The differences are in design and functional characteristics of carburetors. Also among car enthusiasts they are known for their efficiency. Therefore, the demand for the device is not reduced for many years.

Proper adjustment of Carburetor K-68 allows to reduce gasoline consumption to 20 %. This significantly improves performance of the motor. Carb presents series, according to reviews of experts and consumers, has a good performance. Reasonable price makes the product competitive. Therefore, the carburetor K-68 today are in great demand.


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Choosing Carburetor «Ural», «Dnepr», IL and other brands of domestic manufacturers of motorcycles, most users prefer this model K-68. And buyers trying to buy the original equipment manufactured by the above plant.carb adjustment for 68

From the operation of the carburetor depends on for proper operation of the engine at different modes. Therefore, in the preparation of the fuel mixture required to sustain a certain proportion of air and gasoline. When violations in the system malfunctions in other systems and mechanisms. The driver must therefore control the ratio of mixture of fuel and air.

That the process happened correctly, you need to ensure proper adjustment of the various devices. To them in the first place is the main dosage system. Also requires attention when servicing the starter and the mechanism of maintaining a certain level of fuel. The driver, in addition, adjusts the idle speed.

Fuel Level

Carb setting K-68 can start with checking fuel level in the float Department. To perform this procedure, you must prepare the necessary tools. With it, you need to disassemble the carb. Next remove the cover that closes the float chamber.adjusting motorcycle carburetor Ural

The Carb needs to turn. The floats will now be on top. The owner of the motorcycle must measure the distance from the top of the floats to the edge of the housing. Ideally, it will be 26 mm. the deviation in both directions is 0.5 mm. If the indicator does not meet the benchmark, it is necessary to adjust the position of the floats. To do this, the tongue needs a little bend.

The Floats must also be parallel. If not, bends them bracket.

Examination candles

Adjustment of carburetor K-68 also includes assessing the appearance of candles. It is necessary to drive at least 30 km on the highway. The speed should be medium or high. You can then study the candles. If they formed a Deposit, it says insufficient amount of air in the fuel. It is a rich mixture.

It Happens that the insulator is completely white. This indicates a lean fuel mixture. The normal color of the candle is in the range from orange-red to a sand color. If so, then Single-chamber carburetor Do not need to configure.

Starting from the obtained results of the observations, the driver decides on further action. Sometimes it is necessary to produce only the adjustment, but sometimes you might need and cleaning the carb. In this case, the device is fully dismantled, dismantled and washed.

Stop valve

Test Carburetor K-68 requires you to pay attention to the shut-off valve. It is also called needle. If the valve leaks, may increase the level of gasoline in the mixture. So it turns out a rich mixture.Carburetor K 68 Pekar

Needle valve carburetor K-68 can have in its construction rubber cone or a ring. To check the status of this item, you need to remove the cover on the bottom. It is attached to the body by two bolts. When removing the fastening elements must ensure that they have not hurt the gasket.

Then removed the float. To do this, gently squeeze his rod from the slots.The needle may fall out. So you must monitor it so you don't accidentally lose such an important item. If the rubber ring or cone is worn out, you need to substitute them. The needle also has to move around the saddle without interruption.

Adjusting the fuel level on the “Urals»

Adjustment of the carburetor «Ural» with certain skills may be made without removing the unit. Because of the peculiarities of the installation can be some difficulties with the disassembly. Carburetor this motorcycle is located on the cylinder heads at an angle to both horizontal and vertical plane.the Carb to the Urals

To make the adjustment, you will need the float from the same device. The motorcycle must be secured to the support. Next, open benzaken. It is necessary to wait some time. The carbs filled with fuel. Then benzaken close. The hose disconnected from the carburetor.

The Lower cover, filled with gasoline, remove. It drops a spare float. The lid needs to attach to the housing so that their planes were almost a continuation of each other. The fuel level should be below the rim of the bottom corner of the cover. If this is not observed, it is necessary to bend the tongue.

The idle adjustment

Adjustment of the carburetor «Ural», «Dnepr», and other vehicles is first performed at idle. For this purpose, the engine must be warmed up. Further, the idling needs to build sustained momentum. It is necessary to rotate the horizontal screw which is rotated by a screwdriver.single-carb

Next, set the screw. It will also require a screwdriver of appropriate size. Need to find vertical screw. Setting up need to catch the moment of raising the number of revolutions to the maximum level. Repeat this action until the establishment of the stable operation of the engine at idle.

To Verify the correct configuration by closing and opening the throttle. If you suddenly give gas, when configured incorrectly, the motor will stall. This means that the screw needs to be tighten up (to enrich mixture). With a sharp closing flap motor stalls due to too rich fuel mixture. The screw needs a little twist.

Main metering system

Adjustment of carburetor K-68 requires setting of metering needle and its position. You need to get on a motorcycle for some distance. The straight line it is necessary to evaluate how a vehicle responds to the throttle. If weak, lift up the needle one notch. If after a trip the candles will soot it down.carb setting for 68

This configuration will provide stable engine operation at medium speed. They often go drivers. To adjust the carburetor for maximum rpm, it is necessary to choose the right cross section of the jet. It works only when unscrewed to lock the throttle stick.

Having Considered the principles of configuring and maintaining Carburetor K-68, each owner of a domestic motorcycle will be able to adjust independently. The correctness of the implementation of this process depends on fuel consumption, as well as the work of the main systems of the vehicle.

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