Possible signs of a faulty oxygen sensor. Oxygen sensor: replacement, inspection, fault


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The Exhaust system of the car gradually modernizarea. And it concerns not only the installation of catalysts and particulate filters designed to clear fumes from lead and other harmful substances. In addition, modern cars are equipped with oxygen sensor. People call it lambda probe. What is the oxygen sensor? Replacement, inspection, fault – further in our article.


Learn why the need for this element, knows not every motorist. Lambda probe – a sensor that reads the information about the exhaust gases and sends it to the ECU. the signs of a faulty oxygen sensor

The collected information is processed in the unit, then the unit balances the air-fuel mixture, in order to align the procedure for its combustion in the cylinders.

Install types

Is the element in the exhaust manifold (the so-called “spider”), which are connected to the exhaust pipes. In some cases, the sensor is installed closer to the catalyst. But this arrangement does not affect the overall performance of the device. There are several types of oxygen sensors:

  • Broadband type.
  • With dual-channel layout.

Last mounted on older cars (up to 90-ies of the issue). Modern cars fitted with a lambda probe broadband type. This sensor is able to precisely determine variations in the composition of the exhaust gas and quickly to balance this ratio by increasing or decreasing oxygen in the mixture. Serviceable sensor is capable of reducing fuel consumption. Its work focused on keeping the optimum rpm at idle.

Why fails oxygen sensor («Kalina»)

The Symptoms may be different. First of all it concerns the quality of the combustible mixture. Various deposits can aggravate the job of the oxygen sensor. Also an element of network failures due to depressurization of the body. how to check lambda probe oxygen sensor


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This often happens due to the obsolescence of the item. Less body is damaged by mechanical means, as it is located in a fairly safe place. Another reason – the wrong power supply. The contacts of the sensor may deviate, resulting information to the control unit is supplied correctly. Disturbed composition of the fuel-air mixture (too rich or poor). Another cause of trouble – incorrect lead angle. This applies to cars with a distributor ignition system. Disruptions can occur due to problems with high voltage wires or candles. Motor starts troit at idle and not work properly at high rpm.

How to determine the problem?

Consider the possible symptoms of oxygen sensor:

  • Increased fuel consumption.
  • Jerks while driving.
  • A Noticeable drop in power.
  • Unstable operation of the engine at idle.
  • Increased exhaust emissions.

Note that these signs don't always happen because of oxygen sensor. Kalina oxygen sensor symptoms

Therefore, identifying one of the above symptoms, proceed to a more detailed verification of the device. How to do this, consider the following.

Detailed diagnostics

How to check lambda probe (oxygen sensor) with your hands? This can be done in two ways:

  • Visually.
  • With the help of a multimeter.

First, let's consider the first method. So, first remove the connector from the lambda probe. Inspect all contacts. Wire must not have any breaks or damage. If the contacts are not adjacent to each other tightly, need to fix this. Next, check the oxygen sensor. "prior" signs of sensor failure which can be the presence of soot need to be repaired. oxygen sensor prior to symptoms

This is due to the combustion of the rich fuel mixture. Because of this, the device is contaminated and cannot respond quickly to all changes. In the presence of shiny deposits (lead), replaced oxygen sensor. Lead damages the probe and the catalyst. What are the signs of a faulty oxygen sensor? The lead talks about using extra fuel additives or poor-quality engine oil.

Diagnostics multimeter

How to check lambda probe (oxygen sensor) with a multimeter? For this we need to attach the signal wire from oxygen probe pads to our measuring device. Next, start the engine and keep the revs in the region of 2.5 thousand. Let go of the gas pedal. Pull the vacuum hose from the fuel regulator and look at the readings. possible signs of a faulty oxygen sensor

If the voltage is less than 0.8 In (or absent), symptom of the oxygen sensor was confirmed. Repair it does not make sense. Due to the structural features of the element should only be replaced. The cost of this element ranges from two to three thousand rubles for the VAZ cars. How to change the oxygen sensor yourself, seeon.

Replace with your own hands

First, disable the terminal on the battery. Next, disconnect the connector from the sensor itself. Sometimes it is attached with clamps – we also turn off. Then take up the key “22” or “24” (depending on car brand) and Unscrew the probe. Please note that the sensor is in the exhaust system and, accordingly, operates under extreme loads. The first attempt to Unscrew it very difficult. A universal lubricant WD-40. Be careful not to damage the threads and the face of the stuck sensor. In a pinch you can use a hammer, screwdriver and alligator wrench.
oxygen sensor replacement check malfunction

Light blows to move the item from side to side. Can podkovyrnut it with a screwdriver. If this does not work, drill pilot drill the hole in the probe to place the screws. Insert a screwdriver inside and try to retrieve it back. This should help. In place of the old item a new spin. Try to keep the item tightly to the surface of the pipe of the exhaust manifold (do not overtighten).


Now, we find out the main symptoms of faulty oxygen sensor. Lambda probe – a very small but important item in the car. Its malfunction can cause a serious disruption in the operation of the engine. Therefore, it is important to diagnose the failure.

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