Not start VAZ-2106: causes and ways to address them


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Every car owner who drives a classic car from “AVTOVAZ”, constantly facing with some problems. Often it happens that you really need to go right now, but car won't start. VAZ 2106 is no exception. Such behavior there are a few standard reasons. Today we will look at some problems that can occur with “six”.

Possible fault

The First thing you need to decide, does the car early to fault, and everything is broken just now or the motor ceased to give signs of life after attempts to repair it. If “six” a previously well-traveled and pleasing to of its owner, the cause of the fault lies in the ignition or the fuel supply system.

Check the power supply system

The easiest and Most reliable method-to remove the air filter cover and pour in the carb about 10 ml of fuel. Then, you should try to start the car again. If VAZ 2106 will not start or the engine starts and immediately stops working, then you need to check the system supply fuel to the carburetor. won't start VAZ 2106 causesFor this test, Unscrew the screw on the clamp that tightens the hose. The latter fits directly to the carb - its end is lowered into the bottle or other container. A few taps on the feed lever of gasoline at the pump you can check to see if fuel is fed directly into the carburetor.

The Pump

Before performing the test, please make sure that the car has a fuel filter. won't start VAZ 2106The Quality of domestic gasoline is very far from perfect, so without these elements is not necessary. If hands to wiggle the pump, the fuel filter should move the fuel. If it is dry, then the professional and experienced drivers are recommended to look for air leak in the line. This fault happens rarely, but it happens. If in the process of pressing the lever, nothing resists, then crank a half-turn of the crankshaft of the engine.


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Carburetor and fuel lines

If not start VAZ 2106 and wherein the fuel mixture is not supplied to the carburetor or the supply is there, but the amount of fuel is not enough to run, then the reasons are the fault of the highway or benzonasos. If the motor does not want to start after you have resolved the problems with the fuel supply, it is recommended to check the carb. 't start the car VAZ 2106In the course of this test, be sure to blow the nozzles and channels, and a spray accelerator pump.

Ignition System

If after all this, won't start VAZ 2106 causes of faults can be in the node plugs. To check spark, remove the tip of buenaposada on the first cylinder. why not start VAZ 2106Then this tip tray to the body of the motor is approximately 7-8 mm. Then run the starter and turn the crankshaft. In the absence of spark you should check all critical voltages.

Ignition Coil

If after these manipulations, the spark has not appeared and will not start the engine VAZ 2106, then most likely the reason high voltage ignition coil of the motor. In this case the test coil, and wires. do not start the engine VAZ 2106More often the car won't start because of a breakdown in the ignition distributor cap or high-tension wires. If deliberate serviceable coil is missing, then get out of this unpleasant situation will help the isolation of the body from its mass. Allowed to suspend the coil in the air so as to prevent any touch it with any of the nodes.

The Distributor

If not start VAZ 2106, the reasons can be sought in the distributor, but rather in the slider. This car can behave this way because of cuts in anti-interference resistance-the resistor you need to look directly at the runner. To resolve this problem, you can just short-circuit the usual wire. It is important to establish in this place the resistor. If there are breakouts on the slider, then to resolve the problem, it can also be isolating.

Car won't start after VAZ 2106 repair

Often one of the reasons – it is incorrectly set ignition timing. Can be shot down by phase in the gas distribution mechanism. In this case, the engine may not start or work intermittently – the process of motor action may be accompanied by chihaniem.

To eliminate the piston of the first cylinder placed in the upper point of the end of the compression stroke. It is not necessary in this case to put it in accordance with the labels. This four-stroke unit and a label equals two times during the cycle. There is an old but effective method – twisting the candle of the first cylinder, and the hole closed with a piece of cloth. Then crank the crankshaft. The moment when the tube of tissue will be pushed up, as the time needed for ignition.

VAZ 2106 won't start hot

If the lost phase gazoraspredelenija, the failure is eliminated by setting all parameters in default labels.

VAZ 2106 will not start hot

Often, the reason for this isthe carb. It happens that the motor is sufficiently warmed, but the needle in the float chamber is poorly kept. In the end, after the motor drowned out and the needle is not kept at a sufficient level, the fuel pump draws fuel into the carburetor, and poured. If you try to start a car, the fuel will be too paleobasin through the carb. In the end, there is a problem: won't start VAZ 2106. This cause can be diagnosed on small engine speeds. After some time the unit starts normally.


There are the seasonal nature of the problem motors. For example, in the summer the car will not start due to too rich mixture, winter – due to poor. The machine worked properly and the owner didn't break his head question “why not start VAZ 2106”, it is necessary to constantly monitor the correct operation of the carburetor and other important parts. Then this classic model of "AVTOVAZ" will please its owner stable and flawless performance.

So, we found the reasons can not start the car VAZ 2106. As you can see, all the damage you can fix with your hands.

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