Install timing belt – how not to make mistakes?


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Every car owner knows that only the timely inspection and elimination of damage not only to get rid of many problems, but sometimes even save lives. Today we will talk about the distribution mechanism. Installation of the timing belt is a time - consuming process which, depending on the vehicle model may last several hours. It should be noted that at any normal service station special attention to the belt gazoraspredelitelnogo mechanism, because of untimely detection of damage it can cause to overhaul the whole engine. Timing belt for VAZ models are not so difficult to replace - and with this task you can handle yourself.

At first, Many beginners ask the question:"How to change the timing belt? Where to start?".

First you need To know about the five basic rules:

  1. belt VAZAnd when you replace any other parts, it is important to pay attention to the quality of new parts.  Spare parts are divided into original and unoriginal. If your car VAZ stamps, feel free to take a factory part. Not only will you benefit in price and quality, but also the installation of the timing belt will take much less of a hassle.

  2. Sixty thousand kilometers – is the rate of production of any strap, but a replacement is required immediately if you detect signs of strain.

  3. If the timing belt has traces of oil in the engine, it must be replaced. Complete purification from oil is impossible that the end result will lead to accelerated wear.

  4. If you buy a used car, the inspection engine is required to start with the timing belt.

  5. To the control mechanisms are very strict about reliability and durability. So the installation of the timing belt should be carried out in accordance with manufacturers ' recommendations and using only original parts.


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How to change the timing beltTo replace the belt you will need the following tools: ring spanners 17 and 15, large screwdriver or pry bar, puller retaining rings. The camshafts are rotated by the crankshaft through a belt transmission. Therefore, special attention should be come to replace this part, otherwise even the slightest mistake can lead to major engine repair. If you don't know how to act and in what order to carry out the replacement/installation use the following instructions.

Setting the timing belt for VAZ models are similar in many ways:

  1. Installation of timing beltYou Need to remove the terminals from the battery, and the belt from the generator.

  2. Set the position of the piston of the first cylinder at TDC.

  3. With the help of a ring spanner 15 loosen the tensioner pulley and rotate to reduce belt tension.

  4. To Remove the camshafts, scifa and the tension pulley the belt.

  5. The Key 17 Unscrew the bolt scifi crankshaft and remove it with its washer, then remove a pulley of a drive of the generator.

  6. Remove the ribbed drive belt, washer and remove the old belt.

  7. Before you install a new you need to clean all the rollers and scifi of dirt, and at the end of the handle degreasing liquid.

  8. Install the new timing belt and adjust the tension.

  9. Reinstall all removed parts.

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