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In the new Windows 10 features system configuration are such that they are both very simple and quite complex. Many users, especially in the transition to the “ten” from the seventh version, to deal with fine tuning is not so easy. Nevertheless a few hints and tips to give is still possible.

Fine tuning Windows 10 during installation

Start settings change by itself and to disable some unnecessary components of the system, at the stage of installation. This applies not upgrade a version of the Technical Preview, but only «clean» installation.

In the process of following the instructions of the “Wizard” Windows 10 installation tips for fine-tuning are given at each stage of the process. This is the first part of the customization system. But the problem is that many users often do not pay attention, assuming that the parameters set by default, can work optimally. This is not so. Still then have the system rebuild, since it is by default involved too many services and background processes that the average user is absolutely not necessary.

windows 10 tweaking

When installing Windows 10 fine tuning of the system is already apparent in the early stages. For example, when a window appears describing the increase in speed, barely noticeable on the bottom there is a link to settings, clicking on which, you can see the several main sections.

windows 10 tips for fine-tuning

Here you can disable the personalization settings voice input, send information to Microsoft about your data keyboard or handwriting (supposedly to improve the platform's text recognition), the use of advertising ID and the permissions to request user's location.

The next stage in the browser settings of all that are in the list, you can leave, except that only the Smartscreen service, although by and large, and you can disable it. Thus, even in the installation process is easily disabled geolocation and telemetry (integrated surveillance Windows 10).

Fine tuning Windows 10: what you can disable

Now let's see what can be done in an installed system, if for any reasons the installation process, some settings were ignored. Everything that should be disabled the list is long enough, but some of the elements to allocate is:


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  • Services of confidentiality;
  • Unnecessary processes at startup, starting with the system;
  • Telemetry (if it has not been disabled)
  • Unused system components;
  • Firewall (optional);
  • Visual effects
  • Additional panel and utilities that are installed for certain types of equipment.

Simple privacy settings

In Windows 10, the fine tuning must begin with privacy settings, as many processes and services too much booting the system, working in the background.

windows 10 features setup

To change the settings, you should enter its respective menu settings, which is available in the main menu “start”. Here in the General settings and the location you want to disable all (this is the setting of surveillance - telemetry and location of the user).

Next, the voice and handwriting use the stop button study. In the camera section at will, you can specify applications that will have access to it (e.g. Skype).

fine tuning of audio sound to windows 10

In the reviews section and the diagnostic mode should be set at which the request will not be made ever. It is also recommended to analyze the programs that can receive data and send notifications without user consent in background mode (background apps).

Startup Items

Windows 10 fine tuning impossible without deactivating the huge number of background processes. As in any other system access configuration with msconfig you enter in the console “Run” (Win + R).

tweaking windows 10

Here is disable all startup items, and if you have the necessary knowledge to go to the services tab and deactivate everything that is not necessary.

Unused Windows components

Unfortunately, by default, the system provides the user with too many unneeded features and modules that are in the active state.

For Windows 10, fine tuning implies the log in section of programs and features from “control Panel" (call it the control command from the menu “Run”) and go directly to the corresponding menu on the left.

fine tuning of windows 10 that you can turn off

Here you need to be careful and only disable what you know. For example, if the system has no installed printer, why keep the active print service? If the local computer terminal is not supposed to use virtual machines, you can turn the service off Hyper-V. In the case where the screen does not supporttouchscreen, tablet mode, respectively, is also not necessary.

Other components

Fine tune audio (sound) on Windows 10 is almost exactly the same as in other systems, however, if you have installed virtual device “ten” sometimes by default can make the wrong choice for playing.

windows 10 tweaking

Therefore, it is recommended to log in to the appropriate section in ‘control Panel” or use the context menu by right clicking on the volume icon in the system tray, and go to the settings of the playback device. Here you need to set speakers and not the virtual device. In addition, by changing the sound schemes, it is desirable to apply some standard, because if the same laptop does not support 5.1 or scheme, it is impossible to connect with so many columns, why should it use?

Along the way can be removed and additional panels for the same card Realtek High Definition Audio, unless the user is not working with sound on a professional level.

Optimization using third-party tools

But in most cases, all these processes are time consuming and require specific knowledge. Not to delve into the settings, you can use automated utilities that can handle this with little input from the user.

windows 10 tips for fine-tuning

Among the most powerful and popular include:

  • Windows 10 Manager.
  • Ultimate Tweaker.
  • Winaero Tweaker and many others.

In such utilities can turn off almost any element. You just need to tick the box next to the desired parameters and save the changes. But it is better to use the recommendations of the programmes themselves, which, based on the data analysis, they suggest to create some kind of workable configuration, which is the most appropriate and safe for a specific computer system.


Optionally, you can remove the involved visual effects, change the power scheme to completely shut down the firewall (in the presence of powerful anti-virus package), etc.

As for the advisability of disabling all of the above elements, the majority of users this does not cause problems. Judging by the reviews, the system really starts working much faster, even on PCs and laptops with a configuration that meets the minimum requirements “dozens”. Even all that was given above is not all that can be squeezed out of optimize Windows 10. It's only basic elements.

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