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Life in the world after a nuclear war is fraught not only with all sorts of dangers. Quite often in the passing game Fallout 4, Russian voice which appeared recently, you will face banal shortage of resources. Because most of the weapons or armor it is impossible to modify without any material. And without superior equipment, it is impossible to study some areas of Fallout 4. Bolt – one of such resources. About how to find this item in sufficient quantity, tells the guide.fallout 4 bolt

Fallout 4. Where are the bolts to get it?

Bolt is a pretty valuable item. Because without it, you cannot improve any weapon or armor. Furthermore, the bolts required in the construction of some buildings. Despite the fact that this resource is not so rare, be ready that you will experience a constant shortage of this subject in the passing game Fallout 4. Bolt will be needed in huge quantities, and find it is ready will not be easy. So when you explore a wasteland you find a pack of this resource, then consider it luck.

The easiest way to buy this resource in quantities of 25 pieces from the merchants. For example, Arturo Rodriguez – seller of junk in diamond city will gladly give you these items. In addition, to purchase a batch of bolts can Carl Urn. To find this itinerant seller of junk by the road from Concord to “Diner Drumlin”. For the next batch of bolts need to go to the Alliance and find penny Fitzgerald. One more seller selling this online, – Rufus Rubins, the shop which is located in the lobby of the hotel «Rexford”. In addition, to buy a pack of bolts you can from the Technique of the Volume-seller of things of the faction of the Subway.fallout 4 bolt id


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Note that such a purchase will cost 50 caps, which is pretty pricey, especially for beginners Fallout 4. Bolt (id of the object given below) appears in the inventory of the merchants is not as often as I would like, so this method will not satisfy all your needs in this article.

Parsing stuff

To Get this material from multiple items that are scattered in all locations for Fallout 4. The bolt is extracted from table fan, typewriter, trimmer for the lawn, a regular ancient globe, toy cars and truck, as well as pepper pots, and tiles. If you are experiencing a constant shortage of this resource, then try to remember the objects from which you can retrieve the bolts.fallout 4 Russian voice

In addition, to obtain this material in the analysis of certain types of weapons. The bolts are extracted from laser pistols and rifles, combat shotguns, shotguns and laser rifles, 10mm pistols. Moreover, bolt pistols and rifles of the Institute.

Where to get items containing the bolts?

Buy the stuff from which the resource can be any merchant of the wasteland. But this method is quite costly. Much more profitable to search some locations for Fallout 4. The bolt in sufficient quantity can be found in illegal settlements. After all, these opponents are most commonly used for weapons 10-mm pistols. But far better to find them in ruins synths. These enemies are armed with laser carbines, analysis of which gives 2-3 bolt with one weapons. It is clear that this catch is very difficult. And before you go to search, the maximum reduce the weight of the equipment. In addition, not be amiss to take a partner who will not only help in combat, but also carry part of the cargo.bolt in fallout 4

Great place to find resources

To Produce a huge number of items, which contain the bolts on the factory “Wilson Atomic”. This location is located in the South-Eastern part of the "Commonwealth". A guideline will be the ruins of the town of Quincy. The plant produces a special toy – robopon “dandelion”. So, one such item contains 4 bolt. In addition, “dandelion”, you can extract three gear, five pieces of steel and four springs. So the quest worth doing. If you haven't discovered this location, then go to Potogonno and find Arlena glass, which will give the quest to find objects hidden in the factory.cheat code for bolts fallout 4

Before traveling, remember to free up space in the inventory and stock up on power armor and weapons, because inside the locations you are going to war with the super mutants. But the catch will exceed all your expectations. One trip to the factory for a long time will provide you with this resource Fallout 4. Russian voice the game allows you to enjoy the passage of the job in full. Don't forget to take a journey of any companion, because this character will help in the battle and will carry part of your burden. In addition, procured items, send them to the workshop on the analysis of committed friendship with the Brotherhood of Steel. Developing a good relationship with this faction, you can call the helicopter, which quickly takes you anywhere in the wasteland, even if you are overloaded. After some time you can once again pay a visit to the factory – the toys will appear again, but the super mutants would be here.

How to disassemble stuff?

Having obtained the right amount of things that contain this valuable resource, you need to go to any of your settlement, which is a workshop. Once you're in place, open the “Menubench”. This can be done by pressing “V”. Next, you will need to move all things containing the bolts in your inventory and keep them there by pressing the “T”.  fallout 4 where boltsAfter all these steps, you will extract the resources from the trash. This is the fastest way to parse things. If you want to dig a little, you can throw them all on the floor, and then parse each separately. This method is very time consuming, but it is used if the trash contains some types of materials, and you want to get a specific.

Cheat code for Fallout 4 bolts

Few players dare to resource extraction using various codes or cheats. Because this method is quite dishonest. In addition, receiving all at once, you lose interest in the search, and this is a particularly important component of any game. But if you don't believe this method of production is unnatural, then using a special cheat, you can get any item or resource in the game Fallout 4. Bolt – ID 00069081. If you don't know how to add items by using code, follow these steps:

  • Open the console by pressing the string “~”.
  • Type player.the additem “code” “number”.

You do not need to enter the “”. That is, if you want to get, for example, 10 bolts, then you have to add the following command: player.additem 00069081 10. Thus it is possible to obtain any number of the resource.

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