Tincture on pine nuts in vodka and alcohol


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tincture on pine nuts in vodkaThe Use of pine nuts are well known and undeniable. Of these healing gifts of nature long prepared not only nutritious oil, but I use them for food. Popular and tincture on pine nuts in vodka, to prepare which, even at home. We offer a few simple recipes, which are tested, you can always entertain guests with alcoholic drinks own production. Moreover, this tool will help with colds. Tincture of alcohol on pine nuts really easy. Can be used as a product in shell and peeled.

Recipe with peeled nuts

alcohol tincture on cedar nuts

Nuts clear from the shell and one hundred grams put it in a bottle with a volume of one liter. Up to half of the container filled with rubbing alcohol or plain vodka. You can add a teaspoon of honey, it will give a tincture softness and aroma. It will be ready in a few days, even in a warm dark place. Strain is not necessary, let the nuts give the alcohol favor throughout the use. This tincture on pine nuts in vodka is used initially 5 drops on a spoon of water, gradually the dose is increased to 25 drops. You need to take a month, three months to repeat the course.

Recipe with nuts in the shell

One Hundred grams of crude, but the washed nuts pour vodka (500 grams) and leave for two weeks in a warm dark place. Then strain and drink by dissolving 20 drops of tincture in a spoonful of water. Used nuts can again pour vodka and insist, so do not rush to throw them away.


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Recipe with honey

To prepare a tasty and aromatic drink you need to take a pound of nuts, a liter of rubbing alcohol strength of 70% (alcohol can be replaced with vodka, if you can not find him), filtered unboiled water and 50 grams of dark honey. Honey tincture on pine nuts in vodka is prepared as follows. The nuts should be washed and pour boiling water for ten minutes. This is necessary in order to clear them from cedar resin. The washed nuts are dried on a towel and fill with alcohol (vodka) for two weeks, to insist at room temperature in the dark. Honey should be melted in a microwave oven, and filtered water heated to 70 degrees, dissolve it in honey and cool. Tincture on pine nuts in vodka needs to be strained. Then mix it with honey water. Insist a drink for about ten days. Ready infusion should strain through a thick gauze: it gets rid of garbage and make transparent. In the process of making liquid is recommended daily to mix and stir. In the end, there should be about one and a half liters a gorgeous tincture of pine nuts.

moonshine tincture on cedar nuts

There are other ways to create similar drinks. So, many owners are popular and moonshine tincture on pine nuts. Its recipe is the same as when you use vodka or alcohol. In any case, there is always a scope for imagination and experiment with different ingredients.

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