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Meatloaf pork can be cooked one of the many ways, it is permissible to use as the neck and brisket. As the filling is able to serve not only exotic and expensive ingredients, but that will be at your fingertips. Generally, if you take a piece of neck or ribs of a pig, pepper and salt, that will meatloaf, however, when using the optional ingredients it will become more refined and tasty. For example, allowed bacon or chicken and veggies.

You Can try to cook a meatloaf of pork in the following way. In this case, you want to take the pork neck, red peppers (sweet), eggplant, salt, ground pepper, carrots, vegetable oil. The size of a piece of meat depends on the amount of dish in the end, you wish to receive. It should be cut so that it is easy to fold into a roll. Now I need to take one or two peppers, cut in half, and then spread on a baking sheet without removing the seeds, water lightly with vegetable oil, put for ten minutes in the oven. This is done in order to remove skin. While it baked, you should cut thin slices of the eggplant, lay them on a Board, sprinkle with salt. Now came the turn to make thin strips of carrot, but you can grate it on a grater. Pepper supposed by this time to be baked, so its worth it to get, remove the skins and remove the seeds. You want to lay out the meat, pepper and salt, and on it lay the eggplant slices by removing them pre-juice by promatyvaya cloth is placed on top of roasted pepper, then carrots, again season with salt and pepper. And now all roll up and tie with a rope. Received a meatloaf of pork to put it on a baking sheet, drizzled with oil, place in oven that is preheated to 200 degrees for 20-25 minutes.


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Delicious recipes from chicken

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Of Course, this dish is not only possible to consider some more. Next meatloaf pork can be as a great appetizer and the main course. In all restaurants and the home kitchen is a culinary work long demand. In this case, a fresh cooked roll. This meat is more likely to preserve all the nutrients of the filling of the product itself.

Pork Roll: the recipe

To prepare this dish we need the following ingredients: a pound of meat, one hundred grams of bacon, three boiled eggs, a carrot, three garlic cloves, pepper and salt. Eggs peel and grate. The bacon should be cut into small cubes. Washed and cleaned carrots need to grate it. Pass through chesnokodavilku garlic. The ingredients to combine thoroughly and knead until smooth. Meat is required to beat and RUB with salt and pepper, give a little soak. And then to put on his stuffing. Roll the meat jelly roll, fasten with thread to keep the stuffing from spilling out. Boil. Then cover with a press and leave to stand. On the table to serve sliced.

Interesting is the fact that meatloaf is a popular dish not only among different Nations but in the world of fantasy. And he is born in movies and games. For example, in the popular World of Warcraft are invited to perform one of the tasks, and to cook meatloaf in stenogramma sauce. There is an explanation of what to do. For this dish you first need to find chilled meat and strange mushrooms, and then using a special form for the loaf to cook it. With the passage of the quest should not be a problem.

It Becomes clear that some of the dishes are quite popular not only in the real world, but in the world of games and fantasy, where the players spend a lot of time. So have a good appetite and successfully completed quests.

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