The history of the noble drink. The most expensive cognac in the world


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the most expensive cognac in the worldThe History of cognac in France in the XVI century. Like many other genius things, it was invented by accident. Winemakers searched for a way long transportation of wine to distant countries - so was invented a double-distilled, resulting in the obtained ethyl alcohol. It tasted better, the winemakers decided that by itself, such a good product, but if it still survive in a few years, it acquires a great variety of flavors. The name of the brandy received at the place of invention, and still the best and most expensive cognac in the world are produced in France. But other countries are trying to keep up and every year to improve the production technology. In addition, of great importance for the quality age drink: the longer a cognac is aged, the result is softer and the taste, and the color darker.

The Most expensive cognac in the world

the world's most expensive cognacEvery year is a list that shows the cognacs, the price of which many never dreamed of. However, the experts assessed not only the price, but the quality of the amber drink. Is it worth it to pay tens or even thousands of dollars for a small bottle of brandy? The answer to this question is known to specialists. Usually the best cognacs in the world have a unique flavor and an extract of at least 50-100 years. Great importance has the design and the design of the bottle. For example, the world's most expensive cognac, with a cost of almost 2 000 000 dollars, bottled of pure gold, decorated with precious stones. It is Henri IV, made it company Grande Champagne. To prepare this drink are entitled only to the descendants of the king, whose name is called brandy, aging it for over 100 years. It is followed by the Hennessy Beaute du Siecle Cognac, its final cost is more than 187 000 us$, released only a hundred bottles, made of crystal and are sold in mirror boxes. In three of the most valuable third place goes to Black Pearl Louis XIII from Remy Martin Cognac company, its cost exceeds the sum of 51 thousand dollars, and the unique taste of “black pearls” is achieved by mixing in certain proportions 1200 different alcohols. Among the most prominent of the flavors stand out ginger, cinnamon and even Cuban cigars. In addition to these three, under the status of "the most expensive cognac in the world" other collectible amber drinks. Their cost is at least 4500-5000 dollars.


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The Most expensive cognacs in Russia

cognac in the worldDrinking such a noble drink as cognac, speaks about the status of the person, and what brand he will choose points to his taste and knowledge of qualitative features of vintage and collection cognacs. Oddly enough, but Churchill chose not the most expensive cognacs in the world, and the Yerevan “difficult” costing less than $ 500. The production of cognac in Armenia began over a hundred years ago. For its production was specially imported oak barrels from France, and to this day the best drinks are kept in them. Just recently one of the brands of Armenian brandy, namely, "Ararat" got the European quality mark. But brandy, produced in Armenia, is not the only available in Russia. The most expensive alcoholic drink is Hennessy Timeless, it costs 700,000 rubles and more. At 600,000 rubles will cost you a bottle of Fins Bois.

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