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Single Malt Scotch whisky – it is an immortal classic. A drink for real men and gentlemen, it has almost become the embodiment of an era as massively exported to the U.S. during prohibition. Now whiskey “McClelland” you can buy quite legally, but the unique taste remained. Palette of rebellion, courage, “steel and gunpowder” can be described as drink that has become a legend. Despite the impressive history and distillation according to the traditional recipe, the alcohol of this brand available in the conventionally small value. Whiskey “McClelland” has repeatedly been the recipient of several international awards for composition and taste. He now ships worldwide, including in the CIS.


whisky McClellandSingle Malt whisky-a drink made from barley in one distillery and bottled in the same place. Unlike blended “brother”, this drink is produced without the addition of grain distillates. This makes the alcohol stronger and cheaper in production. However, modern technologies allow to reveal the peculiarities of the beverage so that the malt analogue long been, if not a competitor, a key player in the race for commitment buyers along with “big brother”. Each manufacture strives to maintain its own recipe and the perception of the taste, which taste and characteristics of the beverages can vary.

Manufacturer and founder of the company

Some connoisseur erected against the whiskey "McClelland" since this distillerie, as such, does not exist. In 1886, brand came to Glasgow, in Scotland. In 1970 the company and the factory was bought by Stanley Morrison, who had already as it should be celebrated in the alcohol business. Now the trademark “whiskey McClelland” is actually a sub-brand of Morrison Bowmore. However, this in no way affected the quality of the drink.


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whisky reviews McClellandOf Course, a line of authentic drinks available at conditionally low price, although it exceeds $ 400, but it was dictated more specificity of production, not low quality. Now the division is thriving, and in fact at the beginning MccLelland was engaged in the manufacture and blending of Scotch. The idea of putting whiskey brought Morrison and as you can see, not in vain. Who was the founder of the company is unknown.

Specifics of production

Whiskey “McClelland” produced by double distillation. Craftsmen carry out the distillation in copper pot stills. Used for aging barrels of English oak, is incredibly strong. During Assembly of the containers wizard avoid using glue or metal studs. Otherwise, the drink starts to take on the flavors of additives and becomes “broken”. Given the fact that in Scotland whisky is called ‘water of life”, it becomes clear this is a zealous urge to preserve the pristine bouquet. Speaking of the latest reviews, whiskey “McClelland” talking about the indescribable palette of accents and tones of taste. This is largely dependent on the region of production and supply of raw materials for alcohol, the specificity of which determines the diversification of products.

Product Line

whisky McClelland highlandThe Main production of the brand “whiskey McClelland” offers alcohol four subtypes, depending on the region from which supply raw materials. Looks like the line thus: "highland", "Spiceland", "Scottish lowlands" and "Ayla."

The highland is considered the most traditional brand, this whisky can be found more often.

"Ayla". The raw material for this line comes from the island. The most rare stamp. Taste of the subtypes varies greatly. If produced in the lowlands whiskey “McClelland” has a mild taste, "highland" gives lovers of “strict”, designed drink with sharp transitions between polaczenie taste. "Ayla" is an alcohol with its own flavor, filled with hints of peat and smoke.


whisky McClelland SpeysideWhiskey “McClelland highland” has a rich flavor, which veiled notes of toffee, vanilla, honey. The aroma is dominated by smoke and lagcha smoked, acquired from roasted oak, in which the aged drink. The aroma is dominated by caramel, and a hint of sea salt. Whiskey “McClelland Speyside (Spaceland)" a more subtle taste. In the region near the river Spey raw materials absorbs the flavors of the river territory. The taste is dominated by floral and soft hints of fruit, including prunes. Constant smoke in this case plays a leading role and serves only as a hint in the aftertaste. Whiskey “McClelland highland”, which reviews are talking about consistency, inferior in richness of other species, but remains one of the most classic variations, for that valuable still.

About price

Whiskey "McClelland" called one of the most affordable among the peers. As mentioned earlier, this pricing policy is dictated by the peculiarities of production and is not a sign of bad taste of alcohol. The average price of the brand starts at $ 350. Depending on the region of production and sales it can reach $ 600. Whiskey ships worldwide in original packaging. Previously on the label even had a copy of the original drawing by Katie white, who has depicted the landscape of Spaceland. Now the brand remains one of the most recognizable in the world and occupies almost the leading positions of sales.

whisky McClelland highland reviewsYou should Always remember about the threat of counterfeiting. The original drink is amber-yellow colour often try to forge, posing for good whiskey "Mead" or a similar liqueur. However, it's even better than a substitute. You should carefully check the bottle when you purchase and verify its authenticity.


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