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That fish is useful, we all know from childhood. Besides, it is delicious, and cook of many different dishes. But to spoil the fish as easily as to cook, if you do not know the details, but every fish "likes" your way of cooking. Today we have mackerel.baked mackerel

If you don't know how to prepare tasty mackerel, it is not a reason to abandon such a wonderful fish - because it has few bones, it is easy and fast. And though bold, it is lower in calories than, say, fatty meat.

So, bake mackerel - recipe first. For one fish you need: an onion, a large tomato (or two smaller ones), lemon, seasoning for fish or your favorite. Mackerel obuslavlivaet, gutting, remove the fins and the black film from the inside, cut into slices crosswise. Onion, tomato, lemon cut into slices. Foil lightly put some oil on it "prepare" the fish between the pieces of paste on a mug of lemon, onion and tomato. Sprinkle with seasonings as you should wrap it in foil. Mackerel bake 40-50 minutes at 180 degrees. Before serving you can sprinkle with lemon to prepare tasty mackerel

Bake mackerel - second recipe. Here we also prepare the mackerel, but with a different filling, but the result is still excellent! Four fish need a bit of chopped stalked celery (but it's a product for everybody, you can substitute other herbs), lemon, dill, gherkins or capers, paprika, other spices. Clean the fish, gutting, remove the head. Mix the finely chopped greens, diced cucumbers/capers, dill, lemon zest, a little salt, if not enough, add the spices, a little vegetable oil. With this mixture stuff the fish, the remains spread on top, wrap it in foil, each fish separately. Speciem mackerel at 200 degrees for 25-30 minutes. Also mackerel can be baked in the sleeve, on the same principle. Invent, try their marinades, the important thing is not to overdry the fish a half hour at 200 degrees and forty minutes at 180. how to cook mackerel


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Many Housewives do not know how to cook mackerel - she's fat enough, whether it is good? Will be if you know the right recipe! Clean the fish, gutting, cutting the head along the spine to make a neat cut along the back, peel off the top fillet, then remove the backbone and ribs, filet cut into portion pieces. On a plate combine the flour and salt, flour to replace breadcrumbs, but they are worse than stick.

Obalanya pieces spread on a heated pan without oil, fry until Golden brown on both sides. Due to the fact that the fish is oily, the oil won't need. Prepared mackerel can be spread on paper towel to soak up excess fat that will mytopics in the cooking process.

In Addition to the above methods, the mackerel is very tasty to grill or barbecue. Need spices for fish, salt, lemon juice - grate them cleaned and gutted mackerel and fry until cooked. Mackerel never get dry like many other types of fish, but always remains tender and flavorful. A peculiar smell, which many do not like, best to fight off the marinade of the lemon.

Regardless of whether we fry or bake mackerel, enjoy a delicious and healthy fish and not be afraid to try new recipes!

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