What is set for canapés? A kit for making canapes


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In this article we will tell you about what is set for canapés. In addition, we will present you specific brand of this device, we will tell you about all their benefits.


General information

Set for canapés – this is a kitchen fixture with the press, which is designed for quick and tasty cooking, layered mini sandwiches, and subsequently placed on special skewers. It should be noted that the device can be used in relation to any of the ingredients. So, molds are often used for a beautiful embossed slicing vegetables, cheese, bread, fruit, large berries, and even fish and meat.

In what cases is it used?

If you bought a set for the sofa, don't worry about what snacks to spoil their guests. When such a device is original and bold decisions are born by themselves. So, combining different ingredients, you can in seconds make a huge amount of snack dishes with fish, eggs, meat, vegetables, fruits and so on.

Not to mention the fact that the set for the sofa quite often helps, if you want to make a big feast for a small child. For this you need only to use the molds in the form of stars, hearts, various animals and so on. For more original dishes we recommend to stick to the skewers relief wares of different colors. For example, red grape, light banana, green kiwi, yellow peach and so on. So, you will receive more bright and colorful appetizers that will definitely be appreciated by all your guests. And this you will easily get a kit for making canapés.


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couch photo

Where can you buy?

To prepare fruit or some other canapés (photo sandwiches can be seen in this article) in advance to buy the necessary kit. Typically, these molds are available in specialty shops or stalls selling household supplies. In any case, at the time of purchase of the product should be particularly pay attention to its quality.

Usually this fixture is made of dense plastic. Moreover, often set for canapés, which reviews are always positive, additionally includes bamboo skewers and a few different nozzles. Their presence in the package be sure to pay for the goods.

Pop chef - set for canapes

The package of the product you can see the following: “Cook quickly and beautifully!” And for good reason. After all, with the help of this set you really don't have to do snacks, cutting them with a utility knife. Moreover, due to the attachments you can create an unusual canapés in the form of stars and other shapes.


If you decided to make a beautiful and original snacks, you be sure to purchase a fixture of the Pop chef. The quality of plastic from which made the device very high. That is why it can be used for many years, creating unusual dishes.kit for the preparation of canapés

The working Principle of the presented device is so simple that it will understand even a small child. You just need to click on the form of a nozzle, and you will definitely get the required hearts, suns, stars, and so on.

Package contents

What you get with this device, beyond what the original can do canapés? Photos of this device, which is presented in the article suggests that this set consists of six different molds-nozzles. In addition, in the package you can find about fifty bamboo skewers that can safely be used for decorative purposes.

It Should also be noted that the package of this device includes a rubber bulb and a small book with a variety of recipes and detailed instruction manual.

The Main advantages of kit home canapes

The advantages of this device include the following:

  • The existence of six molds-bits;
  • The durability of the fixture because of high quality materials;
  • The presence of fifty decorative bamboo skewers;
  • Safety during use (even very young children can make canapés with this package).set for canapés cabaret

Warranty and price of the product

The kit Manufacturer for canapes Pop chef guarantees a refund if the buyer addressed to the seller within 14 days from the date of purchase. And this happens without explanation return. If the product was broken at the fault of the buyer, he has the right to exchange it for a new one within 2 months from the date of acquisition.

As for the price, then buy a device for making beautiful meals you will be able for 450-500 rubles.

Set for canapés ‘Cabaret’

As is known, the production and release of this device are engaged in many companies. Hence, a variety of these devices.

Buying for personal use are set under the interesting name "Cabaret" you get a whole 13 items. These include pastry bag, five different shaped nozzles, designed for decorating dishes and cutter in the form of asterisks for chicken eggs, fruits and vegetables, spiral knife and shape for canapés (oval, square, round and triangular).

Because such a wide variety of different attachments, cutters and shapes, you can easily decorate any dish, greatly saving your time and effort.canapes reviews

Make a beautiful curly canapes

Unusual tips will help you make the miniature snacks in the form of triangles, circles, ovals and squares. This will lend sophisticated elegance and variety to your buffet. Guests will depart from the holiday table for a minute.

A set of "Cabaret" you will be able to make canapés of:

  • Cheese;
  • Bread;
  • Cucumber;
  • Ham and many other ingredients.

Having Prepared little sandwiches, you can easily decorate them with olives, herbs, eggs, and cherry tomatoes. If at the festive table you are planning to drink red wine, we recommend to make a small snack skewers using grapes and a curly cheese of different varieties.

Decorate pastries and cakes

In Addition to the relief shapes for canapés, this set includes pastry bag with 5 different tips. They may be used, if you decide to decorate:

  • Cakes;
  • Cakes;
  • Desserts;
  • Cakes;
  • Cookies, and more.pop chef set for canapés

Method store a set

The Modern design of the device allows it to fit perfectly into your kitchen. The set with attachments quite compact and does not occupy much space. All items are very easy to clean and wash in warm water. Keep this set to prepare canapés and other dishes in a cardboard box or without it.


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