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Progress, as you know, is not in place. Replaced the forks, beaters, meat grinders came a new, "smart" appliances: food processors, steamers, blenders. Let's talk today about what can be done in blender. Consider the fact that blender created for grinding. Meat, for example, it can make meat, fruits and vegetables turns into a puree. And what work it's amazing cocktails! Recipes in a blender, if necessary. But today let's talk about the cocktails. A few simple, healthy and tasty offerings. Take a look and choose.

Milkshakes in a blender

1. Ingredients. Cup of yogurt, Cup of strawberries, a scoop of ice cream, a glass of milk.

Put All ingredients in blender, pour in yogurt, milk and whisk. Cocktail pour by the glass, until the donkey.

2. Ingredients. A glass of milk, serving of ice cream, a Cup of cream, mint syrup, mint.

All the ingredients are sent to the blender, whisk, add the syrup (optional), whisk again and pour in the glass, until the donkey. Leaves decorate the glass or straw.

3. Ingredients. Two glasses of milk, a Cup of cream, packet (serving) of ice cream, sugar (80-90 gr), vanilla, two tablespoons full tablespoons of cocoa.

Whisk in a blender all the ingredients, except the cocoa, into the foam. Half is poured into glasses, filling them one-third and return to the blender. In the remaining half of the cocktail add cocoa and a bit of vanilla. Whisk again. Get the chocolate cocktail. Pour it through the same glasses very carefully, in the middle (or side). Aesthetically beautiful look of this cocktail matches the taste. From the top (as a decoration), you can lightly sprinkle chocolate shavings.


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4. Ingredients. Two glasses of milk, half a ripe avocado, honey (liquid, 2-3 tablespoons).

Pour in a blender the milk, put the pulp of half avocado and honey. Whisk. To improve the taste, add some ice cream and a little sugar.

Fruit smoothies in a blender

1. Ingredients. Banana, glass of grapefruit juice, a handful of cranberries or currants. Optionally, you can add nuts, bran, seeds, cereal.

Beat in a blender the banana, juice and cranberries. Nuts (flakes, bran, sunflower seeds) smoliam in a coffee grinder. Cocktail pour into glasses, sprinkle top with ground nuts.

2. Ingredients. A Cup of vanilla yogurt (you can substitute cream), ripe pear, a slice of melon (120-140 g), maple syrup, raspberries, mint.
Pear take well-ripened. Cleaned, remove the core and cut into pieces. Cut from melon peel and also cut into pieces. Sent everything except the raspberries in a blender. Whisk. Pour into glasses. Raspberries and mint decorate the cocktail.

3. Ingredients. A glass of milk, coconut, mango, lime, honey optional.

Whisk in a blender all the ingredients and pour the resulting cocktail glasses.

Alcoholic drinks in a blender

1. Ingredients. Amaretto, canadian whisky, blackcurrant liqueur, dry vermouth, zest of whole orange (or juice), cherries (or cherries, for decoration).
Mix All ingredients in a blender, pour into glasses and decorate a double cherry.

2. Ingredients. The tangerine liqueur, gin, lemon juice (25-30 ml), champagne (250-300 ml), banana, slice of orange, ice.

All ingredients (except orange) whisk in a blender. The edge (can be fully, can be only part of a semicircle) of a glass to moisten and dip in sugar. Cocktail pour by the glass. Slice of orange cut in half and decorate the glass.

3. The ingredients for eight servings. Two cut into four parts lime, "Grand Marnier" (75-80 ml), tequila gold (320-340 ml), liqueur "Triple Sec" (210-230 ml), mix sweet and sour (380-400 ml), ice cubes (at the rate of 3-4 per glass).

The Glasses take those meant for martinis. The edges of the glasses covered with salt (wet the edges with lime and dip, shake off excess gently). Immediately put ice in a glass. Mix in a blender, "Triple Sec", a mix of tequila, "Grand Marnier". Whisk until the volume increases and pour in glasses. Add to each glass 10-15 ml of lime juice. Serve with slices of lime on the glass.

These are just a few examples of how to make smoothies in blender. Really simple, tasty and quick. Experiment, and your desires and imagination will suggest new recipes. Bon appetit!

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