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The Beans ’ another American at our table, it appeared in Europe thanks to Columbus. Not to say that she immediately gained admirers: for a long time it was grown as an ornamental shrub. In Russia she was from France, and her first name was French beans. Beans are eaten in the immature and Mature form.


She is Particularly loved in the South: in South America, southern Europe, Transcaucasia, and, of course, China. In Russia it is less popular, the people's kitchen almost never green beans. And this is a big omission. Green beans are rich in vitamins, it contains a whole range of nutrients that are necessary for the preservation of health and youth, the latter particularly for women. Green beans are abundant in vitamins A, b,C, E, PP. In addition, like all legumes, it is composed of iron and calcium, and, of course, the most valuable – plant protein.&For vegetarians this is a godsend.


I Must say that the beans - and even low-calorie product. Bean diets – some of the most effective for the preservation of the body. Green beans satisfies hunger, so bean diet is very easy to hold. Only to use it in its raw form is highly undesirable: it contains toxic substances, which, however, no residue neytralizuya 15 minute cooking.


Green beans: recipes for those who want to lose weight.

  • Chopped potatoes, throw in boiling water, when it is half ready, add shinkovannoy cabbage and sliced green beans. For a few minutes until fully cooked dish is seasoned with green onions and parsley. This soup contains only 45 kcal/100 g Ingredients: water-2 liters, medium potatoes-3 PCs, cabbage and green beans-150 g.
  • To Cook the green beans for a couple for a better conservation of vitamins, watered it with lemon juice, oil, preferably olive, oil. This salad has a calorie 41ккал/100 g



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Green beans: recipes for those who want a tasty lunch.

  • From the Indian cuisine. To cook the pork chops, stuff them with a mixture of soaked in milk white bread, eggs, fried onions, parsley and sew. Fry the chops in melted butter. For sauce tomatoes, garlic, rosemary to cook for about 10 minutes in cream, add spices. For garnish cook green beans, drain the water, add the oil and sprinkle with herbs. Ingredients: pork-300 g, butter-50 g, tomatoes - 200 g cream-1 Cup, green beans – a pound, olive oil – 20 g, garlic-2, cloves
  • And here is a Georgian dish: cook 1 kg sliced beans. Drain the water, cover the green onions, herbs, seasonings and simmer in melted butter 10 minutes to Roast a chicken and carve it into serving pieces. Press the whey from sour milk and beat with a little boiled water. Put the chicken pieces on a dish with beans and pour sauce of sour milk.

     Green beans: recipes for those who love salads

  • Flavored salad: Cook 500g green beans as usual, for 10 minutes, then in a separate bowl, mix the garlic (two cloves), chopped onion, vegetable oil (4 tbsp) and vinegar.  Pour the cooked beans with this mixture and refrigerate for two hours.
  • Purified from the veins of a young green beans cut and boil them in salted water. Slice sausage and mix with beans. Add the vinegar, olive oil, parsley, onion, pepper. Cut tomatoes in slices and lay on top.
  • Clean the beans and boil in salted water for 3 minutes. Fry the onions in oil and add to the pan with the beans, cook on slow fire for 10 minutes. When beans are ready, sprinkle it with grated Parmesan cheese and stir. Then cover the entire surface of beans with slices of cheese and cover with lid. When the cheese melted, the dish is ready.  

 Green beans: recipes for pickling

  • Cut young beans (600g) and firmly put in a quart jar, cover with 5% salt solution and sterilized in half an hour. Then add in a jar two tablespoons of concentrated acetic essence and roll up cover.

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