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Pasties – this is a dish that I love everything. Aroma of roasted pasties heard from afar. Of course, homemade is much tastier purchased prefabricated. Therefore, the most daring mistress dare to make a tasty dish. There are many recipes for pasties, it is about them and we want to tell in our article.

Cooking Principles

Pasties – nothing like a hot bubble of dough, fried in oil, stuffed with meat. It is worth noting that the original dish was prepared only with meat, using fresh dough. But currently using a variety of recipes of dough for chebureks. You can make puff pastry, fresh or yeast dough. A lot of options. What is a good recipe for pasties, hard to say. Every housewife who cooks this dish, choose a best option.

Cooking pasties

Not less rich and choice of fillings for pasties. Cooks have long gone beyond the standard recipe where you use ground meat. Now bakes pastries with mushroom, cheese, potato, pumpkin, fish, vegetable and other fillings. Of course, crispy pasties with meat – the most well-liked option. As for other fillings, they are also worthy of attention, all a matter of taste.

Choux pastry

The Choux pastry for pasties made on the basis of boiling water.


  • Hot water (540 ml)
  • Five cups flour,
  • Salt (tsp),
  • Vodka (two tablespoons),
  • Sunflower oil (three tbsp).

The fire put a pot of liquid and pour oil into it, put salt. After boiling water in a thin stream fall asleep flour, stirring constantly with a fork. The dough is brewed by the type of glue. In the thickened mass pour of vodka, through which the pasties are crispy. Stir the workpiece. The batch needs to cool down (about ten minutes). Then knead the dough on the work surface until the desired texture. As soon as the mass becomes soft and elastic, the dough is ready.


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In this recipe the pasties are incredibly crisp, both in the classical cheburek. Many Housewives in the dough also add sugar, though he is not listed in the ingredients. This allows you to get the beautiful Golden color of the finished products.

Dough on kefir

Delicious crispy cooked pasties and yogurt. Whey or dairy product pies are more Mature than in regular water. If you decide to use a serum before cooking it is very cold. The recipe for the pasties on the test of kefir is used by many Housewives, because it allows knead the mass with a soft and tender texture.


  • Egg,
  • Lbs. of flour,
  • Salt,
  • A glass of buttermilk.

In a bowl, pour the yogurt and add the egg and salt. A lot whisk. Flour screened with a sieve and fill it in the prepared mass. Initially knead the dough in the basin. And then continue on the table to obtain an elastic and soft consistency. The finished dough roll into a ball and leave for some time on the table, closing polotenechko. Next, divide it into ten parts, each of which roll out and sculpt a Taco.

Dough on the water

This recipe chebureks will allow to prepare the dough for the usual water or mineral.


  • Juice,
  • Much flour
  • Spices
  • Vegetable oil (tsp),
  • Salt.

First proseem the flour and mix it with other components. Knead the dough gradually adding water. Carefully knead it, leave to infuse, covering with a towel. This will make the dough softer and more pliable.

Mineral water

Soft Juicy pasties can be cooked in the mineral water.

Dough for chebureks


  • Cups water
  • Egg,
  • Flour (0.8 kg),
  • Tsp salt and sugar.

Beat the egg with salt and sugar. Slowly pour the water, stir a lot and leave it for ten minutes.

The Sifted flour pour slide on a work surface. In the center make a hole and pour into it a lot of capacity. Knead the dough. Carefully vymeshivayut. Then shift the dough in a bowl and cover it with a clean towel. On the hour put the mixture in a warm place. At the end of the time roll out the dough and form the pasties.

Ice water

Interesting crispy with bubbles pasties are obtained on the basis of ice water.


  • Ice water (1.5 glass),
  • Flour (0.5 kg),
  • Salt,
  • Butter (75 g).

In order to knead this dough, you need to mix the flour and salt. Take the bowl with wide edges and pour back dry mass. There also add the ice water. Knead the dough so that there were no lumps. Heat the oil and add it to a sticky dough. Knead it up until it no longer sticks to hands. After you roll it a ball, put in a bowl and cover with polotenechko. After an hour the dough is ready to use.

Dough without vodka

Vodka is used for making dough as baking powder. This results in flaky and crispy dish. However, it is possible to make choux pastry for chebureks without vodka.


  • Egg,
  • Water (150 g),
  • Vegetable oil (25 ml),
  • Flour (470 g),
  • Tsp of salt.

Every one of us adored the pasties with a juicy delicious filling and crispy dough. But how to cook bubble and crispy dish?

Onion for toppings

In a saucepan, pour oil and add salt, then put it in the fire. Bring the mass to boil. Gradually pour a partial Cup of flour, constantly stirring intensively. Disconnect the fire when the dough will gather in kom. Then give him a chance to cool slightly. After you enter the egg and mix thoroughly mass. It should be soft and homogeneous. In a bowl sieve the flour and put the dough. It gradually beat in the flour. You can do it by parts, letting the dough rise under polotenechko. Initially it will be incredibly sticky, but will gradually become more docile and dense. In consistency it resembles graviola dough.

You need to Knead until then, until the mass no longer sticks to hands. This dough can even be kept in the fridge or even freeze it. By the way, frozen pasties – this is a very convenient option blanks, allowing at any time to eat your favorite dish.

Meat toppings

What do you think, what kind of meat you prepare the stuffing for chebureks? Translated from the Crimean Tatar name of the dish sounds only as "wet cake". Traditionally, the use of cooking, of course, lamb. Currently, however, there are many other toppings. Modern housewife as a filling use lean meat, refusing the lamb.


  • Pork fillets (550g),
  • Salt,
  • Sunflower oil (two tbsp),
  • Onion,
  • Water
  • Parsley,
  • Pepper.
Stuffing for chebureks

Recipe homemade pasties with mince is easy, however, to nachinka was juicy, you should pay attention on the bow. You should not twist the onion with the meat grinder. The juice that is released when it is absorbed by the meat and delicious broth will not work. Some cooks believe that onions are best to grind in a blender separately, and then add salt to drain even more juice. In ten minutes the weight can shift to the minced meat and mix well. Then add vegetable oil. If you are lovers fat pies, use and fat.

In addition, you can further finely chop one onion and add it to the meat. This will make the structure of the stuffing bole dense. Add ground pepper and stir the mass. The filling needs to be viscous, to achieve such consistency, you can add water. Ready stuffing can be used for baking.

Detachable From the test piece and roll out with a rolling pin. Using a saucer cut out blanks of the same sizes. Remove the excess dough. In the middle of the cake spread a tablespoon of the filling. Fold the dough in half and carefully tighten the edges together.

While we do modeling, you need to fire to put a pot in butter. You can also fry the pasties in a pan. In hot oil fry the cakes on both sides. Get ready pasties and leave for a couple of minutes to cool down.

Filling of cheese

Very good pasties and cheese. Their exquisite taste will win over even the real gourmets. By the way, cheese can be added to meat stuffing. Are incredibly tasty pasties. In principle, you can use any hard type.

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