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White Bread is sold in all stores. However, very often it is not as tasty as I would like. In this regard, we propose to make the bread yourself, using simple and affordable products.white bread

General information

Modern technology is evolving very quickly. And most Housewives prefer to knead and bake white bread, not alone, but with the help of a device such as bread. But unfortunately, not every chef can boast of having such a device. In this regard, we decided to tell you about how quick and easy to prepare white bread in the oven.

Step-by-Step recipe for homemade bread

There are quite a lot of recipes, thanks to which you can bake delicious homemade bread. They are all very similar. However, in some cases for making this product use wheat flour but in the other – rye.

To make white bread, we need the first component. But about all under the order.

So, for baking delicious homemade bread required:

  • Light wheat flour-about 1 kg
  • Yeast granules – about 4 g;
  • Warm the milk and drinking water-1 full glass;
  • Granulated sugar light – 2 dessert spoons;
  • Sunflower oil-1/3 of a standard Cup;
  • Salt & ndash; dessert spoon;
  • The small egg-1 PC.

Knead the dough

Like any other cakes, white bread should begin to cook with the dough. Most often for the preparation of such products using the yeast-based. To knead, warm milk and drinking water combine in a single container, and then add to them the sugar and dissolve it completely.white bread


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After receiving a sweet muddy mass to it to spread the yeast in granules, with good stir and leave in complete peace for 12-18 minutes. During this time the yeast should be fully dissolved. In the future they add a small beaten egg, table salt and sunflower oil.

Gently mix the components, they spread the wheat flour and knead well all hands.

Having homogeneous and slightly sticky hands on the dough, it is placed in a deep pot and cover with a cloth. So the basis is not weathered and not covered with a hard crust, it is also covered with a lid. As such, the dough and leave in a warm place for 30-40 minutes. Over time, rising slightly whisk the basis of a fist, again it was closed and kept in similar conditions, about 35 minutes.

Such processing will contribute to getting fluffy and soft dough.

Process of forming

Before you bake white bread in the oven, it should properly form. To do this, use special heat resistant cast iron, glass or aluminum form block. The dishes properly lubricate any vegetable oil, and then take the coming up of the dough, form it of an oval and spread into the tank. Thus the basis should not completely fill the form. She has barely reached its middle.

In this form, the dough again and leave in a warm place, but on a ¼ hours. During this time it has a little get up and fill the dishes.white bread in the oven

Heat treatment Process

Presents a recipe of white bread, we decided to implement in the oven. It pre-heated to 200 degrees. Then in the oven put the form with the dough and cook for an hour. During this time, the basis must be fully grilled, become soft, lush and rosy.

Present homemade bread to the table

Having Prepared white bread in the oven, it is carefully removed from the mold by its sharp turning. To the table, this product serves hot, pre-sliced to pieces.

To Use white homemade bread with any meal. In addition, it produces excellent sandwiches and toast.


If the variant is the preparation of white bread does not suit you, you can find others. For its implementation we need:

  • Light wheat flour-about 1 kg
  • Yeast loose – about 4 g;
  • Drinking warm water-2 cups;
  • Granulated sugar light – 2 dessert spoons;
  • Sunflower oil-1/3 of a standard Cup;
  • Salt & ndash; dessert spoon;
  • Egg powder – 2 serving spoons.


The Dough for white bread kneaded easily. In warm drinking water to thoroughly dissolve sugar. Then in the same pan add a mixture consisting of loose yeast and 2/3 Cup of light flour. Mix components, they are left in heat for 25 minutes. Then to swell the mass added to table salt, egg powder and sunflower oil.

recipe for white bread

Kneading thick, but not hard dough, it is placed in a deep container, cover with a towel and leave in a warm place for an hour. Over time get lush and soft mass, which was immediately used for the preparation of white homemade bread. Formed and baked in the oven it is exactly the same as in the first recipe. Therefore, to describe this process, we will not.

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