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Garlic — one of the oldest spices cultivated in many countries. Mention of the medicinal properties of vegetable crops has been found in the annals of Avicenna. A wonderful and useful product has found wide application not only in alternative medicine but also food industries. Thanks to the bright aroma and spicy taste it is used as a mandatory element in cooking in the East, in Asia, America, Spain, and Russia.

Few people know that the food is suitable not only bulbs or teeth, as well as arrows and shoots of garlic. This recipe is very simple. The green arrows are the perfect snack, feathers added to various sauces, meat, fish, combine with vegetables. Production versions - weight, it all depends on personal taste preferences.

garlic sprouts recipe

Slivers of garlic harmonize perfectly with any products, at the same useful properties as those of the Mature plant. The greenery has a large amount of ascorbic acid, which helps in strengthening the immune system. So do not rush to send such a wonderful creation of nature in the trash. Let us demonstrate in this publication how to cook garlic sprouts.

Recipe with photo (meat-based)

Rich dish enriched with vitamins, daily diet. For its preparation you need to purchase:

  • Three hundred grams of veal;
  • 200 grams. green feathers of garlic;
  • Head of red onion.

Products for the filling: dessert spoon of potato starch, cumin, Basil, 40 ml of soy sauce, ½ teaspoon of sugar and salt. Take a glass of water, ginger, red and black pepper, chili, soybean oil for frying.


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Process Technology

garlic sprouts with meat recipe

Food suitable only green feathers, without flowering arrows. Cut each shoot into smaller sections. With veal remove the foil and remove the veins. Using a sharp knife chop the meat into thin strips, like goulash. In a deep frying pan or pot, heat the soy oil in it saute chopped onion, then add the pieces of veal. Once the meat is Golden brown, put young shoots of garlic.

Recipe implies a spicy marinade. While the ingredients languishing in the pan (about 7 minutes), we will prepare the filling. In the purified boiled water dissolve salt, starch, sugar, pour soy sauce, add the grated ginger, set peppers and other seasonings.

garlic sprouts recipe with photo

The resulting liquid is sent into the cauldron. Cover with a lid and stew for 10 minutes on low heat. Most importantly, do not digest green feathers, otherwise they turn to mush and will be tasteless. Garlic sprouts meat, the recipe of which is lightweight, can be enjoyed in Chinese restaurants.

Diet cabbage soup

Want delicious and satisfying to eat without the extra calories? Think it's hard? Dispel all doubts – offer a vitamin-rich soup is based on healthy vegetables and chicken carcass. If you want to exclude bird or replace it with other varieties of meat. A list of necessary ingredients:

  • A kilo of chicken wings;
  • Shoots of garlic (the recipe includes 50 g of feathers);
  • Potatoes (300 g);
  • ½ fresh cabbage;
  • Two carrots;
  • Onions (2 PCs.)
  • Tomato paste (100 g) or fresh tomatoes (5 pieces);
  • Celery, parsley, dill;
  • Condiments: two leaf Lavrushka, black pepper, thyme.

Start cooking

young shoots of garlic recipe

Is not quite the usual way. Before you cook the broth, you should cook the wings. Pre-opolaskivaniem them, spread on a piece of parchment. Top do "coat" of celery, one carrot circles, and onion rings. Put in the oven for 15 min. If you want to get a Golden crust, brush the skin with honey or vegetable oil.

Baked meat with vegetables put in a pot, fill with water. When the broth boils, add the Bay leaf, thyme, chopped fresh herbs (parsley, dill). Leave on the stove for another 10 min. Cut onions, grate carrots, and then saute the vegetables in butter. Then add the chopped tomatoes or tomato paste.

The broth lay the chopped cabbage, potato cubes, sauteed vegetables, feathers garlic, black pepper, thyme and salt. Cook for 10 minutes. Low-calorie hearty dish will satisfy your hunger, fill you up with vitamins and will not add extra pounds.

Marinated garlic sprouts

The Recipe you will enjoy the speed of execution and accessibility, will join culinary piggy Bank and surprise crunchy taste. On-liter jar you will need the following components:

  • Garlic arrows (how many will fit in a container);
  • Products for the marinade: five tablespoons of salt, sugar (30 g), 9% vinegar (100 ml).


pickled garlic feathers

Sterilize a glass container and press it into her well-washed green feathers. You can lay them whole, or cut into small strips. Fill the container with boiling water, cover with a lid and do not touch for 5 minutes. Make the marinade: dissolve in water, salt and sugar. Extract the liquid from the jar and fill with mortar, then add vinegar, which will serve as a preservative. Two days later, you can use marinated garlic sprouts. The recipe is simple and therefore subject to any owner!


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