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Fish Such as tuna, is used in a large number of dishes and cook it may be quite different, namely, bake, stew, fry and boil. However, for many the question remains, how to cook tuna. Now we will consider several variants of dishes with this fish. And first, let's talk about how to cook tuna in the oven.

For this you will need oil for lubrication forms one hundred seventy-five grams of puff pastry ready plates, six tomatoes, which are precut in small pieces, and fifty grams of grated cheddar cheese.

To prepare this dish needed a sauce, for which the quality of the ingredients take fifty grams butter, one onion, carefully sliced, ounces of flour, six ounces of milk, half a teaspoon of mustard, salt and pepper to taste, and one hundred seventy-five grams of cheese cheddar, pre-grated, and four hundred grams of canned tuna, which it should break into small pieces.

Now directly on how to cook tuna. The first thing you need to do – it's the sauce. But, before that don't forget to turn on the oven, so she warmed up, at least until one hundred and eighty degrees.

Then, in a large saucepan, melt the butter. It's the same place the sliced onions and continue to fry gently for four-six minutes. Onions must acquire a Golden hue. Now it's time for flour. It should be added two minutes before the moment will removed the pot from the fire.


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Then in the resulting mass add salt and pepper and also stir in the milk. Sauce boil until, until it reaches a thick consistency, the result will remain on the spoon. Once this happens, add the tuna, cheese and mustard, and cook the whole mass for another two minutes.

At this time, take the form of a heat-resistant medium in size, and grease it with oil. At the bottom of this form put sauce tuna, over which put a plate of puff pastry. The next layer do the same. But add more tomatoes. In that order, continue to put the tuna. On top sprinkle the remaining tomatoes and grated cheese. Then cover the dish with foil and put it bake in the oven for fifteen-twenty minutes.

At the end of this time remove the foil and leave the tuna in the oven already in the clear for another fifteen minutes, i.e. until then, until Golden-brown crust.

We Just looked at one of the ways to prepare tuna. How else can it be done? Alternatively, offer you salad with this fish. Similar recipes there is a huge number. But they all have common principles. So, for the salad does it is tuna meat which is cooked, usually steamed. You can use boiled or canned tuna. In the latter case, it is very important that the fish was in its own juice.

How to cook tuna in such cases, perhaps, you know, if not everything, very many. And interestingly – as additional ingredients you can take almost any vegetables, boiled rice and, of course, spices.

Selected products are chopped into fine pieces, if necessary, the resulting mass should be salt. All this is seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice. Some as a sauce for the filling is used mayonnaise, which is not recommended. However, eggs in tuna salad is also completely useless. These two ingredients are able to drown out the taste of this fish. Yes, and the salad will be much high-calorie.

Hope that we could at least to a small extent to satisfy your curiosity about how to cook tuna. In fact, there is nothing complicated. Tuna – a kind of fish, ruin which is almost impossible. Try, experiment, invent and you will succeed! Bon appétit!

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