The "gold reserve" - the cognac from the heart of Russia


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Production of the domestic alcohol industry is not always happy its consumers. Sometimes, in fact, the quality of the product far worse than anything said about him in their commercials. But there are some drinks that are not ashamed to anyone. One such product is “Gold reserve" - cognac, the name of which can truly be considered the speaker. And those who were lucky enough to try it, don't think this statement an exaggeration.

Detailed description

In the days of the former Soviet Union it was believed that the brandy in the country know how to cook only specialists of Armenia and Moldova. Indeed, the level of their products meets the highest standards. But the Russian winemakers try to keep up with their colleagues, creating a new brand with improved characteristics. A striking example of this – “Gold reserve" (brandy). This drink has a wonderful taste characteristics.

gold reserve brandy

This level was achieved through the use of first class raw materials, which the manufacturer delivers from plantations located in the South of the country. "Gold reserve" - cognac with great taste and harmonious aroma. Its blend has been adjusted over the years and finally achieved the desired result. The product is produced by classical technology from high-quality cognac, which, after passing all stages of processing, stand at least five years in oak barrels. There he gathers his strength, and only then sent for bottling. In addition, the "Gold reserve" - brandy, which is famous for still quite reasonable and inexpensive price. This allows anybody to purchase the product to enjoy enjoy its noble taste and wonderful aroma.


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Customer reviews

Today almost every Russian store you can meet "Gold reserve" (brandy). The reviews about this product not always cheerful and optimistic.

gold reserve cognac reviews

Some buyers claim that its taste and aroma is an excessive amount of alcohol. Searing bitterness is stopping to appreciate the bouquet and to perceive the drink as a whole. In addition, the high sugar content makes it more like a liqueur than a brandy. Although this opinion is quite controversial. For example, women this situation seems to be normal. Sweetness, in their opinion, gives the drink a certain ease, and this is what I love the fairer sex. If the focus on products in a certain price range, compared to other beverages "Gold reserve" is more than worthy. Buyers generally believes that such products it is better not to use pure. But as an ingredient for the preparation of complicated drinks (cocktails) he was very good.


Who manufactures Russia's famous "Gold reserve" (cognac)? Manufacturer and brand owner belongs to one of the largest on the territory of our country corporations under the name of “synergy”. This company “UralALKO”. It was formed in the last century. The first time raw materials for the company were delivered from the Krasnodar and Stavropol territories. Later to them were added the plants of Tajikistan and Moldova. There are even reports that part of the high quality spirits in those years, were brought from the famous regions of France - petite champagne and Grande champagne. For aging of the finished product used barrels made from oak of the Ural. With this drink eventually becomes barely noticeable vanilla flavor and a pleasant knitting softness.

gold reserve brandy manufacturer

The Desired quality of the product currently, it is possible to achieve through use in manufacturing modern German and Italian equipment. In addition, the factory has its own laboratory where leading specialists are creating new blends.

Product Packaging

Not to be mistaken with the choice, you need to know exactly how does the famous first Russian "Gold reserve" (brandy). Photo helps the buyer to obtain the most accurate external description of the product, to avoid becoming the accidental owner of a forgery. First you need to remember that in manufacturing plants drink, usually bottled in glass bottles with capacity from 0,1 and 0,25 to 0,375 and 0.5 liters. This allows the manufacturer to make the price as democratic as possible. Typically used for bottling purposes classic cognac packaging with a high neck, the top of which is wrapped in coloured foil. On a fairly broad label contains all the information required by the consumer. Each bottle is further embellished with a special medallion, which applied to the original drawing.

gold reserve brandy photo

This is a spectacular addition gives the product uniqueness and helps to emphasize the authenticity of the purchased product.

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