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"Shelter," "the Cherry honeycomb", "Pyramid", "Roof" - all names of the same cake "Monastic hut". Under this name more famous this dessert compatriots. This delicacy wonderfully combines the light sweetness sour cream and unsurpassed tart filling.


Today we know a huge number of various recipes of cake "Monastic hut", but novices in the art of pastry it is best to start with the traditional method of preparation. The more classic version of this delicacy combines sophistication, tenderness and unsurpassed flavor.

This treat will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated gourmet. So if you want to surprise your loved ones culinary masterpiece, adopt the traditional recipe of the cake "Collegiate hut" with cherry with sour cream. Moreover, to prepare this dessert, despite the fancy name, not so difficult - even on the contrary very easy.


In fact, this cherry dessert is so beautiful, fragrant and delicate that it is simply impossible not to fall in love. One need only look at the photo of the cake "Monastic hut" to want to cook and enjoy a unique taste. And if you find a proven recipe and small secrets, the result will certainly exceed all your expectations.

How to cook cake

You only Need to know how to properly prepare the dough and make rolls perfectly soaked, and the filling of them have not emerged. While the sour cream must keep good form and blur. And in the process will help you a simple recipe of cake "Collegiate hut" with cherry.

List products

Of Course, the first step is to prepare everything necessary for the preparation of dessert products. To make the dough for the cake you will require:

  • 4 cups flour;
  • 250 g sour cream;
  • 2 tablespoons sugar;
  • One-third teaspoon of salt;
  • 250 g butter or margarine;
  • Soda and vinegar to extinguish.

And to prepare the cream, take:

  • 600 g of sour cream;
  • A packet of vanillin;
  • 100 grams of sugar.
cake Decoration "Monastyrskaya izba"

In addition, you will need about 800 grams of cherries. It can be used literally in any form: boiled, canned, fresh, candied or frozen. This dessert is actually good. To prepare the cake "Monastic hut" according to a traditional recipe it is best to stock up on still cherry jam, which is considered the best kind of stuffing. After all, these berries, cooked in their own juice, have a rich taste and it does not flow from the tubes. Therefore, if in your Arsenal is a stock of cherry jam, for making cake "Monastic hut" at them. Well, if this Goodies you have found, take fresh or frozen berries.


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Margarine or oil taken for the test, it should be up to use to keep in the fridge. In other words, to get a product in advance, as is usually the case with other types of baking, not worth it.

As for the kitchen appliances and gadgets, you may use a mixer or whisk, rolling pin, pastry parchment food wrap.

Preparing the filling for the cake "Monastic hut"

In the first place to create this dessert made of thick sour cream and cherry filling, and then you can start kneading the dough, baking the tubes and the formation of the Goodies.

If you've got cherry jam, with berries, drain all the liquid and be sure to cut the seeds from them. By the way, this is the filler is the easiest to prepare. So jam has many advantages for making this cake.

How to cook stuffing

Cherry compote will also be a great option, but the taste is not as rich, and the treat will turn out less flavorful. If the berries are sour, then it is advisable to sprinkle them with a small amount of sugar and leave in the cold, so they let the juice and soaked in sweetness.

If you chose the option of making the cake with fresh cherries, be sure to go through it. Delay only ripe berries are a dark Burgundy colour. Keep in mind that the red cherry, which is often immature, quite sour, so to prepare the cake "Monastic hut" absolutely no good. For a start, from berries to remove seeds. For this you can use a special device, a simple pin or any other means at hand, convenient for you. Processed cherry cover with sugar, to withstand the ratio of 1 to 1. Set the berries aside for a couple of hours, so they let the juice.

Then put the cherries in a saucepan and place on low heat. Stirring constantly, bring the mixture to a boil and keep at this temperature for 5 minutes. In principle, therefore, you few minutes make a kind of jam. With a slotted spoon remove from the casserole berries and put them on a plate to speed up the process of cooling. Cherry,treated in this way, you get a fairly sweet, rich and unobtrusive according to your taste, and the baking will release quite a bit of juice.

Cream cake

An Impeccable option for making this dessert is considered a homemade sour cream. But if you have a only store product, please note that it needs to be fresh, with a fat content of not less than 25%. Put all the sour cream on the gauze, folded several times, and tie it in a knot. Place this bundle on any capacity in the condition of the product will gradually to drain the whey. However, it will take some time. As such, the cream should be placed in the fridge for a couple hours, or better overnight. After the whey has drained, the product will become very thick and more like soft cheese. This is the result you need.

Keep in mind that sour cake "Monastic hut" does not fit an ordinary cream which is often prepared for many other desserts. It is very important that weight for this dessert was quite thick, not blurred and well kept and the form. That is why such complex procedures, such as the pumping of serum needed for making quality cake.

Cake "Monastyrskaya izba" cherry

So, sour cream, freed from excess liquid, put in deep container and beat with a mixer at low speed. Then small portions add sugar and vanilla. Although the sand preferably prior to use, grind into powder to work with such a consistency much easier. Beat the mixture until then, until the powder is completely dissolved.

Finally turn on the maximum speed of the mixer and finish ground for a few minutes to give it some splendor. Prepared with sour cream, cover and place in the refrigerator so that it thickens and thoroughly cold.

The Dough for the cake

First, sift the flour in a deep bowl, so she was enriched with oxygen and more easily succumbed to the kneading. At the top of the resulting slides make deepening and put the oil on him. Thoroughly mash it with a fork and grind flour. Then add to the mixture the sour cream, salt, sugar and baking soda, slaked with a few drops of vinegar. Carefully stir the dough by hand or blender. As a result, you should get a very dense mass, which you must wrap in cling film and put in the refrigerator.

cake Recipes "Monastyrskaya izba"

After half an hour remove the dough and divide it into 15 equal pieces. Each of them should roll out a thin oblong formation. Now came the prepared cherries. Put on the unrolled cake a nice row of berries and roll it roll, Saipov region. Prepare a baking sheet, zastelil his baking paper. Put the formed rolls on a sheet and pop them into the oven.

Bake for 10 minutes at 180 degrees. During this time, the "logs" for sour cherry cake "Monastic hut" should be lightly browned. The finished rolls remove from the oven and let them cool slightly. Now you only need to build the house of the rolls. From the warm billet folding the figure - the cream will be heated and will flow, and the design will fall apart.

How to assemble a cake

Assembling the dessert

First on your serving dish spread a generous layer of sweet pulp, and the top to place 5 tubes. With each "floor" number of rolls must be reduced by one. Each layer should be carefully lubricated with cream. At the end, coat the sides and top of the resulting house ground.

Try to make sure that the wall is more or less smooth - this will help you a an ordinary knife. Send the cake in the fridge to tube soaked for a few hours and it is best to leave it there for the night.

Traditional cake recipe


Before serving, lightly shaped to embellish the house. This is excellent grated dark chocolate which goes well with cherry. Can also use chopped nuts or candied fruit.

The preparation of the famous "Monastic hut" is over. Your guests will surely be delighted with the prepared culinary masterpiece. By the way, slice this cake looks equally attractive.

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