Apple pie with plums. A few simple recipes


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Charlotte – one of the most beloved and respected homemade pies. It is very easy. The dough does not require special attention. Filled with too much fiddling is not necessary. And eaten for both cheeks! However, in most cases it is prepared exclusively with apples. Probably only by inertia – they say, should be, as it should be. But the Apple pie with plums, for example, has a very sophisticated and unusual taste, and is prepared so easily. So let's experiment!Apple pie with plums

Exclusively plum

Let's Start with the basics. For a start, just let it be Apple pie with plums, without any additional components. Now, take 4 eggs and a Cup of sugar. They whipped in a dense, thick and white foam. Next, in a bowl posypaetsya Cup of flour – and again a thorough whipping. Some Housewives prefer at this stage to use a spoon, which still need to rotate strongly in one direction. But perhaps it's just superstition. Whisk or the mixer itself, while nothing has harmed.

About a pound a dense plums are washed and cut. Some people prefer to cut them in half, someone – quarters, but smaller so definitely not worth it. The dough mixed with fruit and poured in the grease form. Apple pie with plums is placed in the oven and bake until then, until the match, which pierced pie would come out of it without adhering to the test.Apple pie with plums recipe

Not only plum, but also melon

Those who are accustomed to exclusively prepare the pie with apples, but is ready for the idea of “Apple pie with plums”, the recipe can also suggest more fancy options. They are interesting that do not conform to the canons of dough. It is made from 2 small eggs, beaten 150 g (about two thirds of a Cup) of sugar. To the mixture gradually, whisking constantly, is introduced the same quantity of flour, mixed with a teaspoon of baking powder. Then just on fluff and floured pan put half of the plums (skin up) on them – cubes of melon. You can sleep for cinnamon, but it does not matter. And on top of fruit filled pastry. After half an hour of baking (maximum of forty minutes) and cake you can indulge in children.


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plum cobbler

Plum and Apple brown Betty

Even if you are not ready to abandon the usual stereotypes, and favorite food must be available the apples, you still available Apple pie with plums. The recipe allows for quite the combination of these fruits. For this cake beat 5 eggs with Cup of sugar. When you get a lush, thick foam, add vanilla (as you like it), baking powder (according to the instructions on it) and a Cup of flour. As soon as the mass is homogeneous, it is ready for the future with her actions. In a greased form are poured into a third test. Laid out over 3 apples, peeled and cut into proportionate segments. Poured another third-and placed 8 plums, cut into quarters. Finally poured the rest of the dough and the cake is put in oven for half an hour (160-180 degrees, depending on the characteristics of the oven). This Apple pie with plums and apples may become a favorite dish for your children.

And plums, and peaches

Interestingly, the plum, the Apple pie can be supplemented with very many fruits. Those peaches are very refreshing taste and Apple, and plum, and Apple-plum cake. The dough is prepared as usual: eggs, sugar, flour. There is a lot of controversy, in what proportion they should be. If you still do not have your own opinion, stick to tradition: 3 eggs, Cup of sugar and the same of flour. More, less – this is the extreme, and "Golden mean" usually saves. The number of plums and peaches-also a matter of taste. Like fruit – put more love biscuit – reduce fruit filling. On average, enough to take two of the fruit. The remaining actions are predictable: results in the form half of the dough it poured pieces of fruit that filled the remainder of the test. Half an hour later, that pie will stay in the oven, time to call for tea and dessert.Apple pie with plums and apples

Plum cobbler in a slow cooker

In the popular cooking unit may be made and the Apple pie with plums. The dough for it is prepared quite traditionally, the fruits are processed similarly as in the previous recipes, – nothing complicated. The main thing in the process – to understand the modes. Mode include “Baking” for one hour, close the lid of the device and wait for the beep. So here is a simple recipe “lazy”. Bon appetit to all!

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