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350 litres per day - this is the capacity of the brewery in the restaurant "the Castle" (Mine). This is one of the most popular institutions of the city Mines, and maybe the entire Rostov region. When the restaurant is its own brewery and a hotel. So fans of beer and good rest are here to stay not for one day.


the restaurant of the castle of mine

The restaurant "the Castle" (Mine) opened its doors to visitors on may 30, 2009. On this day, fans of the best European traditions learned about the existence of a new place on the culinary map of Russia.

Brasserie is a good place for a large group of friends and enjoy a romantic evening together. Here you will feel at the same time the democratic atmosphere of the restaurant, which will pleasantly surprise not only quality of dishes and their prices, and classic pub. A relaxed, easy atmosphere will allow you to spend your time.

Visitors of the restaurant "the Castle" (Mine) can enjoy great local beer, tasty home cooking, to be in good company.

The Main feature of the menu - Bohemian flavor, recipes from the country as well as in Russia, a lot of fans of beer. It is worth remembering only the character of the novel by Jaroslav Hasek - the good soldier Schweik. It is hearty and unpretentious dishes that will serve as a good appetizer for various beer styles.

In Addition to drinks, treats and socializing the administration of the restaurant "Zamok" (the Mine) is ready to offer its guests all kinds of entertainment: regular live sports, Board games - checkers, chess and backgammon.


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Where is the restaurant?

g Shakhty restaurant castle

To Get to the "Castle", restaurant in the Mines, whose phone is on the official website, you are arriving in Rostov oblast. In this district the institution is located on the street Country, the house 264.

The easiest way to get here by car or taxi. The restaurant is located on the outskirts of town, so to get here by public transport is problematic.


the restaurant of the castle mine menu

The restaurant "the Castle" (Mine), photos of which are present in this article proud of special "chips" that attracts many visitors.

For Example, this teppan. The so-called steel surface on which the cook prepares the dish in front of visitors. It is embedded in the table, the chef stands in the center and on the sides of the seated guests. The tradition of cooking in restaurants so came to us from Japan. This method is called "teppan-yaki", literally "fried on a steel sheet".

This Construction is very simple, but extremely practical and versatile. On the teppan, you can simultaneously fry, stew or to cook vegetables, fish or meat. Enough space, so everything cooked quickly. The surface temperature is very high, so the food ready as quickly as possible. And the food will retain maximum vitamins and minerals.

In the "Castle" teppan is located on the summer terrace. When cold, it is moved to the Brasserie. Directly during the preparation of meals guests can cook their Express wishes and to choose condiments and spices.

The House

castle restaurant mines the phone

Another pride of the restaurant "the Castle" the city is Mine is the house. The owners say that roasted peacock or pheasant was the culmination of all feasts in the Middle ages, in times of glorious kings and brave knights. In the "Castle" client ready to dip into the atmosphere.

First menu of the restaurant features unusual and exotic dishes. Second, in the yard of the restaurant-hotel complex with a birdcage, which can be rightfully called Royal. Here, pearl and pheasants, and peacocks, and miniature chickens, which won the love of many visitors.

Hen House all year. So even in the cold of winter you will be able to be surprised by a sudden joyful cries of birds and the rainbow plumage of peacocks.

Monument samaika

castle restaurant in the city of Mines

Especially like visitors, so that how the institution responds to criticism and problems that are inevitable in such a delicate matter as the restaurant business. So, appeared at the restaurant "Castle" and his own landmark - a monument to samike.

Its History began in 2013, when the brewery visited the inspectors with reference to the purchase. Inspectors found that in the menu there is a rare fish Shemaiah listed in the Red book. To fish is strictly forbidden. So, is.

Restaurant fined 300 000 rubles. Was 60 000 for each fish. She truly has turned Golden.

A year later, the owners decided to erect a monument to the Golden shamika in memory of the last fish of this kind, eaten in this restaurant.

Sculptor was Svetlana Gruzdeva, which is in the Castle court painter. She also wrote a hymn dedicated to this rare fish.

Restaurant Menu

castle restaurant of mine reviews

If you were in the Mines, the restaurant "the Castle" is the best place where you will be able to benefit and enjoy. The menu is extremely diverse.

You are here ready to offer freshly brewed beer. Classic bright, dark crystal or Borodino.

Chefs you will enjoy a special beer snacks. Restaurant "Zamok" (the Mine), the menu is diverse, and will impress you with dried meat, borodinskii croutons or boiled shrimp. Hit this part of the menu - Donskaya dried fish and crayfish.

Among the salads are such interesting recipes, like a salad with salmon and red caviar, spicy beef, spicy duck.

Under "Hot appetizers" you will find rabbit liver, firewood chicken, prawns and mushrooms stuffed with cheese.

First staff is ready to offer a thick soup with pork ribs, red and white beans. The menu also has soup kharcho of lamb, fish soup with seafood. Cook in the Castle on the grill. Tender salmon steak, new Zealand lamb chops, skewers of loin of pork neck or beef tenderloin.

An Important place in the menu is meat dishes and poultry. Here you will find beef, glazed in pomegranate sauce with spicy couscous, leg of rabbit with beaten cucumbers, pork in sweet and sour sauce, chicken with peanuts and French beans.

Among the fish dishes the kitchen of the "Castle" is ready to surprise the walleye stuffed with Chuka salad with peanut sauce, fillet of salmon or carp, salmon with broccoli, peanuts and vegetables.

Menu bar presents an extensive wine list with Italian, Spanish, Georgian, French and Chilean wines. Large selection of spirits for every taste and budget.

Hotel complex

In the "Castle" you can not only eat, but to stay for a few days. The restaurant is open the hotel complex. Little places, but if you want maximum convenience and comfort.

The hotel consists of single rooms, two suites and five standard rooms of economy class.

The restaurant "the Castle" (the Mine), which reviews the visitors in the most positive, especially proud of the honeymoon Suite, which are ready to provide the service "Romantic package". Visitors say that it's an original idea that was very successfully implemented.

The package includes gifts from the restaurant (it chocolates and champagne), a special Breakfast and decorate the room to host your wedding night, according to your taste. The friends of the newlyweds can stay at the "Castle" at a discount of 10 %. A pleasant bonus.

Beer equipment

the restaurant of the castle mine photo

Its mini-brewery located in the restaurant-hotel complex, is particularly proud of. Thanks to high-quality equipment imported from the Czech Republic, every day host visitors freshly brewed natural beer.

The Variety that is brewed in the Castle, called the Bohemian. In honor of the ancient name of one of the oldest Czech towns. Rich and full-bodied taste of the beer manages to obtain copyright due to the unique combinations and quality ingredients brewed beer.

Another feature - the guests of the brewery can personally participate in the process of making beer. Of course, under the guidance of an experienced brewer. The "Castle" there are no secrets from its customers. That is why it attracts so many visitors.

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