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To Find a good place to stay especially difficult now. Among the incredible diversity of institutions can be confusing, and every good and bad at the same time. The modern visitor difficult to please, and the owners of such establishments already convinced of this. So many came to the conclusion that it is better to do what works, and to be loved for a certain circle of people than to grasp and everywhere fail. More and more positive reviews gets a bar “pilot” in Tyumen. That means that the circle of visitors is constantly increasing. And no wonder, because this place deserves to be learned about it. Yeah, not really ideal. Yes, with their shortcomings. But people love to relax and this is the main indicator. This is what the bar will be discussed in the article below.

Location, mode of operation of the bar "Aviator" (Tyumen)

Consider the establishment read more. Bar ‘Aviator’ collects a variety of people. Within its walls you can see couples in love, large families and groups of friends, because they all came to this place to forget about the hardships of everyday life and just relax in a cool atmosphere. The address of the bar “pilot” in Tyumen: street Chelyuskintsev, house Aviator Tyumen Its doors this place opens from Monday to Thursday from noon to midnight, Friday – noon to 2 am, Saturday – 2 days prior 2 nights, Sunday – with 2 days till midnight. The school often hosts events and special offers.


The appearance of the bar “pilot” in Tyumen simply amazing. You have worked a team of professionals, because to create such an interior is not to everyone's shoulder. This place opened on the site of a tea warehouse, which is a feature of the bar. Visitors say that places with a history attract more than just a new stylish cafes and restaurants. Bar ‘Aviator’ thanks to the space gained his past, but that's not all. The designers have thought through every detail to look comfortable and harmonious. Aviator bar Tyumen menuThe Perfect solution is the use of dark wood on a background of brick walls and ceilings. This one may seem incongruous, but in fact looks very good. Sleek tables and chairs, restrained stairs and railings, massive bar in the middle, interesting tablecloths and soft lighting-all this allows each visitor to relax and feel at ease. Not without elements that show the name of the bar. In ‘the Aviator" you can see models of aircraft, the propellers on the walls and pictures on similar subjects.


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Pictures of the bar “pilot” in Tjumen say that its main feature is the design of the rooms. Visitors like heated closed world that is created through the interior. But all the charm of the institution is not over. Everyone who crossed the threshold of the bar “pilot” in Tyumen, run into the piano. At first it may seem that it is completely useless. But only those who had to go to the place on Friday or Saturday, you will understand its purpose.Aviator bar Tyumen address This tool fills the halls of some magical charm, because when he sits the young girl, performing good old rock, easy gatherings turn into an evening full of vivid impressions. Moreover, in the bar “pilot” you can hear the guitar, bass and Cajon. Fans of soft rock, funk, grunge can come to the school just for the music. The rest of it will be a nice addition to a cool atmosphere and delicious food.


The Main component of a good home away from home – it's not only nice music, the company of your favorite people and cozy atmosphere, but also a bright culinary experience. Bar menu ‘Aviator’ in Tyumen is represented by dishes of European cuisine. But since this bar focuses on beer and other drinks. Though snacks very good. In the institution how well thought out that even the appearance of the menu matches perfectly with the atmosphere of the bar. Slightly crumpled Kraft cover hides a large variety of snacks, salads, dishes of meat and fish, desserts, and Aviator Tyumen reviews In the head of the kitchen of a bar “pilot” should a chef with Golden hands and creative mind - Dmitry Gerzina, who developed the kitchen for many establishments in the city. Among not everyone can understand the names of dishes of sterlet, rabbits, duck breast and octopus eyes of many falls on the simplest and most favorite – the venison Burger with vegetables, tampoi. Visitors say that, thanks to juicy steaks of dense dark meat, this is the most delicious and satisfying. The bar also “pilot” decided not to follow the “crowd” and instead of the standard fries you can order it lightweight alternative – sweet pepper in the batter.


Bar "Aviator" Tyumen – not the most expensive, but not cheap place to stay. The average check per person – 1000-1500 rubles. For example, 0,5 l of beer “pilot”, which is brewed specially for this institution, will cost 180 rubles. If you take a snack, then a mini-bruschetta with truffle oil and avocado will cost 140 rubles, cheese croquettes – 150 rubles, shrimp in a crispy breading– 390 rubles, and the above-described Burger venison – 510 rubles.


Visitors like no, you know all the advantages and shortcomings of the institutions. Reviews of restaurant “pilot” in Tjumen say that many of the place had like. The guests noted that the design of the place, the music, the kindness of the staff, rich menu, allow you to enjoy the Aviator Tyumen photo Although some people think that for the price the portions should be much more. Well, everyone remains at the opinion. But to verify the veracity said, better to open the door to the “pilot” and become a part of his life.

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