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It happened in our country that many people in Russia believe that mutton is not very tasty meat. Indeed, the cooled lamb becomes harsh and unpleasant her fat sticks to the lips. But as delicious dishes of mutton just taken from the fire!

Even skeptics admit that a hearty, fragrant soups-kharcho, his lamb very spicy dish. But there are many other recipes in which lamb takes pride of place.

Rustic lamb soup. Recipe 1

It will be very simple. First, small pieces of sliced lamb, preferably on the ribs. Meat is boiled until almost cooked. Then to the broth add sauteed vegetables: onion, carrot, white root, bell pepper. After about 15 minutes, spread the potatoes, and when he is ready, the soup is salted, seasoned with garlic, flavored with herbs. Lamb goes well cilantro, parsley, dill, celery. It is very simple but rich soup of lamb, the recipe of which will handle even the young mistress.

All in a soup of lamb broth, you can add rice, noodles, homemade dumplings, pearl barley. Should show just a little imagination to create your own, original, unique lamb soup, the recipe of which will belong only to you.

Lamb Soup with peas. Recipe 2

To prepare young meat, chopped roughly into 30 gram pieces, heavily fried, and only after it is brewed. When the meat is almost ready, pour the soup soaked from the evening peas and cook for 40 minutes. In almost ready add the broth fried in the fat from the meat, the onions, then the potatoes, cut into large pieces. At the end of cooking add fresh herbs: dill, parsley. The recipe is very simple, but due to the fact that the meat and peas are cooked for a relatively long time, requires a reasonable amount of time.

In our cooking there is another product that many Housewives are extremely rarely used for cooking. It's chickpeas, or garbanzo beans. Different delicate taste and nutritional value, chickpea blends perfectly with lamb.

Lamb Soup with chickpeas. Recipe 3

To cook chickpeas, it is recommended to soak about 12 hours.

Sliced lamb, cleansed from the films and fat, pour cold water and boil half an hour. During this time, cut and fry the carrot, onion, celery, bell pepper. After half an hour in the pot with the meat lay out the chickpeas, cook the same amount, then add the roasted vegetables, remove the fire to a minimum. 10 minutes before end of cooking soup add hot pepper, crushed sesame, cumin. Fans can add the finished mixture Khmeli-suneli. Boil 10 minutes, remove from heat and allow to infuse for a quarter of an hour.

Lamb Soup with beans is prepared similarly.

There is another very tasty lamb soup. The recipe is simple, and the name is widely known - his. You can cook it at home, but it is best to do this outside the city, when, instead of a gas stove - fire, and instead of a cutting Board - the surface of any stump.

His lamb. Recipe 4

Big pieces of mutton with bone cooked long on low heat in a thick-walled container. Then, when the meat is tender, the broth, add greens by the bunch. Fit cilantro, dill, parsley. 10 minutes before end the soup add salt, add a fair amount of hot peppers, the garlic cloves. After 10 minutes, spread the meat on a dish, decorate with fresh herbs and vegetables. From the broth, remove the herbs and garlic, and then poured it in the mugs. His is lamb broth, which is washed down with boiled meat. Its beauty is that during cooling of the meat can again be immersed in it and heat: his this will be even tastier.

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