Restaurants with live music and a dance floor in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Photos and reviews


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Sometimes, in addition to good food you want to enjoy wonderful music or even dance. Especially if gathered in the evening in pleasant company, with whom long time no see, or come with colleagues for a corporate party. It's boring just sitting there. In this article picked a few interesting establishments in the two cities – not only with good food, but a dance floor and live music, as well as summarised feedback from visitors, so you can have an idea about the service.

Restaurants with live music in Saint-Petersburg

Residents and guests of the Northern capital will be pleased to spend time at any of the restaurants apart from good food live music and the atmosphere of endless holiday.


Restaurants with live music in the North-West of Saint Petersburg a large selection of not happy, however, do not always want to go downtown. If that's the case, pay attention to the ‘champagne” on the Avenue of Veterans. Here you can find entertainment for almost every taste: eat, sing, dance, smoke hookah and watch an interesting show.

restaurants with live music Moscow

The Interior is decorated in modern black leather sofas, glass tables, a long bar, where you make a fire show or dance on the walls hung original paintings. The ground floor has a karaoke room, and on the upper floors-cosy hotel rooms.

Menu European. But all the dishes are very tasty cooked, especially the pork in French and a stack of salmon. The waiters are unobtrusive, efficient and smiling. Twice to remind myself not need. Do not forget about children-for younger visitors a special menu and there is an animator.


Delicious and simple salads.

Delicious and simple salads. "Hunting" for the winter – a delicious decoration for your Desk

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Lactose - what is it?

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Thai soup

Thai soup "Tom Yam": recipe, photo

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Industrial Avenue near metro «Ladoga” is another interesting restaurant with good live music. The institution is remarkably 6 rooms, decorated in different style, but designed in the same spirit. Here is the classic American tavern, karaoke bar, night club, and country hall for banquets, large reception room and even a sauna with a swimming pool.

restaurants with live music

The Russian and European Cuisine, the menu is varied, including children. Good wine and a hookah. Reviews of visitors, the restaurant is always cozy and delicious, and in addition, at lunchtime you can order a business lunch with good size portions.


Restaurants with live music there are several types: those where visitors eat and listen to the speeches of the invited groups, or themselves take an active part in your entertainment. 7sky is worn to the last. Restaurant-club unusual is the fact that arranged in the Japanese manner: there is one large common room equipped with a dance floor and private rooms-cabins that can accommodate merry company of 16 people. Each cabin is equipped with professional hardware and has a huge library of songs not only in Russian but also in English.

restaurants with live music Moscow

Japanese and European Cuisine, very tasty rolls and soups. In the bar are real professionals, able to mix a cocktail of any complexity, as stated by the regulars of the institution.

The Average bill, not including drinks, is around 1900 rubles.


Restaurants in St. Petersburg with live music offer a range of. Another example of this – the famous St. Petersburg restaurant-variety show. Here, in addition to delicious food, you will see on stage enchanting the view of the professional ballet dancers in bright costumes. The repertoire of the show is constantly changing. After comes the time of celebration on the parquet floor.

The Menu will delight you with dishes of European and Russian cuisine: sturgeon with mushrooms, stuffed pig and a Turkey, smoked sterlet with vegetables… it was very nice, polite and smiling.

If you come with your child, you will bring a high chair and will offer a separate menu.

The Average check per person is about 1800 rubles, excluding beverages.

“Chaihona №1»

In the centre of Petersburg, a favorite place of citizens and guests of the city, the Mall “Gallery” is an establishment that is in the top “the best restaurants in St. Petersburg with live music”.

Convenient location, great food, great entertainment made the restaurant popular. Menus attracts not only European, but also Eastern and pan-Asian dishes. In addition, there are seasonal specialties and delicious desserts, and cocktails.

restrany SPb live music

Special attention is paid to the smallest visitors – they have their own playroom with toys and an animator.

Fridays and Saturdays are the famous art brands, and after midnight you can sing karaoke for free.

The Visitors have to say about the restaurant favorably, noting the welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff.

The Moscow Restaurants with a dance floor and live music

The Capital offers its residents and guests a variety of entertainment options for every taste: cafe, bar, karaoke or a cozy family-owned restaurants. For those who want to have fun and dance, it is better to pay attention to the restaurants with live music. No wonder Moscow is the city that never sleeps, it is easy to find a restaurant with karaoke orentertainment allowing you to dance after a feast.

Music Room

Bad Room – the second the name of the place. It combines the club with jazz and classical music, karaoke and a restaurant.

The Interior is made in style of Domino (black and white), very comfortable sofas, a Grand piano on the stage adds romance and charm.

Moscow restaurants with a dance floor and live music

The Menu pleases European cuisine, the wine list varied, and cocktails for reviews, also good.

In the karaoke room, very polite and attentive to each guest: you will be prompted to configure the instrument, and the singers will feel the real star of the scene.

Take Five

Very interesting place is on the street Bolshaya Polyanka d. 13. This restaurant, club and karaoke bar at the same time. There is an excellent panoramic view of the Kremlin and the eight-metre waterfall, a separate room for business meetings and free private Parking.

restaurant dining with live music

The Kitchen will appreciate the Mediterranean and Japanese dishes. Only here you can eat delicious lobster "Thermidor" and French dessert “millet Fogh”, to enjoy wine from anywhere on the globe and relax with a Cup of coffee, prepared according to special recipes.

Karaoke well-tuned instrument, experienced musicians and singers.

Visitors say that their turn do not have to wait more than half an hour.

Emporio Café

If you are looking for a restaurant-café with live music, then pay attention to “Emporio Cafe” on Tverskaya-Yamskaya d. 18 lane.

In the interiors unobtrusively European classics and coexists coexists with elements of new York style Deco, each room has its own atmosphere and surroundings.

restaurant with good live music

In an institution offering jazz, pop, house, ethno, folk, rock and Blues, Latin, Groovy tunes and funky.

Here you can taste the specialties of Italian, Uzbek, Greek, and Japanese cuisine prepared by a famous chef.

At the restaurant, note the politeness of staff, speed of preparation of dishes and a cozy atmosphere.

Great Gatsby

If you came to the capital and not know where to pass the evening, pay attention to restaurants with live music (Moscow), working until the morning. "Gatsby” — one of them: every day from noon until 6 in the morning he is to welcome every visitor.

The restaurant has a VIP-hall for small businesses on 6-15 people, and shared a spacious Banquet hall. In summer the terrace is open.

restaurants with live music in St. Petersburg

The Menu offers dishes of Italian and Japanese cuisine as well as specialities. For example, a salad "Gatsby". Reviews of visitors, it has a spicy memorable taste. It is also noted that the restaurant is a perfectly cooked fish. You can also order dishes cooked on the grill: kebabs, ribs, fish and shrimp. Here is a good wine list and cocktails.

The Average check per person is about 1800, excluding beverages.


If you are interested in restaurants with a dance floor and live music, but in a more budget-friendly option, pay attention to this chain of beer restaurants. The average check will amount to 1500 rubles, that did not affect the quality of service and taste of cooked food.

restaurants with live music

The Cuisine here is European (German), the menu offers a great choice of grilled dishes and great steaks. Do not forget about vegetarians and children's menu for them is diverse and, as noted by guests of the restaurants, there really is plenty to choose from.

Sounds of disco and rock-n-roll performed by guest artists, everyone is welcome to light on the dance floor under the melody. Those who do not want to dance can play Billiards or relax with a hookah.

Choosing restaurants with live music in Moscow or Saint Petersburg, focuses primarily on your preferences. After all, if you don't like the repertoire, will annoy even the most gourmet.

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