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With the arrival of long-awaited spring almost every one of us is experiencing an acute shortage of vitamins -  spring “deficiency”, as they say many doctors. It affects everybody differently, some feel tired throughout the day, others start to get sick with colds, but others, and does feel bad.

The problem can be Solved in two ways: 1) start the reception of multivitamin preparations; 2) to include in the diet more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins. The second way, the most true and correct, as the vitamins in vegetables and fruits are digestible form than the vitamin drugs. Therefore, it is better to vary the diet to include more vegetables and fruits.

Recipes for vegetable dishes abound, it is important to do to keep all the vitamins. With regard to vitamin A, it can be obtained from carrots. Initially, our body gets carotene, which in the presence of fats turns into vitamin A. That's why carrots are great with butter or with sour cream.  With the beneficial properties of carrots, we probably know each other since kindergarten. The ancient Greeks used carrots in food and otherwise worshipped her, because she is not only rich in carotene, but also such vitamins as C, E, PP, and K. in addition to vitamins, many minerals, which are also important for the human body.

A popular dish from carrots become carrot pudding. In order to cook it we need:

- 3 medium carrots;

- fresh eggs 4 pieces;

- 20 grams of butter (20 grams is about one tablespoon);

- 60 grams sugar;

salt to taste

- sour cream for serving.

It Should be noted that carrot casserole is quickly prepared. To start the carrots, wash and chop can mince, you can just grate. Then carrots to put out in the presence of a small amount of water until, until the carrots will not cease to crackle. On average it will take 15 minutes. Next you need to turn the carrots into a puree, it can be done using conventional “tolkushkoy” or use a blender. In the carrot puree add the butter and sugar. Then beat the eggs and salt, then combine with carrot puree. Form for baking grease with vegetable or butter, put the carrot mass. Bake at 180ºC for half an hour. On the table served with sour cream, if desired decorate with greens. As carrot pudding will turn out sweet, it can be decorated with berries, jam or preserves.


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Generally, there are many interesting recipes carrot casserole, combine it even with the cheese. Cottage cheese casserole with the carrot taste is not inferior to the usual carrot and cheese gives it a delicate flavor. In order to prepare this pudding you will need:

- cheese 200 grams (anyone can fatty, diet);

2 carrots

1 egg

- butter, 20 grams;

- 3 tablespoons sugar;

- salt to taste.

Scheme of the preparation of the same, just an additional add cheese. Bake at 180-200ºC for 30 minutes until Golden brown. Serve with sour cream, jam, jam and even honey. This cottage cheese casserole carrot will go perfectly with raisins, dried apricots and nuts, so it is possible to experiment.

The Perfect dessert this dish will be for the sweet tooth. And for moms with cranky toddlers carrot pudding would be a good solution, it not only looks bright but also sweet taste, moreover, is useful.

Of Course, for those who love to cook - this is not the limit of fantasy, carrots can be combined with any food: meat, fish, fruit, and dairy products. Thus, eating right, not only do we get pleasure from the tasty food, but the cheerfulness and youthfulness in the form of natural vitamins.

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