How to prepare Apple pie jam?


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Apple pie jam turns out to be as good as the same pie use fresh apples. Moreover, to prepare this dessert you will need much less time. After all, you don't have to buy fruits at the market, wash, clean them and chop.Apple pie jam

Delicious pie-Apple pie jam: the recipe is simple and fast

Considering the dessert is perfect for Breakfast and a nice tea party with friends. But to prepare it you will need a special ingredient-jam. In fact, many cooks claim that creating such treats will fit perfectly any sweetness – strawberry, strawberry, plum, apricot, etc. However, experienced cooks report that Apple pie jam is really tasty and tender, but only if its preparation were used the Apple filling. And jam and jam is not suitable for it. Fruit jam should have large pieces of apples.

So, consider baking a dessert we need:

  • Sand sugar beet-2/3 Cup or 200 g;
  • Apple jam (with fruit pieces) - 2/3 Cup;
  • Eggs-4 medium PCs.
  • Soda, previously repaid sour cream – ½ a small spoon;
  • Wheat flour of the highest grade – about 1.2 cups.

Prepare the dough for sponge cake

Apple pie jam is prepared with the use of biscuit dough. For kneading carefully separate the whites and yolks in different dishes. To the yolks add the sugar and intensively triturated using a large spoon. This should form a lush and slightly whitened the ground. Subsequent thereto Apple jam and a good prevent until smooth.


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As for the egg whites, then lay them in a deep bowl and severely whipped by a blender. Once in the container formed persistent and lush mass, it spread to the yolks with jam and again everything is thoroughly prevented.Apple pie jam recipe

To Apple pie turned out tender and high in biscuit dough add the baking soda previously redeemed sour cream.

At the end of the basis pour the flour and carefully stir. The output is a viscous dough cream color. Bake it immediately after mixing, otherwise the cake will turn out low and soggy.

The process of forming the dessert

How is the Apple pie jam? For this purpose, a deep form. It is slightly heated in the oven, then grease with vegetable oil (1-2 dessert spoons). Later in the prepared capacity of the entire spread.

Heat treatment oven

Bake cake in question should be a strong pre-heated oven (about 200 degrees). In it place the completed form and immediately close the door that will not open exactly 50 minutes. Over time the willingness of the dessert out with a match. If a wooden object is dry, then the cake is removed. If it stuck to the dough, the Apple pie left in the oven for another 10 minutes.

Ready and fully baked dessert is a lush, tall and ruddy biscuit with a pleasant aroma of Apple jam.

How to present to tea?

Apple pie jam, a photo of which is presented in this article should serve only chilled. If you cut this dessert immediately after baking, you risk to be severely burned.Apple pie jam photo

To Use this treat can be along with tea, coffee or hot chocolate. If you wish, before serving the pie, you can sprinkle with powder, ground cinnamon, or to grease with glaze. Such supplements not only make your cake delicious, but will give it a festive look.

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