How to prepare celery for a slim figure and good health?


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A Healthy diet with a predominance of natural foods rich in b vitamins, with each year becoming more popular. We can say that proper nutrition is a kind of fashion trend, but agree, this mod is very useful and commendable. Among the "healthy" products is highlighted in green and juicy celery. This vegetable has occupied a special place in a balanced and dietary food. How to cook celery, which is often the root and leaves are used in cooking?

how to cook celery

Celery – storehouse of vitamins in your plate

The Most useful dish, which is fresh celery, because then it retains the maximum vitamins and minerals. And there are many: A, B, C, PP, K, and iron, potassium, phosphorus, carotene, folic acid and others. And a characteristic feature of celery is contained in organic sodium, which will adequately replace the salt in your healthy menu.

Salads with celery – a combination of taste and health

So, what can you make out of celery stalks without heat treatment? Of course, all sorts of salads. For example, here's an easy recipe: diced cucumber and celery, a bit of boiled carrots and a boiled egg. Season with a mixture of natural yoghurt-a tasty and healthy salad is ready.

soup celery

Option with the meat

For those who can't do without meat, you can suggest another recipe: celery, green Apple, chicken, cabbage cut into wedges. All the components are mixed and dressed with olive oil with lemon juice or low-fat yogurt. Is laid on top of the poached egg. It turns out a healthy alternative to everyone's favorite salad "Caesar".


Delicious and simple salads.

Delicious and simple salads. "Hunting" for the winter – a delicious decoration for your Desk

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Lactose - what is it?

Lactose - what is it?

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Thai soup

Thai soup "Tom Yam": recipe, photo

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Meet the famous diet soup

To prepare celery for the first or second? It, like other vegetables, you can boil, bake, braise and roast, though the latter is less useful. Focus on the cooking and prepare diet soup from celery stalks. It is quite popular in slimming. Will need a small forks cabbage, sweet pepper, two stalks of celery and tomato, as well as several small bulbs. It's very simple: peel and shred the vegetables, pour the water (2.5-3 litres) and cook until ingredients are soft. Let cool and then grind everything in a blender. To taste you can add any spices. This gorgeous soup will please even those who are not burning with love for wholesome low-calorie dishes.

Unusual variations on the theme sendereihe

Now, let's see how to prepare celery to be hearty and delicious. You can, for example, fry it up in batter. Each stem should be cut into pieces about 5 centimeters in length. The dough use any to your taste. Dip each slice in the batter and spread on a pan with olive oil, fry until Golden brown and take out on a napkin (so that the excess oil is absorbed). This appetizer will appeal to both adults and children.

what can you make out of celery

The Original idea for adults

You already know how to cook celery. Now try to drink from it. In the popular cocktail Bloody Mary, add some salt celery, and the stem is use when filing as a tube. This will enliven and beautify the famous drink.

In conclusion

Enjoy the benefits and taste of juicy celery stalks, looking for new interesting ideas of its cooking and share with others!

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