Canned saury: the benefits and harms of seafood is known


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Russian consumers have always been popular canned Pacific saury. The benefits and harms of this product will be discussed in this article.

Versatile and useful product

Probably few people know that fish, even in canned form, is able to fill in the human body daily requirement of amino acids. After all, when you select a fish product, people rely on their taste preferences. Besides, an important factor in the preferences of the consumer advocates presentable appearance. Canned fish has large pieces, of which quick and easy to prepare cold appetizers, soups, and can be submitted in the form of a Supplement to independent dishes. All these factors have played an important role in the popularity of a product such as Pacific saury (canned food). Benefits and harms of fish, as well as its calorie content will be listed below.Saury benefits and harms

Prevention of cardiovascular disease

Such a popular product has not been left unattended and scientists. Therefore, researchers began to study the composition of the product, and the impact of consumption of saury on those or other vital human organs. It turned out that all the useful vitamins and minerals contained in raw fish, preserves, canned saury. The benefits and harms of the product was investigated by scientists of the Institute of Biophysics SB RAS. It turned out that regular consumption of canned saury it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. To prevent disease, scientists recommend to eat this product as often as possible.


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Why food?

It Turns out that raw fish is less useful, due to the fact that it contains a fairly large amount of water. As none of us, being in normal conditions, will not dare to eat raw fish, we prepare it with the help of thermal processing: fry, boil, and bake up. However, the water contained in the inner fibers of the stems, but not just so, and takes away the lion's share of vitamins and minerals. In addition, the product is completely disappear short-chain acids. But the vinegar-oil fill which can preserve the product all the nutrients, but also to increase the proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids.Saury canned benefits and harms

Saira: the benefits and harms of the product. What should be the daily intake?

And again we turn to the scientists. Indeed, in their extensive studies, they calculated how much canned saury need to eat daily to reduce the risk of heart diseases, as well as to fully meet the needs of the brain.

Turns out, to supply the heart, blood vessels and internal parts of the human brain, to absorb only 40 grams of canned daily. By the way, the content of vital amino acids and saturated fat in the other varieties of fish is much lower.

How useful the product the harm?

Now we know a lot about this seafood like tuna. Benefits and harms of fish was studied by the leading Russian biophysically and was represented in this publication. However, if until now we have mainly considered a beneficial effect of saury, but have not found something to complain about, looking for negative qualities. Of course, the harm of canned saury for a healthy person there can be only one: abuse. This sort of fish is saturated with nutrients, so in any case it is not necessary to absorb its banks. Besides, we haven't looked at the calorie content of the product submitted.Saury calorie useful properties of benefits and harms

Canned saury: calorie. Useful properties, benefits and harms of the product

Now take a closer look presents a sort of fish, based on the content of fat. The caloric content of the finished product varies. And if canned, prepared with young, small individuals have nutritional value 143 kcal per 100g, the larger and more fatty pieces of fish caloric content increased to 262 kcal. Therefore, nutritionists warn against the use of the product people with abnormalities in the normal functioning of the pancreas and liver. Also some people may be diagnosed with allergic reactions to all kinds of seafood, this may also constitute a contraindication to the use in the diet of this useful class of fish. That's all warnings.

More about the composition

In General, the content of vitamins and minerals salmon is not inferior to the other varieties of fish. The rich content of vitamins A, C and e, easily digestible proteins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron-all these minerals contribute to the prevention of arthritis, osteoporosis and tooth decay. About the beneficial effects on the heart, blood vessels and brain we have already spoken. Also, doctors recommend to consume the fish for improvement of work of gastrointestinal tract, diabetes and thyroid disease.Canned saury benefits and harms


The Heroine of today's publication were canned saury. The benefits and harms from the use of this product is obvious. If there is no individual intolerance, then eating fish daily at reasonable all possible.

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