Turkey kebab: delicious and low in calories


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The Turkey Barbecue is not a usual dish of Russian cuisine, because it is most often used pork, chicken and lamb. But with the right preparation, this dish is especially tasty and fragrant.

For starters, great attention must be paid to the choice of meat. It is best to choose loin and cut it into large chunks. Only in this case it offers a fragrant, and, most importantly, juicy Turkey kebab. The marinade you can choose any. As a garnish the best option would be fresh vegetables, salad and herbs.

Turkey Kebab "At home". You need to prepare the marinade. 1 kilogram of meat is used a glass of kefir; 3 onions, sliced circles; a bit of hops suneli, a large spoonful of tomato paste, and wine vinegar, ground black pepper and salt. All components of the mix, put the meat and leave in the fridge overnight. Cook, stringing, interspersed with mugs of tomatoes.

Barbecue "Citrus". Meat (1.5 kg.) cut into large chunks and place it in the marinade for cooking that will need 4 crushed cloves of garlic, half Cup orange jam, 2 large tablespoons of olive oil, coarsely ground pepper, a little ketchup and salt. Leave the Turkey for 6 hours and serve with mugs of baked bell peppers.

Turkey Kebab "Succulent" can be prepared in a few hours. Cubes of meat (1 kg), pour a little olive oil, juice of one lemon, salt and mix well with onion rings. Leave for a couple of hours and then skewered on bamboo skewers and bake in aerogrill in accordance with the existing program.

Turkey Kebab "In Italian," cooked very quickly. Need to half a kilogram of meat to make a mixture of 2 chopped onions, circles of one lemon; fresh and chopped Basil; mix pepper, dill and salt. In the mixture to keep the meat for 8 hours. Bake as usual.

Can be prepared "Spicy" Turkey kebab. The marinade is recommended to make 3 large tablespoons of olive oil, lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of honey and Italian herbs (rosemary, thyme). This ratio of one pound of meat. The Turkey needs to rest in the mixture for about three hours.

Skewers of mushrooms and Turkey. It is recommended to make a simple marinade of crushed green onions, juice one juice, salt, crushed 5 cloves of garlic and chopped dill. In this mixture to "hold" the meat for six hours to string the pieces mixed with fresh large mushrooms.


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Turkey Kebab with bacon. To prepare the marinade you need to mix half a pack of butter, the grated onion, lemon zest, a bunch of chopped cilantro and 2 large spoons of soy sauce. Meat cut into large cubes, bacon into thin strips, put them in the marinade and leave for several hours. To prepare the kebabs, as usual. It is recommended to offer very tasty and unique sauce from a mixture of six large spoonfuls of peanut, minced; chopped dried chilli; finely grated onions; half a Cup of peanut butter, coconut flakes (to taste), curry, cinnamon, 3 large spoons of honey.

To preserve a slim figure, you can offer low-calorie barbecue. Preparation should begin with marinating a kilo of meat. You will need a mixture of juice of two lemons, salt and 2 large tablespoons of dried sage and ground pepper. Leave for a few hours, but this time cut into large cubes bell peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, and onion - circles. The more such ingredients, the more useful and diet will be this dish. Next, begin to thread the skewers, alternating meat with vegetable component. This approach will allow you to enjoy a favorite dish, but not to overeat.

Bon appetit!

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