Meat salads: recipes hot and cold


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The Hostess can surprise your family and guests with different dishes. Some of them are the meat salads. Recipes can be any. In this article, we will be able to offer you a range of dishes, which will easily win the hearts of gourmets recognized.

Cooking meat is a long process, because it will be necessary initially to carefully handle meat. It does not matter whether you are talking beef, chicken or pork. As a rule, they are likely to prevail during use. There are recipes, however, using offal, sausages or a variety of hams. But this is a slightly different approach to cooking. In this article we will try to offer both everyday and surprising meat dishes.

Meat Salads. Recipes cold dishes

These salads have a large number. One of the most delicious is the Salad "Fast". To cook beef tenderloin will need to be cut into medium-sized long pieces and fry necessarily in a small amount of fat until tender. At first, you will need to put it on a strong fire, to a Golden crust and the meat is browned, and in the end, it is recommended to subtract a little fire and close the lid, that the meat has reached readiness. At this time you need beautiful julienne cut pickled cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper and cut onion finely and scalded with boiling water. Now begin to lay the salad. Beautiful, better oval dish fits meat, which is sure to put a thin mesh of mayonnaise and put a pressed bow. Next: cucumbers - mesh mayonnaise - pepper - mesh of mayonnaise. Optionally, you can offer on this basis to do a variety of salads, meat. The recipes are complemented by boiled potatoes, carrots and a mug of maslenok. But it all depends on personal tastes and preferences. Also these are all components of the mix and just put in a deep plate, garnished with green pepper slices and parsley.


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Very tasty Lettuce Green. In order to do that, need to be boiled beef, which is cut long and thin strips. Green salad finely sinquede, pickles and chopped eggs as well as meat. Now you can mix all the components with mayonnaise and add squeezed garlic. Garlic should be.

Meat Salads. The recipes of hot dishes

We Can offer Hot salad "Delicious". Chicken is recommended very good to fry in greased frying pan, but no more than five minutes. Then add to the pan some cream and put out all of about four minutes. But the lid do not close, a little cream to evaporate. Now add the canned mushrooms in the mixture, a little put out. Next, put the olives and green peas. The dish is very good to warm up. Now serve the salad in portions of the plates immediately. Pepper and salt are added to taste.

The Unique taste has a Salad "Hunting". And it is recommended to cook over a campfire, but in the absence of suitable and conventional gas. You will need to cook chanterelles or mushrooms, but not frozen, and fresh from the forest. After about an hour drain the water and allow the mushrooms to dry out, cut them into strips. At the same time, quickly boil the beef and cut it into strips also. At this time to make a roast of coarsely grated carrots and chopped onions. In another pan at this time to melt some fat, put beef, after a while, the mushrooms and finally the strips of pickles. Now stir the contents of the two pans, a little pepper and salt, add the finely chopped parsley. The dish is dressed with mayonnaise or, if desired, sour cream. Served hot.

Bon appetit!

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