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Uzbek cuisine has long been valued throughout the world. Eastern recipes are famous for its natural and simple set of products. No sophisticated problems in the formulation and processes of preparation of such dishes you will not find. Many of the dishes of national cuisine of Uzbekistan has long been on the Russian tables: pilaf, lagman, manta rays, samosa, fried dumpling and more. But especially popular Uzbek sweets. Recipes with photos you can find in our article.

Today We want to share with you the most delicious and popular recipes. We offer you to cook traditional Uzbek sweets. Names can be a bit confusing, but believe me, the recipes are so simple and easy to prepare, cope with them, even children.Uzbek sweets

Range of sweets Uzbekistan

The Reception in Russia and Uzbekistan, as well as the schedule that appear dishes on the holiday table, are slightly different. If in Russia we first eat the first hot dishes, then the salads and then the sweets, that in Uzbekistan all the way around. Here guests are greeted by tea and Uzbek sweets, and then serves hot meals, salads and snacks.

The Assortment of Oriental sweets is quite extensive. But mostly on the tables in Uzbekistan there are always dishes of nuts, candy, homemade halva, dried fruit and sweet cakes. But about all under the order.


As we have said, homemade candy homemade – a favorite delicacy in the East. Parvarda – Uzbek sweetness, reminiscent of the familiar caramel. They resemble the shape of the pads, the color most often white (because it uses a special flour topping).Uzbek sweets for tea


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  • One Cup of sugar;
  • Two glasses of water;
  • Half cups flour;
  • One lemon.

The brewing Process

Parvarda and other Goodies – Uzbek national sweets. Recipes for the dish known to all Eastern men. If Russian cuisine is mainly dominated by the woman, here, on the contrary, the desserts and the meat is always cooked by men.Uzbek sweets recipes

So, to prepare these homemade candy, you need to take a large pan, preferably nonstick. Pour back the Cup of sugar and add water in the amount indicated in the recipe. Prepare regular sugar syrup. Gradually bring the syrup to a boil, stir periodically, waiting for the sugar to completely disappear from sight. You then squeeze through a sieve the juice of a lemon.

A Very important aspect of making these chocolates-not to overcook the syrup. It needs to be viscous in consistency, colour – to remind refined sunflower oil. Will only need to cool the caramel.

This is Done with a bowl of cold water and butter. How? Very simple. First, pour in a bowl of ice water and the other grease with butter and pour hot caramel in there. Put a bowl in the other and start to interfere. Due to the oil weight will not stick to the walls of vessels, but because of the difference in temperature the caramel will quickly cool down, which is what we seek.

When the consistency will resemble malleable clay, you can proceed to the next manipulation. On a cutting Board sprinkle a little flour. Roll out of our ‘clay" ball inside and make a small hole. Parvarda – unusual forms of Uzbek sweets. Photo confirms this. But how to achieve this form? Explain.

When you have made a ring inside, you need to stretch the caramel dough to form an eight. Then repeat the manipulation, making every time eight and mix them together. Usually this is done at least twenty times.

In the end, you should get sweet noodles. It must be cut into square pieces-pads, and sprinkle small amount of flour. In four to six hours a sweetness ready.


Halva – another dish of Uzbek cuisine, which is world of love have a sweet tooth. The ingredients that are used in cooking, very simple and affordable.img alt="Uzbek cuisine recipes sweets" height="450" src="/images/2018-Apr/01/e2f5a694a221e277b8e23cabc76b0772/4.jpg" width="600" />


  • 120 grams of flour.
  • Half a liter of milk.
  • Ghee-125 grams.
  • 200 grams. sugar.
  • Two table. tsp sesame seed.
  • Half Cup shelled walnuts.

The brewing Process

To prepare such Uzbek sweets for tea, you must first prepare the work flour. Her we put on a wide and flat frying pan and heat, adding ghee. When it will acquire a nice brown color, you can proceed to further mix the ingredients.

Uzbek sweets photo title

The flour Until you have fried, take and mix in a separate bowl, milk and sugar. When flour is ready, the sugar will manage to dissolve completely. Add a thin stream of sweet milk mixture to the flour. Stir. The mixture should stand on heat for about fifteen minutes.

Then remove the pan from the fire. Give mass to cool slightly. When it is already cool enough, you can proceed to the formation ofballs. As a rule, halva is made in the form of large briquettes. If you are doing for yourself, not for a big festive table, it is possible (for ease of consumption) to form small balls.

Each ball of paste should be thoroughly dipped in the topping consisting of crushed walnut and sesame. The dish is served on the table. Brew green tea and enjoy.



  • One kilogram of sugar.
  • Butter-50 grams.
  • Juice of half a lemon or one teaspoon of citric acid.
  • A Glass of water.

The brewing Process

As you can see, again we use the simplest available set of products to cook Uzbek national sweets. Pashmak is a sugar paste that is not only very sweet and loved by kids, but also useful, helps in the treatment of diseases of the bronchi and the entire respiratory system.Uzbek sweets pashmak

Like many other sweets, the trip is made on the basis of sugar syrup (caramel). Mix sugar and water, uvarivaniem the syrup to a caramel consistency. Then pour the liquid caramel mass on a baking sheet or cutting Board and tie it to the advent of the white threads.

At this time on the plate you have to stand flour. Fry the flour should, as in the previous recipe, until brown. Then caramel mass should be dipped in flour and then stretch at the thinnest of threads. From ready-made caramel noodle making small sausages and cut them into cubes.


But not all the dishes of this cuisine are prepared in minutes. Sometimes you have to exert maximum effort and patience to cook a traditional Uzbek sweets. Photo with the names we provide, we will try as carefully as possible to describe the process of cooking, but will you in a similar experiment, you decide.

If you have decided to spend their time, then proceed to cook another sweet Uzbek dishes. In view of nishalda like a very thick white cream. The basis of this recipe are egg whites and sugar syrup.

The set of products:

  • 3 kg of sugar.
  • 2.5 litres of water.
  • 8 eggs.
  • 7 teaspoons of citric acid.
  • Three roots atmaca.

The brewing Process

Make a small digression and talk about what the root atmaca. Just say that without him to start cooking nasaldo not even worth it, as they say, is the whole point.

So, etmak – soap root, as many call it. He's a tumbleweed, he's the root of localistic paniculate. Somewhere in Tashkent problems with the purchase of this product will not be perfect, in any market it is sold, and it is inexpensive. But in Russia to find etmak not so easy. What to do? What to replace?Uzbek sweets names

Approximate the same amount of substances contained in the etmak, is at the root of licorice root or licorice. You can replace root with gelatin or agar-agar. But useful properties that has this dessert due to the content atmaca, with the replacement of other foods will, unfortunately, have been lost.

Start. If you still found itmake the roots, grind them and fill with water. Put on slow fire and cook for about two hours. If this ingredient is no, then brew licorice root (it is sold in any pharmacy) and insist about an hour.

During this time, you will need to work with proteins. Whites need to beat for a long time. If you have helpers, ask them to answer for the squirrels, while you cook the sugar syrup.

Sugar syrup is done according to a traditional recipe (which we described just above). When the syrup is almost ready, add the citric acid. Cook another minute and remove from heat.

Move to ready mixing of the ingredients. While the process of whipping protein, add to them a thin stream of syrup, and then a decoction of the root. The mixture should be quite thick and incredibly white. Kept it in the fridge. Served with tortillas and a Cup of tea.

Uzbek sweets photo


This dish is festive. But in Russia, such Uzbek sweets are great for a snack, for Breakfast or just to chat over tea. Experienced Housewives are advised to prepare the firewood with a butter and good fatty milk.


  • Two eggs.
  • 4 tablespoons sugar.
  • 100 grams of milk.
  • 50 grams of butter.
  • Two cups flour.
  • Vegetable oil – glass.

The brewing Process

Look at the list of ingredients. Here is famous Uzbek cuisine. The recipes for sweets are composed of such simple and straightforward components that you find them in your refrigerator will even the hostess, who almost never for cooking complex dishes.

So, mix the flour and eggs. In a separate bowl, dissolve the sugar in the butter. It can be pre-heated in a water bath or in a microwave oven. Creamy mass is poured into the dough and mix well.

Many Housewives believe that good firewood is better to make puff pastry. But not Uzbek sweets. The recipes here are simple, easy and require no special culinary delights. The dough for firewood is fast and easy, as you can see.

When the dough is well mixed, form the ball out of it. Roll out fairly thinly and cut into squares or rectangles. In the centereach geometric shape do the incision and extend the tip of the test through the resulting hole.

It Now remains only to fry the sticks until crisp in vegetable oil. You can sprinkle it before serving with powdered sugar and serve with jam, sweet berry syrup, jam, etc.

Uzbek sweets recipes with photos


Sorbets – also popular Uzbek sweets. Recipes are based on using the berry or fruit teas. Delicious sorbets are prepared with the pomegranate and grape, apricot and strawberry, lemon and cherry juices.

To prepare you need:

  • One Cup of sugar.
  • Two glasses of water.
  • One kilogram of your chosen fruit or berries.

The brewing Process

To Prepare the sorbet according to the Uzbek recipe is very simple. You will need to cook sugar syrup. How this is done, we have already described above. All of the standard recipe.

Squeezed fruit or berry juice added to hot syrup. Give it to cool slightly and poured into molds or glasses. The national sweet dish of Uzbekistan is ready.

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