How to cook soup of chicken liver?


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Soup chicken liver – this is a very hearty and nutritious entree for cooking that are not required to purchase a large number of expensive components.soup chicken liver

There are several recipes for this dinner. We will present only the most simple and accessible.

Simple soup made from chicken liver: the recipe of the first dish

In cooking the aforementioned dishes is no big deal. Moreover, to soup chicken liver turned out the most hearty, tasty and nutritious, there is no need Nika to use hard-to-reach ingredients and give heat treatment a large amount of free time.

On average, a lunch is prepared for about half an hour.

So as to make soup from chicken liver? For this we need the following components:

  • Chicken liver frozen — less than 300 g;
  • Bulb large sweet — 1 head;
  • Potatoes average — about 3 PCs.
  • Carrots juicy large — 1 PCs.
  • Bay leaf — 2 leaf;
  • Buckwheat — ½ Cup;
  • Fresh herbs (parsley or dill) — use on the taste and desire;
  • Salt and other herbs — apply discretion.

Processed products

Before cook soup from chicken livers to handle all the ingredients. A by-product of defrost and then wash in cool water. After that it chopped medium-sized pieces and proceed to the processing of vegetables. Onion, potatoes and carrots peeled. The first two dice, and the latter rubbed on a grater.soup of chicken liver with noodles

As for buckwheat, it is plucked, put in a sieve and wash well in cold water.

Heat treatment Process soup

Soup made from chicken liver is cooked in a large pot. It is filled with water and put over high heat. After boiling in utensils spread all byproduct, well stir, add the Laurel leaves and spices. If the surface of the broth formed a dark foam, then cut it out with a skimmer.


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Subtract the heat to low, cover the pan with a lid and cook the contents for 10 minutes. The passage of time to the liver add the diced potatoes and onions, and grated carrots.

Once Again bringing the broth to a boil, boil it five minutes, then add the treated buckwheat and the chopped fresh herbs. In this part soup chicken liver is cooked about 20 minutes, then taste it and spread the necessary spice.

Present the soup to the dining table

After the vegetables, grains and chicken by-product will be completely soft, the soup laid out on a deep plate presented to the table.

It Should be noted that this dish is low in calories, almost no fat. Use it together with a piece of bread and fresh cream.

how to cook soup of chicken liver

Make a delicious soup from a chicken liver with noodles

If you need to don't diet dish, but a full hearty lunch, we suggest to use the provided recipe. To implement it at home we will need the following ingredients:

  • Chicken liver frozen — at least 400 g;
  • Bulb large sweet — 1 head;
  • Potatoes average — about 2 pieces;
  • Carrots juicy large — 1 PCs.
  • Laurel — 2 leaf;
  • Vermicelli small — 3 large tablespoons;
  • Refined sunflower oil – about 35 ml;
  • Flour – a few large spoonfuls;
  • Fresh herbs (dill or parsley) — use on the taste and desire;
  • Salt and other herbs — apply discretion.

Prepare the ingredients

To prepare meals consider chicken livers thawed and then thoroughly washed, removing all unnecessary elements. After that, a by-product cut in small pieces and rolled in wheat flour.

Treating liver, immediately start preparing the vegetables. Carrots rubbed on a grater, and potatoes and onions – chopped to cook soup of chicken liver

Cooking ingredients

To make a hearty and delicious soup, some of the products recommended to fry in the pan. In it pour in a little oil, much heat, and then spread the chicken liver, balanou in flour. Fry a by-product to Golden state, it is placed on a plate and leave aside. As for the pan, then add a little more oil (vegetable), and then spread the carrots and onions.

The Vegetables fry on medium heat until they are completely transparent. In the end, the dishes removed from heat and allowed to cool.

How to cook a delicious dish?

The Fry of the ingredients in the oil, start cooking the soup. To do this in a large pan pour drinking water and bring it to a boil. Then in a bowl take turns in placing a previously roasted chicken liver, diced potato, Bay leaf and spice.

Food is cooked about 25 minutes, then add fine noodles and fresh herbs. Mix ingredients, cook them about 5 minutes and then remove from heat. Adding to the soup boiled vegetables (carrot and onion), keeping it under a tight-fitting lid on ¼ hours. During this time, the broth is saturated with aromas offried ingredients become more delicious and rich.

Present the first dish to the table

After a short aging of soup under the hood it is spread on plates and immediately presented to the table. With the already flavorful broth with green onions, eat it with a slice of bread.

soup of chicken hearts and liver

It Should be particularly noted that the taste of the soup with fried chicken liver and vegetables passerovannye markedly different from what was presented above (recipe with buckwheat). This dish is much high-calorie, spicier and tastier.

How to cook soup with liver for a child?

Soup of chicken liver for a child it is easy and simple, like the two above-mentioned dishes. However, for more beneficial and digestible lunch, we recommend you to use a more complicated recipe. Strictly observing all its requirements, you will be able to cook a very delicious and nutritious soup that is sure to suit the tastes of your children.

So to make soup from the chicken liver, you need to prepare:

  • Chicken liver frozen — at least 350 g;
  • Frozen chicken hearts – 150 g;
  • Onion large sweet — a 1 head;
  • Potatoes average — about 2 pieces;
  • Carrots juicy large — 1 PCs.
  • Broccoli frozen — 150 g;
  • Whole milk — ½ Cup of the broth and 1 Cup for soaking by-product;
  • Sunflower oil – about 35 ml;
  • Green peas ice cream – 180 g;
  • Fresh greens — to use on the taste and desire;
  • Salt and other herbs — apply discretion.

Preparing ingredients

For the preparation of baby food thawed offal (liver and heart), thoroughly wash and remove all unwanted elements. Then they chopped medium pieces, spread in a bowl and pour the fresh milk. This is to ensure that the liver has lost its inherent bitterness was soft and as gentle.soup of chicken liver for a child

While the offal soaked in milk, proceed to the processing of vegetables. Carrots and potatoes chopped in large cubes, and onions – thick half-rings.

As for broccoli and green peas, they are used in ice cream form.

Cooking products

To make soup from chicken hearts and liver should be in a large pot. It is filled with water and boil it. Then in a bowl lay out the liver and heart and add a little milk and spices.

To Cook these products to full soft. It may take you about 35 minutes.

After the offal is ready, they are removed and allowed to cool. As for the broth, it will spread the potatoes and carrots. Cook vegetables, add frozen broccoli and green peas. Boiling the ingredients for about 7 minutes, take them off the stove and slightly cooled. Then in a broth with vegetables dipped immersion blender and whisk it strongly until a homogeneous soup. Further it is again boiled after adding the fresh chopped herbs.

Roast ingredients

To soup it turned out as tasty and flavorful, cooked liver and chicken hearts fried in the pan. To do this in a saucepan pour a little oil and much of its heat. Then spread half rings onions and fry them until Golden state. Then add the liver and chicken hearts. Mix components, their salt and pepper to taste. When the ingredients are browned, immediately remove from heat.

soup chicken liver recipe

Present the soup to the dining table

Prepare a thick vegetable broth, it is poured into small saucers. Also to the soup add the previously fried chicken hearts, liver and onion half rings. If you want, you can pour and a small amount of sunflower oil which was prepared offal.

To Serve such a meal to the table, preferably with a slice of bread and fresh vegetables.

To Summarize

As you can see, to make soup using the chicken liver is not very difficult. If you want to get a more healthy dish, it is not recommended to fry offal and vegetables in butter. In the case of child lunch they should just remove from broth and after cooking the soup – is again put into the pot. So you get less calories but more healthy lunch, which will appeal to all your family members.

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