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Meat dishes – it is a fundamental part of any holiday (and not only) table. Hearty and delicious food is always popular. But what the kitchen can boast of a real abundance of meat? Of course, Georgian. Her meat dishes are not only traditional, but also delicious, rich and flavorful. One of those is khashlama of lamb. For all who want to master the skill of cooking this dish below presents a recipe with detailed steps and all the components. But be prepared for the fact that the whole process will take a lot of time. The meat in this case is prepared at least 4 hours, and then all 8. So be sure to bring plenty of patience and enough free time. After all, cooking does not tolerate haste.

Khashlama. Recipe

Let's Start with the selection of products that we will need for this dish. Their list is quite short, and the ingredients can be purchased in any suitable shop throughout the year. That is why the boiled dish is available for the preparation of almost every owner.

  • Three pounds of mutton;
  • The same number of potatoes;
  • Sweet bell pepper;
  • Tomatoes;
  • Salt to taste.

It is Worth noting some of the most interesting features of the preparation before starting the description of the dishes. Khashlama, the recipe of which is given below, does not contain any herbs and spices that typically is full of Georgian cuisine. But the end result is this fresh, you can be sure. The dish should be very tender and juicy.


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Khashlama (recipe is focusing on a variety of meat) necessarily prepared from mutton. Some cooks prefer to use something else instead, for fear that the product will be spoiled specific smell. However, in this case for this reason you should not worry. The lamb dish will have a delicate meat flavor, which does not spoil the process of the meal.

Start cooking. The meat should be divided into large pieces and put into a prepared large pot. Fat side needs to lie on the bottom of the dish. Recall that this is – traditional Georgian khashlama. The recipe contains all the necessary components. The discharge can spoil the taste of the entire dish, so add more vegetables (e.g., onions, carrots, etc.), replace the lamb with beef or pork, as well as change in random stages of the cooking process is impossible.

The Next step – laying in the pan of vegetables. Potatoes peeled and in no case do not cut. Otherwise it will fall apart, puree, and this we do not need to seek. Only whole potatoes of medium size will provide a unique taste to this dish as boiled. The recipe provides for larger tubers, if they exist. On top of potatoes stacked tomatoes and peppers, which already will need to pre-cut thick pieces. All of this is filled with cold water so that potatoes were covered with it up to half.

The Dish should simmer on low heat. After that, meat with vegetables, you need to leave for a long time to languish without a lid. If you notice that in the process of cooking all the liquid is evaporated, it is necessary first to give the meat, lightly fry in a pan in its own juice. Only after some time, add water. After the expiration of the term finished lamb with vegetables, you will be able to bring to the table.

Khashlama is ideal as a main dish for a holiday, where they will attend men. It is extremely delicious and flavorful meat delicacy, in addition to simplicity, will definitely appeal to its richness.


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