Cocktails with wine: ingredients and recipes


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Today we want to talk about how to prepare original cocktails with wine. Surprise your guests with unusual drinks during a party or holiday feast.

cocktails with wine

Cocktail “rainbow”

Prepare this drink on a hot summer day and surprise your guests with a light refreshing taste with fruity notes.


  • 750 ml dry white wine.
  • Three tablespoons of honey.
  • Half Cup of sparkling water.
  • Colorful fruits and berries to your taste.

Cocktail Recipe available here:

  • Fruits and berries cut into small pieces and then put them in a jar layers.
  • Connect the wine and honey, carefully mix the products.
  • Pour into jug wine, and then sparkling water.

Put the cocktail in the fridge for a few hours and then serve.

Cocktail "the Chocolate kiss”

This drink lives up to its name. Cocktails with chocolate flavor, there are many, but we recommend to try our recipe.

So, what products we need:

  • Red wine (dry) – 50 ml.
  • Cream fat – 100 ml.
  • Grated chocolate – 40 grams.
  • Chocolate liqueur – 100 ml.

To Prepare the drink we will in the following recipe:

  • Combine in a shaker the cream, wine, and liquor.
  • Put in a glass of ice and pour the cocktail into it.
  • Sprinkle the drink with grated chocolate.

Serve glasses and adorned them with straw.the name of the cocktails

“Orange mood”

Cocktails with wine are very popular at parties, receptions and friendly gatherings. So try to cook an original drink recipe, which we discuss in more detail below. For him, we will need the following ingredients:


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  • A Few slices of orange.
  • Half Cup of orange juice.
  • Half Cup of dry red wine.
  • A teaspoon of sugar (optional).
  • The Ice.

How to make a cocktail with red wine? The recipe is simple:

  • Place on the bottom of the glass fruit slices.
  • Pour the wine (to sweeten it).
  • Pour orange juice.
  • Put ice.

Garnish with orange slices and serve.

Cocktail «Grape Martini”

Cocktails based on wine, you can easily prepare at home. For example, the original drink can be made from the following ingredients:

  • White grape – 10 or 15 berries.
  • Vodka – 50 ml.
  • Any wine – 20 ml.
  • Sugar syrup – 10 ml.

How to cook

  • Crush the berries and strain the juice into a glass filled with ice.
  • Add the wine, sugar syrup and vodka.

Mix a drink complete with straw.

“taiga blood”

We hope that you will be impressed of it's original title. Cocktails made of dark red wine, there is quite a lot. However, our drink stand out from the crowd thanks to the use of sour juice and sparkling wine.

The List of required products:

  • Cranberry juice – 70 ml.
  • Red semi-dry or dry wine – 30 ml.
  • Pink champagne – 30 ml.
  • Sugar – one teaspoon.
  • The Ice.


  • Take 100 grams of fresh cranberry, squeeze out the juice, and then mix it with sugar.
  • Connect in a glass of sweetened juice, wine, champagne and ice.

If you wish, you can mix the sugar with juice. In this case, take a clean glass, grease their edges with a lemon wedge and dip them in powdered sugar pre-poured on a saucer. Then mix the drinks and serve the cocktail to the table.

home cocktails

“Strawberry drive”

Homemade cocktails you can mix from a variety of drinks. For example, try combining the following components:

  • Strawberry liqueur – 15 ml.
  • Soda – 100 ml.
  • Wine red – 100 ml.
  • Crushed ice – 100 grams.


  • Mix in a glass of wine, soda and strawberry liqueur.
  • Stir ingredients and add ice.

“Irish dreams”

Cocktails with white wine with refined taste. To you the original recipe for a delicious drink.

Ingredients List:

  • 100 grams chilled white wine.
  • 100 grams of ginger ale.
  • 20 grams of lemon juice.
  • The Ice.

To Prepare the cocktail we like:

  • Put in a glass some ice.
  • Pour the wine.
  • Carefully pour the lemon juice – it needs to stay on the surface.
  • Add ginger ale.

Garnish the glass with a crowbar lemon or lime.

Cocktail “Carlos”

Homemade cocktails have different strength and flavor. If you want to entertain guests the original drink, then stock up on such products:

  • Light rum – 60 ml.
  • What is Your favorite brandy – 15 ml.
  • Lemon Juice – 10 ml.
  • White wine – 20 ml.

How to prepare:

  • Mix in a shaker and drink lemon juice.
  • Pour the Finished cocktail into a glass through a strainer (the strainer).

cocktails with white wine

Cocktail “Winter Cup”

Cook a tasty hot beverage made from simple ingredients:

  • Cup – 200 ml.
  • Apple juice – 400 ml.
  • White semi-dry or dry wine – 200 ml.
  • Honey – two tablespoons of.
  • Nutmeg, cloves, and anise – taste.

Asto prepare:

  • Pour drink into a large pot and add the appropriate ingredients.
  • Put the dish on the fire and heat liquid to a temperature of 60 degrees.

Pour into cocktail glasses and serve.

Sparkling “Perfect”

The Popular beverage of wine and fruit can be prepared in different ways. In our case, we propose to make it of the following components:

  • One orange.
  • Half of a lemon.
  • A Cup of blueberries.
  • Cup of the raspberries.
  • Ten strawberries.
  • One glass of orange juice.
  • 750 ml sweet champagne.
  • 750 ml white semisweet wine.
  • 50 grams of sugar.

And to prepare the drink we will be according to the following scheme:

  • First cut the fruit into thin slices.
  • Put them in a pitcher, pour the juice, champagne and wine.
  • Put "Sangria" in the fridge for three hours.

When the indicated time has passed, try the drink and sweeten it, if necessary. For this purpose you can use honey or sugar.

cocktail with red wine


To make cocktails with wine not only during the holidays but also on weekdays. Treat yourself to an original cocktail of such components:

  • ROM – 20 ml.
  • Brandy – 20 ml.
  • White wine – 50 ml.
  • Orange juice – 50 ml.
  • Crushed ice.


  • Pour into a shaker rum, wine, juice and brandy. Mix the drinks.
  • Lay on the bottom of the glass of ice chips and pour the cocktail.

The Finished drink is recommended to drink immediately.

Cocktail "Indian summer”

This Portuguese drink which is made from the simplest of ingredients:

  • Tonic – 100 ml.
  • Port – 100 ml.
  • A Few slices of lemon.
  • Fresh mint.


  • Put in glasses of ice, pour into them a tonic and a port.
  • Add lemon and mint and stir.

“Cold Mimosas”

Sweet cocktail with citrus notes is perfect for those who enjoy light refreshments.


  • Orange juice – 50 ml.
  • Orange liqueur – 10 ml.
  • Dessert white wine – 200 ml.
  • Ice cream – one table. spoon.

How to cook

  • Mix in a glass of liqueur and juice.
  • Pour in the wine and add the ice cream.


Favorite drink of many ladies can be done independently of the following products:

  • Peaches – six pieces.
  • Dry champagne – 750 ml.
  • Sugar – 100 grams.
  • Grappa or brandy – 50 ml.
  • Fresh mint – one sprig.

Prepare the ingredients as follows:

  • Cut the peaches and remove the pits.
  • Sprinkle with fruit sugar and cover with brandy.
  • Place the peaches in the preheated oven and wait until they soften.
  • Clean the fruit from the rind and chop the flesh in a blender. Add to puree the syrup, which is separated during baking, and stir again.
  • A Tall glass and fill peach puree to half, and then add the champagne.

Gently mix the contents of the wine glass, decorate it with a sprig of mint and serve.cocktails based on wine


Cocktails with wine, recipes of which you have read in our article, you can easily prepare at home. So choose any of them and amaze your family with new flavors.

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