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A Doughnut donuts — is a classic American dessert made from dough that has long become a part of pop culture. Homer Simpson happy eating lush bagels, as well as bored on duty police officers in many famous movies. And now they began to appear in the domestic fast food and confectionery. What it is — American doughnuts and how to cook them in our environment?

A Little history

Let's Start with the interesting names. It comes from the English word dough-the dough and nut-the nut. This is because early American donuts donuts was not in the shape of a donut and a ball.

The First mention of such a sweetness belong to the mid-nineteenth century, and to do that they were immigrants from Denmark to the States. It had its own name — olykoeks – oil cakes.

But because of its shape Americans confection of sweet dough, fried in the deep fryer, received a different name — nut of dough. And before it was cooked not in oil, in lard, until Golden brown. Interesting dish caught on and has gained unprecedented popularity. As are these doughnuts? Photo the most common moldingdoughnut donuts

However, there are other versions of the appearance of the name. Could be a play on words – an expression dough knots-the knots of dough, pronounced almost the same as "donuts" and may have reference to the cakes in the same form. Maybe the nut-the nut, does not apply to appearance, and has been used because the middle of the donut is bad failed, and it was filled with nuts or berries, i.e. filling, which does not need the careful thermal treatment.

What form is correct?

And a solid ball, and in the form of a donut – both have the same name — the donut donuts. The first option – historically older and quite easy to prepare at home. After all, you just need to roll the dough into a small cookie, which is obsessed in his mouth. Sometimes it is made from residues obtained after punching holes in the donuts-bagels – do not throw away the product.


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The Second variant of the molding has two advantages. First like all - no raw parts, donut boil evenly on all sides. The second is more important for those who sell sweets. A doughnut with a hole conveniently and hygienically pinned on the rod and put it on a plate or in the package to the buyer. This form can be done in different ways:

  • Collapsing sausages of dough in a circle;
  • Extruded holes in the finished cake;
  • Simultaneous cutting of the inner and outer circles from the sheet of dough with special attachments;
  • With the rapid rotation of the workpiece, in which she bursts in the middle, and itself forms a geometric shape called a torus - a donut.

Donut donuts can be of different thickness and magnificence, dough or plain and with filling. There are the more unconventional forms, such as, for example, a square or a triangle.

doughnuts donuts recipe

How to decorate cakes?

Most Often, the donuts covered donut glaze. Then it is decorated with powdered sugar, grated nuts, decorative sprinkles in different shapes and colors, ground cinnamon. Often the upper part is filled with chocolate or colored glaze. With it looks nice sprinkling of shavings of coconut and rice balls. Stripes or patterns of white or dark chocolate too appetizing look. So feel free to show their culinary imagination and look for new beautiful decoration options.homemade donuts

Simple donuts donuts. Recipe for cooking at home

You must have already flowed salivating, so let's get to cooking this unusual overseas dishes. So, the list of ingredients for about 18 doughnuts:

  • 35 ml white vinegar;
  • 100ml milk;
  • 30 g margarine;
  • 110 g sugar;
  • 1 egg;
  • ½ tsp vanilla;
  • 280 g sifted flour;
  • ½ tsp baking powder;
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt;
  • 1 l of refined vegetable oil;
  • 70 g powdered sugar.

How to prepare homemade donuts?

Mix vinegar with milk and let stand to him for several minutes, until thick.

In a medium bowl, whisk together the room temperature margarine and sugar until a homogeneous mass. Carefully stir in eggs and vanilla. Sift together flour, soda and salt. Gradually add it to the mixture of sugar and margarine, while simultaneously infusing vinegar with milk. Knead the dough and roll it out on a floured Board to a thickness of 7-8 mm. If you have a special cutter for donuts, you will be able to quickly form a billet. Here's how it looks (photo below).apparatus for doughnuts

If not – for the outer circumference of the take a Cup, for internal – cut off the neck of any plastic bottle. Let stand for harvest in about 10 minutes.

In a large deep frying pan or saucepan heat oil to 190 degrees (if no cooking thermometer, you should know that oil is rapidly boiling). Fry the donuts until you get an even Golden color, don't forget to flip once. Dry, put on paper towels. Will petrusite powdered sugar while they are still warm, and serve immediately.American donuts donuts

Special magnificence

And now tell you how to make yeast donuts donuts. The recipe is also pretty simple, but cooking it longer because the dough needs time to rise twice.

Ingredients for 20 pieces:

  • 100 ml of warm water (about 40 - 45 degrees);
  • 7 g dry yeast;
  • 150 ml warm milk;
  • 55 g margarine;
  • 45 g sugar;
  • 5 g of salt (3/4 tsp.);
  • 1 egg;
  • 415 g sifted flour;
  • 2 litres of refined vegetable oil;
  • 1 tea bag (2 g) vanillin;
  • 105 g of powdered sugar.


  • ¾ tsp sugar;
  • 1 tablespoon of water.

Cooking step by step

Now consider how to make yeast donuts homemade:

  1. Pour warm water into a small bowl, stir the yeast and 1 tsp sugar. Let the mixture stand until it forms a creamy foam on top — 5 - 10 minutes. At this stage you can make sure that the yeast is good and provide adequate germination.
  2. Pour milk and margarine into a small saucepan and cook over medium heat until margarine is melted and milk begins to give tiny bubbles around the edges. Remove the mixture from heat.
  3. Pour the sugar and salt in a bowl, pour milk and margarine and beat with a mixer at low speed, just so the sugar is dissolved. Cool slightly.
  4. Add the sourdough mixture from the first step, egg and flour. Whisk at low speed until a homogeneous mass. Then gradually add the remaining flour to make soft dough.
  5. Continue whisking for 2-3 minutes. The resulting dough should begin to lag behind the edges of the bowl.
  6. Place it on the Board, floured, and knead until it becomes smooth and elastic.
  7. Shape the dough into a ball and place in a large greased bowl, cover it with parchment for baking. Put to rise in a warm place. After 1-1,5 hours the dough should 2 times to increase.
  8. Again it will put it on a Board with flour and roll out to a thickness of 1-1,5 see Cut doughnuts with a cutter with a diameter of 9 cm or as described in the previous recipe. Let the workpiece lie down on the Board from 40 minutes to an hour, they rose again, were air and lush.
  9. Heat oil in a deep fryer (if not, then in a large pot) to 175 degrees.
  10. Carefully lower the doughnuts into the hot liquid for 2 – 3 pieces at a time, cook until they become a light Golden color, definitely turning over once to cook about 2 minutes.
  11. Lay out on paper towels to remove excess oil.
  12. In a bowl, mix 1 tablespoon warm water, vanilla and powdered sugar. Apply a thin layer of frosting on the warm donuts.donuts photo

Industrial production of donuts

Of Course, for mass production need a different approach. Industrial machine for donuts was invented by Russian immigrant Adolph Levitt in 1920 and introduced him to the world famous exhibition in Chicago in 1924. The donuts were advertised as ‘culinary hit of the Century of Progress" and since then, they began to appear everywhere. How does the process of cooking today?

Fully automated, the device includes a mixing chamber for the dough, nozzles and nozzles for shaping the donuts, the fryer, the mechanism to flip the donuts and grill for cooling. It can be of different sizes – from small machines for cafes and pastry shops to huge factories for the production of sweets and pastries. Changed the cost of the equipment. There are a very small home devices that are useful to the fans of the dish.

American doughnuts

How does the machine for the production of doughnuts

Once the ingredients for the dough are mixed, a special nozzle pushes him out of the nozzles in the form of a ring – the usual smooth or scalloped edges, depending on its type. Blanks fall into a VAT of boiling oil and are moving on a conveyor belt on it. To hot is not scattered around, nozzles located at a small height above the receptacle, for cooking. Halfway mechanism with the blades turns the doughnuts so that they are evenly roasted on both sides. Then they move on the grid for cooling. Additionally, the apparatus may have devices allowing you to pour the glaze on the blanks, remove the excess, injecting the filling and doing other necessary operations to produce a variety of delicious doughnuts.

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