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Cheese people ate in ancient times. It is believed that for the first time this dish came about by accident: from sour milk spilled serum. In Russia in the old days the cheese was called “sour cheese” probably why the curd, we are still called cakes. Previously, he worked exclusively out of the curd, now there are many ways of cooking this product.

In our days it is not difficult to buy cheese on the market and in stores. But hardly anyone would agree that cooked curd at home has many advantages. First of all, it retains vitamins and minerals. But in addition, importantly, it differs from store to taste. Let's look at some ways to prepare curd at home.

The cheese

This product is prepared from natural milk. Its quality and freshness need to be absolutely sure, as it can not be boiled - a really tasty high temperatures can not stand. For example, the product prepared with skimmed milk will have a fine-grained structure.

Milk in a glass jar placed in a warm place. In order to make it faster squarelos, put a small piece of rye bread. Milk turns into yogurt through the day, if the process occurs in summer, and in 3 days – if in the winter. To mix it up at this time is not necessary. The willingness of yogurt can be identified by the bubbles that should rise up and form a “moves”.


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After that, you need to carefully remove the cream, yogurt pour into a large pot. If the milk was good quality and the yogurt was good – it does not flow freely. That is, in order to pour, the Bank periodically needs to be shaken. If the milk flows easily, the cheese will not be as tasty and will not have the desired structure.

Pan put on low heat for 10 minutes, until the mixture is the desired temperature. Check it in two ways. Touch capacitance in two places – closer to the top and near the bottom. At the top of the pot should be slightly warm, and the bottom – much warmer, but not hot. You can stir the yogurt with a spoon from the bottom up, put it in the pan with your finger, the mixture should be slightly warm. If the desired temperature yet, cook it for another 5 minutes. It is important not to overheat the milk, as the cheese in this case would be unpleasant to the taste, tough and fine grained.

Now the fire can be turned off, the pot overnight to cool. By the morning of the mass stratified at the top of the curd, bottom – serum. The mass should be poured into a big bowl, covered with gauze. Then tie the cheesecloth and hang over a bowl to collect the whey. When it has drained, cottage cheese from milk is ready.

Yogurt can not be heated, and recline on folded in several layers of cheesecloth immediately after fermentation. But for this it should be smooth and creamy, otherwise it can all seep through the gauze. Cooked to this recipe the curd at home Is incredibly delicate, it is not advised to use for baking, as it will spread. From 3 litres of milk this recipe makes about 700 grams of cheese.

There are more simple recipes. Cottage cheese can be made from milk bought in the store, with the addition of sour cream. You will need:

- sour cream – glass;
- milk-glass;
rye bread.

First spoon a tablespoon of sour cream should be stirred in a glass of milk. Add there a piece of rye bread (stale). Leave the mixture overnight in warm. In the morning take out the bread carefully so it does not crumbled. Podcase milk is filtered through a folded three times gauze. The curd is ready.

In order to get more cottage cheese, a pack of milk poured into the enamel pot, add sour cream (2-3 tablespoons), stir and leave overnight. In the morning heat on the stove until podcase milk is warm (do not boil). Turn off the heat, in 2-3 hours, when the milk curdle, it must be filtered.

In the finished dish add a spoonful of sour cream and a little sugar. Store cottage cheese can be up to three days in the refrigerator.

As you can see, the curd at home to cook is not difficult. This dish will definitely appeal to all the family, especially children.

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